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The Importance of an International Education
Jazz Night
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From the Principal

From the Principal
Derek Scott


The second school year of Haileybury Beijing commenced on 1 September with strong student numbers and great excitement for the new students. Students from Haileybury Melbourne were also visiting the school during the first week.

Haileybury's contribution to the Australia – China education relationship has been significant with 13 years of operation in China.

Also in Beijing was Federal Minister for Education Christopher Pyne who noted Haileybury Beijing's important contribution to the Australia – China education relationship in a speech at Peking University on 9 September.


From the Principal

Minister Pyne visited Beijing to meet with the Chinese Education Minister and to give a keynote speech at Peking University, the highest ranked Chinese university.

During his excellent speech, the Minister noted the work of Beijing Haileybury International School and acknowledged the presence of Haileybury Beijing students and the Principal Dr Nicholas Dwyer in the audience.

The Minister noted the importance of the Australia-China relationship. He said:

China is by far Australia’s largest trading partner

China is our largest source of overseas students

China is our largest source of international students

China is our largest source of international tourists.

Minister Pyne added, “The Australian Government is passionately committed to international education. We see it as a two-way street that benefits our societies and our economies.  We know that education is the pre-eminent source of economic growth in the 21st century. In terms of people-to-people benefits, it is similarly, and historically, pre-eminent”.

Haileybury’s contribution to the Australia-China education relationship has been significant, with 13 years of operation in China. We graduate around 200 students per year by delivering the VCE in seven partner schools as well as operating Haileybury Beijing, which, in time, will also graduate a further 180 students. Of the 200 students currently completing the VCE in China each year, around 170 per year come out to Australian universities. The estimated economic benefit to Australian universities in any one year from the students from Haileybury’s China programs is in excess of $25 million.

There is also of course the cultural and long-term business benefit to consider, as well as the benefit to Haileybury students in Melbourne who have the opportunity to spend time in China.

From the Principal

When asked to write about their recent time in China, Year 9 student Linh wrote, “The Haileybury Beijing Campus made me realise that Haileybury really is a world school. Even though there were some differences, like the boarding school, so much was the same, and I realised  that we are all part of the same school community”. Another student, Divya, commented, “The similarities between Australia Haileybury and China Haileybury are so many…Everyone was so welcoming and we made new friends. Hard to believe that it was in another country.  Made the world seem a much smaller place”.

We will also see the first students doing the VCE with Haileybury in Timor Leste complete their studies this year.

Haileybury’s international operations are the largest and most successful of any Australian school. We are providing new and interesting opportunities for the international engagement of the Haileybury community and see this as an essential part of Haileybury’s vision to be a great world school. We also believe that our work contributes significantly to the national interest.

We are very pleased that in Christopher Pyne we have a Federal Minister for Education who understands the importance of international education to Australia’s future prosperity and is supportive of Haileybury’s endeavours.

Head of LOTE

An important part of an international focus in education is language studies. Haileybury is in the process of strengthening its language offerings and is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Head of Languages Other Than English (LOTE), Stanley Wang. Stanley is a former Dux of Haileybury and studied Linguistics and Economics at the University of Melbourne. He was on the Deans Scholars list for both disciplines as one of the top students in the courses. Stanley entered teaching through the Teach for Australia program, which takes outstanding graduates and fast tracks them into the classroom. Stanley is fluent in all three languages other than English taught at Haileybury – Mandarin, Japanese and French – as well as Korean, and he is studying Finnish for fun! He will be a great addition to our academic leadership team.

Derek Scott



The Importance of an International Education

Classics Tour

Classics Tour

By Derek Scott, Principal

The Australia in the Asian Century White Paper produced by the Federal Government in 2012 highlighted the importance of Asia to Australia’s future prosperity. It also demonstrated the need for Australian schools to incorporate a strong international engagement program, to give students the capacity to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise.

The starting point for developing engagement is a focused curriculum that incorporates strong elements of international outlook. This is particularly important in the primary school years.

As students move through into secondary schooling, broader opportunities for engagement need to be developed.

All of this needs to be underpinned by an institutional focus on international engagement which flows through to students and staff.


The Importance of an International Education

There is a need for Australian schools to incorporate a strong international engagement program to give students the capacity to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise.

Over the past 10 years, Haileybury has built up a particularly impressive range of opportunities for students to be a part of. These include:

Language and cultural tours to Japan and France

Language exchanges of five weeks to Japan and France

Cultural exchanges with schools in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and the United States

Music tours to the United States

A Classical Studies tour to Italy and Greece

Gallipoli tours

Sporting tours to the UK (cricket) and United States (basketball)

A leadership program for Year 11 students delivered as part of a cultural exchange in East Timor.

