Ms Jane Gibbs

Head of Newlands, Keysborough

Dip Teach (SCV), B.Ed (Chisholm)

Ms Gibbs was appointed as Head of Newlands in 2013. Since commencing at Haileybury in 2002, Ms Gibbs has held a variety of leadership roles at the School. From the inaugural Head of Girls Middle School at Berwick in 2005-2012, to the Senior Deputy Head of Campus at Edrington from 2010, Ms Gibbs has maintained a strong emphasis on the implementation of teaching and learning strategies. Prior to joining Haileybury, Ms Gibbs was a leading teacher with the Education Department, an assessor in the Leading Teacher Accreditation program and actively involved in the Middle Years Research Project. Ms Gibbs has a strong pastoral care of students, combined with a genuine commitment to education.