Online Learning

Leading Online Education

Haileybury students and staff are no strangers to the world of online learning.

The School has been active in the online space for many years, which provided a solid foundation for a seamless transition to complete online classrooms during COVID-19 restrictions.

Haileybury’s online classrooms ensured that the academic program continued without interruption, and that students stayed connected and had fun!

Brilliant Programs and Delivery

Haileybury’s acclaimed programs continued through innovative online platforms.

Core academic classes were conducted through Zoom. Each day, students and teachers logged in and commenced their daily class schedule.

In the main Zoom classroom, teachers instructed students live and in real time to deliver course content. Students worked in Zoom 'rooms' and divided into online breakout rooms for group tasks and study. They accessed video and other materials on Haileybury's internal online platform, Canvas.

Canvas provides helpful resources for students and parents. All students can access their required course materials, learning support and, most importantly, their classmates.

During off campus learning, School support staff organised additional equipment and opportunities for students. Materials for science experiments were safely distributed to students to complete at their homes and sessions with industry experts, including English, film and health have been available for students.

Ensuring that the Fun Continues

Co-curricular programs have also continued online.

Music and Performing ran successfully through interactive live video. Music lessons, concerts and performance assessments all took place via Zoom, with outstanding quality and results.

In addition to live online PE and sport training, the Haileybury Sport Department conducted optional training sessions for students, families, staff and the wider community.

These videos were and are available via HaileyburyX, the School’s online course platform.

Support and Resources

To support our students' transition to online classrooms, HaileyburyX launched a range of different support resources for them and their families. One of the most advanced initiatives is LEVELUP!, created by a group of Haileybury teachers.

LEVELUP! offers information on key skills and knowledge that will help students adapt to new ways of learning, just as teachers have had to adapt to new ways of teaching.

Thriving in Online Classrooms

Haileybury CEO | Principal Mr Derek Scott says the School community did a stellar job adapting to home learning. "Haileybury’s teachers and support staff worked incredibly hard to ensure that students were ready to begin a comprehensive online learning program,” he says.

“Students and teachers alike wholeheartedly embraced it. They made the most of a tricky situation by studying and communicating in a range of effective ways.”

Thanks to their brilliant delivery of programs, our teachers ensured that Haileybury continued to live its motto of ‘every student matters every day’.

As a result, our online classrooms showed students that if they apply themselves, they can thrive in any situation. They also learned about much more than academic success.

As well as comprehensive curriculum content, Haileybury’s online classrooms taught resilience, patience and adaptability.

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