In addition, Haileybury has built up an impressive list of achievements and developed a range of opportunities for staff and students in China. These are outlined in the Principal's column in this issue of Insight.

These interesting travel and study opportunities, combined with an outward looking curriculum and an institution focus on international engagement, ensure that Haileybury students are being educated as citizens of the world.


Campus Reports

Senior School

The end of the academic year is fast approaching and we are all looking forward to the Graduations and Valedictory celebrations for our Year 12 students.


Castlefield will be conducting holiday programs for students and their families during the break. Details are available from the Castlefield Office.


A community information night on building resilience during adolescence will be held on Thursday, 9 October, at 7.00 pm in the John Twist Hall. All members of the community are welcome.


I wish everybody a happy and safe holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone return refreshed and ready for Term 4 when classes commence on Monday, 6 October.


Senior School

Term 4 is a busy term as we finalise our academic year.  Friday, 17 October, will be the last day when all our Year 12 students are at School and we will run a Tuesday timetable on that day so that Berwick and Brighton students are all at Keysborough. This means that we will run a Friday timetable on Tuesday, 14 October, and students at Berwick and Brighton will stay at their home campus.

Our Year 12 boys graduate on Monday, 20 October, and our girls on Tuesday, 21 October. This means that all boys from Years 10-12 come to Keysborough on Monday (there are no Years 10-12 girls at School that day) and all girls from Years 10-12 come to Keysborough on Tuesday (there are no boys from Years 10-12 at School that day).

Year 10 and Unit 2 examinations will be held from 22-31 October. Students return to classes on Wednesday, 5 November, and Year 10 students are on Work Experience placements from 10-14 November. Year 11 students will complete their Units 3&4 examinations and participate in English and Mathematics Programs prior to the commencement of the 2015 academic year.

Year 9 examinations will be held from 27-31 October.

Monday, 3 November, and Tuesday, 4 November, are student-free days.

The 2015 academic year begins on Monday, 17 November.

Congratulations to Mrs Jan Bruder and her A Grade Debating team on winning their Debaters’ Association of Victoria Quarter Final against Scotch College. Isabella Conte (Yr 12 JK), Tahli Craven (Yr ED), Ioana Sabau (Yr 12 LY), Sara Forte (Yr 12 ED), Lily Nash (Yr 12 ED) and Laura Cripps (Yr 12 DO) have now made it to the final four in the State, which is a remarkable achievement.

Congratulations also to Roger Wu (Yr 12 BR) and Anant Butala (Yr 10 CA) on receiving Swannie Awards for being the Best Speakers in their year in the Keysborough region – a fine achievement.

Pam Chamberlain

Vice Principal & Head of Senior School


Senior School Calendar



Castlefield Report

Year 8 girls recently returned from Lake Dewar, having completed a fun, challenging and successful outdoor education program. Teams of girls paddled, camped, hiked, mountain-biked, climbed, cooked and looked after each other. Such adventure camps are deliberately placed at this time of the year as a transition experience for students moving into the Pre‑Senior Program in mid-November. Once involved in the Year 9 program, they are offered two opportunities in 2015, where students are away from home and School for extended periods of time. 

Term 4 commences on Monday, 6 October. Students may choose to wear either winter or summer uniform for the first two weeks to suit the weather conditions. I remind all students that we are moving into the warmer weather and wearing hats during sport, and also during recess and lunch breaks, is very important; as is placing sunscreen into students’ bags for them to use during the outdoor sessions.

Castlefield Report


Literacy opportunities in the ELC are demonstrated throughout the curriculum in many ways for Reception and Pre-Prep. In early learning, it is the myriad of age-appropriate experiences offered to develop the foundation skills required to achieve the reading, sounding out and writing outcomes that contribute to children being confident and capable. I am sure you are seeing evidence of this in each of the classes, which is certainly an exciting phase in every child’s development.

Pre-Preps have now been introduced to the reading program and I encourage all families to support their children’s early attempts as beginner readers. Through sharing this experience in meaningful ways, it allows children time for the necessary concept learning to be made concrete. The pace at which readers are changed will be at the discretion of your child’s teacher and based on each child’s ability to read with fluency, without error and to comprehend the story. These are skills that will affect their ongoing development as proficient readers and writers, which is why we emphasise the importance of each stage being given the required time to develop.

Castlefield Report


Social Justice

Friday, 5 September, saw the Junior School students involved in two events to raise awareness and money.

The first cause involved donning footy clothes to raise money for the Fight Cancer Foundation. Dads joined their children for the morning to participate in footy drills as part of our Fathers Day celebrations. Thank you to our ‘special guest’ dads, Shane Crawford, Aaron Hamill and Matthew Lloyd, for overseeing and running the activities. Nathan Freeman also attended and spoke about his experience as an AFL footballer. It was wonderful to see North Oval full of active people!

