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Through the establishment of the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, Haileybury is committed to extending the enriching opportunities of a Haileybury education to deserving young Australians from all walks of life.

The Values of Haileybury promote academic excellence, social justice and equality. Haileybury attracts and retains students from all backgrounds who aspire to achieve these Values and the highest academic and non-academic standards through a Haileybury education.

Every donation to the Haileybury Scholarship Fund will help make a difference to the education of these young people.

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Meet our 2021 Haileybury Foundation Scholarship Beneficiaries

This year we have 14 students on Haileybury Foundation Scholarships, 4 of whom are new to the School this year. Meet our 2021 scholarship recipients...

Alicia Lewis: Yr 9, Berwick

G & A McGeary Scholarship

During 2020, Alicia immersed herself in many online opportunities including an online ‘Soiree’ with other singing students and singing musical theatre pieces from her lessons. In 2021, Alicia is continuing with singing lessons twice per week with Music Performance 1&2 as her chosen VCE subject in Year 10, along with Music Theatre. Alicia participates in the Contemporary Singers and Symphony Orchestra and the AMEB Musicianship program once a week before School and will soon be completing her Grade 3 Musicianship.

Bhanu Mahendran: Year 7, Keysborough

Dr Douglas Travis (OH’74) Scholarship #2

Bhanu is the recipient of a second Foundation scholarship, generously provided by Dr Douglas Travis (OH’74), commencing this year. Bhanu can’t wait to get underway and looks set to be an active member of the cohort across a range of activities including Sport (Netball and Cricket are her all-time favourites), singing in the Choir and playing Piano. Welcome Bhanu!

Britastina Heiskari: Year 9, Keysborough

Haileybury Parents & Friends of Keysborough Scholarship

Britastina is the recipient of the HPFK Scholarship which has been provided by the wonderful committee, volunteers, parents & friends from Keysborough.  Brita is passionate about learning and looks forward to joining Haileybury to learn, develop and set herself up for success. Brita enjoys Science and Sports and loves Netball, Swimming and Cross Country. Welcome Brita!

Caden Ong: Year 12, Keysborough

Class of 2007 / Melbourne Foundation Scholarship

In 2020 as a Year 11 student, Caden sat 2 VCE 3/4 subjects. With VCE exam experience firmly under his belt, Caden is now looking forward to his final year of high school and continuing to make memories. Caden enjoys participating in Haileybury sports activities, including Golf and Soccer, and is very much looking forward to participating in APS sport in 2021.

Charlie Gillott: Year 11, Keysborough

Ian W Cox Scholarship (OH’47)

Charlie is the recipient of the Ian W Cox Scholarship (in memory of) Alumnus Ian W Cox (OH’47). This year Charlie is starting his first 3/4 subject, VET Music Industry, which he is very excited about, particularly after setting up a home music studio during the pandemic lockdown, and joining a band. Charlie believes his key learning from 2020 was the power of our mindset, and how it impacts the outcome of everything we do.

Faith Kauseni: Year 8, City

Haileybury Staff Giving Scholarship

Faith is the inaugural recipient of the Haileybury Workplace Giving Program. Faith came to us from Zambia and has already demonstrated her resilience, tenacity, and incredible commitment to both community social justice activities and educational success. Faith is a huge fan of AFLW and this year has a Middle School Leadership role as Sports Captain (Girls) at City.

Hannah Chard: Year 8, City

Class of 1988 Scholarship

Hannah is the recipient of another Class Giving Scholarship, through the generous support of members of the Class of 1988. Hannah is a valued and active member of the Year 8 Girls cohort at City, participating in a range of activities including MS Debating, the Compass Award and initiating a number of Social Justice initiatives. It will come as no surprise that Hannah is the Middle School Social Justice Captain (Girls) for 2021 at City.

Harper Quinn: Year 8, Keysborough

G&A McGeary Scholarship (in memory of Russell McLean Howard)

Harper has been loving his Haileybury journey so far, making new friends and enjoying his subjects, particularly Science and science experiments – even those conducted at home during lockdown in 2020! Harper loves School and community sport and has been elected as the Newlands Middle School Boys House Vice-Captain (Cox). Harper is looking forward to the commencement of APS Sport in the coming weeks.

Kennedy Jacoby: Year 8, Brighton

1892 Scholarship

The 1892 Circle is a group of regular supporters to Haileybury Foundation who have contributed $500 or more over 3 consecutive years. Kennedy is the beneficiary of the 1892 Scholarship and loved his first year at Haileybury. At the end of 2020 Kennedy was asked to speak to the new students and parents commencing in 2021 and remembered how nervous and excited he was the year before. “I remember how nervous and excited I was a year ago, and what I've enjoyed learning is that Haileybury is an amazing supportive school, that rewards effort, is fun, and there are great friendships waiting to be made.”

Lachlan Besanko: Year 7, Brighton

Haileybury Parents & Friends of Castlefield Scholarship

Lachlan is the recipient of a Scholarship provided by the hardworking Parents & Friends group from Castlefield. 2021 will be Lachlan’s first year at Haileybury and he is looking forward to getting involved in all the activities he has heard about, including Maths, Musicals and Sport, with his favourite being AFL and Soccer. Welcome Lachie!

Manal Ahmad: Year 9, City

Class of 1984 Scholarship

Manal is the recipient of the newest Class Giving Scholarship, kindly supported by the caring members of the Class of 1984, commencing in 2021. She enjoys a wide range of subjects including English, Music, Drama, Maths and Sports, and is looking forward to representing Haileybury in Soccer and Volleyball this year.

Ryan Zhang: Year 9, City

Gary Bailey Memorial Scholarship

Ryan is the beneficiary of the Gary Bailey Memorial Scholarship, a bequest in memory of Gary Bailey. Ryan is a vibrant member of the City community, participating in a range of activities including Music, Drama and Sports. Ryan was the Boys Middle School Captain in 2020 and recalls “2020 really showed me how thankful and jubilant I am to be the 2018 Gary Bailey scholarship recipient. In a year like no other, Haileybury strived to find a way to make school educational, yet enjoyable. I am not sure every school could have done this and certainly not to the standards Haileybury has done it. I find myself marvelling more and more at how incredible Haileybury really is, and all I can say is that I am so extremely grateful I come here. Thank you!

Vinith Imayavasan: Year 10, Berwick

Dr Douglas Travis (OH’74) Scholarship

Vinith is the beneficiary of a scholarship gifted by Old Haileyburian and former AMA President, Dr Douglas Travis (OH’74). Vinith says despite all the hardships of COVID, 2020 still had some enjoyable memories and events he will never forget. However getting back to school after months in lockdown was probably one of the best parts of 2020. This year Vinith is really looking forward to getting started on his  VCE 1&2 subjects (Biology and Psychology) as well as participating in APS Cricket.

Zack Charles: Year 11, Berwick

William Buckland Foundation Scholarship

Zack and his sister Alli were recipients of William Buckland Foundation Indigenous Student Scholarships. William Buckland is an Old Haileyburian and wonderful supporter of Haileybury. Zack says he found 2020 very different with online learning and is looking forward to this year’s classes being face-to-face. “Being at Haileybury and having access to all my amazing teachers who are willing to help me is great. I’ve got so much support around me.”

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