Early Learning Centre

Nurturing the unique abilities of your child

The Early Learning Centres (ELC) at Haileybury Berwick, Brighton, Keysborough and City, establish a pathway for each child to learn, discover and grow. The program aims to enrich children's lives through the provision of carefully planned experiences, in both the indoor and outdoor environment. These programs are prepared by qualified staff who understand the importance of developmental stages of early childhood and how children progress through them.

Young minds are full of questions, theories and ideas and these are explored through opportunities and experiences that capture, engage and extend the children's interest in their own learning.  Staff use intentional teaching, open ended questioning, collaboration, communication and problem solving to nurture and extend each child's knowledge and skill level.

A special feature of the Early Learning Centre program is the Literacy Program, where sounds and letter names are learnt through a multisensory approach. This program continues on into our Junior School Literacy program.  Numeracy is also introduced, where number value, numerals, classifying, sequencing and addition are incorporated into the play based activities and program.

Strong links between the Early Learning Centre and Junior School staff enable a smooth transition program to occurs. This ensures that children's learning can continue to accelerate from where they were when finishing in Pre-Prep.

An important component of the ELC weekly program is the introduction to a selection of Specialist classes. These subjects are taught by specialist staff and include: Physical Education, Music, Drama, Library and Information Technology.

For the children attending the Early Learning Centre their day is about play, fun and being with friends. At the same time they are being provided with a developmentally appropriate program that nurtures them, provides them with foundations for learning, skills for building relationships, emotional  resilience, and a strong sense of community.

Brighton and Berwick Early Learning Centres

The Pre-Prep program (4-5 year olds) operates on a full-time basis and the Reception program (3-4 year olds) offers the following options:

2 Day ProgramThurs/Fri8.45 am – 3.15 pm
3 Day ProgramMon/Tues/Wed8.45 am – 3.15 pm
5 Day ProgramMon - Fri8.45 am – 3.15 pm

These programs follow the school terms and operate for 38 weeks of the year

City and Keysborough Early Learning Centres

The City and Keysborough Early Learning Centres operates as an extended hours model, open daily from 7.30am to 6.30pm for 50 weeks of the year.  This centres only offer full-time places to both Reception and Pre-Prep children.

This centres closes for two staff professional development days, all public holidays and for two weeks over the Christmas period.