In the afternoon, 12 of the Junior School staff undertook the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease. After Mr Fox was nominated by Matthew Lloyd on national television, and the rest of the team was nominated by one of our very own teachers, Kristy Hamshare, the staff thought they would share the fun with the Junior School students. Twenty-four students’ names were drawn out of a hat to be given the honour of pouring ice buckets over the teachers!

The Junior School successfully raised over $1,100 through these two events.

Year 3 Camp

Our Year 3 campers recently returned from Forest Edge with big smiles and many stories. The teachers are extremely proud of the behaviour, manners and independence our students demonstrated while away. The highlights, aside from a number of “everything” responses, seemed to be the archery, flying fox and the two bush walks!

Castlefield Report



The Year 6 and Year 8 camps have been wonderfully successful experiences for our students this year. They are an integral part of the School program and are instrumental in developing resilience in students. Throughout the camps, students will have had the opportunity to challenge themselves and demonstrate their ability to persevere at tasks they found challenging. For some students, the rain proved difficult; for others, the idea of sleeping in a tent or carrying a pack when hiking was most confronting. It is essential for students to be challenged in order to grow, however, so well done to all of the boys and girls!

HPFC disco

The Years 5 and 6 boys and girls who attended the HPFC disco had a fantastic time. Thank you to the parents who organised and assisted in supervising the event.

Scott Doran

Head of Castlefield, Brighton


Castlefield Calendar



Edrington Report

Term 3 has been a very busy term filled with much excitement. When we return in Term 4 we move back into our summer uniform. There is a two-week grace period to allow for variations in the weather and for you to get your uniforms organised. A reminder to all families that our Secondhand Uniform Shop is well stocked and is open Tuesday mornings during the School term.

Last year, we ran a community information night for our ELC and Junior School parents with guest presenter Jo Lange. Jo spoke about developing resilient young children and the importance of resilience to their development. This year we are excited to welcome Jo back to present on resilience during adolescence, with a focus on self-esteem and fostering independence. The session will be run on Thursday, 9 October, at 7.00 pm in the John Twist Hall. Members of the wider community are also more than welcome to attend.

Our final round of School tours will be held on Saturday, 11 October, from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. These will be followed by Open Mornings on 20 and 31 October, which are available by appointment only.

Edrington Quilt Project

We are looking for anyone interested in sewing a patchwork block to go towards two patchwork quilts we intend to make and raffle off at our annual Art Exhibition on Thursday, 6 November.

If you are able to help out, you will be provided with a kit that has all the fabric squares, patchwork templates and instructions. These kits can be collected from the Main Administration Office during the holidays. We then ask that the completed patchwork blocks be brought back to School before Friday, 10 October.

Edrington Report


Footy Day

Australian Rules Football is a big part of our Australian and Melbourne culture. On Thursday, 11 September, there was a sea of colours throughout the ELC. A sense of pride and community was felt as children discovered they barracked for the same team as a peer or Educator. Team colours were waved proudly and the sound of footy anthems was heard across the ELC. Children made footy jumpers and pom poms, played games and created their own footy oval with blocks. Other sporting codes were also represented, including NFL (American Football).

The special footy lunch was the real highlight of the day  A $5 donation was given for a sausage, drink and Freddo frog to support the Middle School SRC. This was a huge success and we thank all the ELC families for supporting this fundraising opportunity. All eyes are now on the footy finals with many footy-related discussions continuing throughout ELC classrooms.

Edrington Report


Junior School Presentation Assembly

Congratulations to all of the students who were acknowledged at today’s assembly in recognition for their efforts across the term. It was pleasing to see so many students selected by their teachers for their achievements academically, socially and in specialist areas of our program.

John Fleming Presentation

On Wednesday, 29 October, we extend an invitation to our Junior School families to hear Deputy Principal John Fleming discuss his involvement in transforming schools’ academic programs. John has been an integral part of our Junior School teaching and learning program here at Haileybury and this is a fantastic opportunity to hear about his work. This session will be held at Aikman Hall, Keysborough at 6.30 pm.

Edrington Report


Middle School Transition

Yesterday marked the first phase in a range of transition programs taking place in the Middle School. The Year 4 boys and girls received written invitations from their Year 7 buddies, who are soon to be leaders in the Middle School. Together they had lunch and were given a personal tour of the Middle School in readiness for next year. This was the first in a series of transition activities for the Year 4 students coming into Middle School.

Another significant transition is for our current Year 8 students into the Pre-Senior program. To help familiarise students with this new landscape, the following events are taking place early next term:

Wednesday, 8 October: OEG Presentation – Pre-Senior Options – This gives all Year 8 students a detailed insight into what options are offered, when they take place, and the general nature of each.

Wednesday, 8 October: Pre-Senior Information Evening – This takes place in Aikman Hall and the general structure and character of the 2015 Pre-Senior program is explained. Students are encouraged to attend with their parents.

Thursday, 9 October: The morning after the Pre-Senior Information Night, a panel of current Year 9 students will attend a Q&A session for our boys and girls to address any queries about the program and to pass on helpful tips and advice for the transition to Senior School.

Friday, 10 October: Period 5 – Senior School Tour/BBQ – Year 8 students will be given a tour of the Senior School, will rotate through a variety of 15-minute classes with the Heads of Year 9 and Deputy Head of Senior School, and finish with a social BBQ for lunch.

School Transition is an important part of the student journey and we have developed programs to support students through each process.

Student Achievement

The Middle School wishes Grace Laing all the best on her Voice Kids tour in the school holidays. All Haileybury families can access discounted tickets by contacting Main Administration if you are interested.

Kristy Kendall

Head of Edrington, Berwick


Edrington Calendar



Newlands Report

School Tours 

School tours will be held on Saturday, 11 October, from 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.


HPFN requires an interested parent representative to attend the HMA meetings.  If you are interested, please contact the Newlands Office on 9904 6002.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

ELC, Junior School and Middle School Parent-Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Thursday, 16 October, from 4.00 to 6.00 pm and 7.00 to 9.00 pm. Parent-Teacher Interviews provide an excellent opportunity for teachers to communicate students' strengths and weaknesses in respective subjects, and discuss plans for Term 4.

Bookings for ELC interviews can be made directly with your teacher.  Online appointments can be made during the term break.  Should you have difficulty making online appointments on go2, please telephone the Newlands Office on 9904 6002 between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm or our IT Helpdesk on 9904 6060.

Newlands Report


Sun Smart

ELC children have been reviewing the importance of protecting their skin and eyes from the sun, with the arrival of the warmer weather. ELC staff endorse and implement a Sun Protection Policy. ELC children wear hats and sunscreen when engaged in outdoor activities and when travelling to specialist classes once the UV Levels are over 3. The ELC playgrounds feature shady trees and shade sails as integral components of their landscape design. Sunscreen stations will recommence this week.

Reflective Practices

ELC parents and children have been invited to contribute to program evaluation through the introduction of Photo Board Comments. Children’s comments about their photographed play activities are recorded by parents, and parents are encouraged to interpret and analyse children’s play and add their comments to the noticeboard.

Newlands Report


Conclusion of Term 3

Throughout Term 3, students have participated in a range of special events to complement their academic program, including excursions, Prep Swimming, Book Week celebrations, House Art, Footy Day, Junior School Fathers Afternoon and Year 3 Camp. I am sure the Junior School students will be looking forward to Term 4, which will also boast a wide range of valuable learning experiences.

Huff and Puff

Huff and Puff will resume on Wednesday mornings in Term 4.  Weather permitting, students are invited to run, jog or walk laps of the oval.  Huff and Puff begins at 8.00 am and concludes before the start of the School day.

Parents and family are welcome to join in.

Social Justice – Operation Christmas Child

The Junior School will once again be supporting Operation Christmas Child this year. The idea of this Social Justice project is to give a shoebox of useful gifts to a child overseas who may never have had a present before. The boxes will be sent to needy children in S.E. Asia, the Pacific and Papua New Guinea. Christmas boxes will be collected for shipping early in Term 4. Information regarding this Social Justice initiative was sent home this week. Additional information and pre-printed boxes can be obtained from Ms Lovell’s Year 4 classroom.

Newlands Report


Year 8 Boys Camp

Year 8 boys will leave for Camp Eildon on Monday, 6 October, and return on Friday, 10 October.  The camp will expose students to a range of outdoor activities and better prepare them for the more demanding camps at Pre-Senior.

Information Evening for Pre-Senior

The Pre-Senior Information Evening will be run on Wednesday, 8 October, in Aikman Hall. Year 8 parents are encouraged to attend. During the evening, the structure and character of the 2015 Pre-Senior Program will be explained. In particular, the Academic Program and the Expedition and Option opportunities will be outlined and discussed. A special information session has been arranged for our Year 8 boys on the following Monday since they’ll be at camp.


Congratulations to Year 7 student Daniel Schneider who recently competed in The Kingston Libraries Writing Competition. Daniel entered the age 13-17 division and was awarded 1st place for his essay out of 167 submissions. A wonderful result indeed!

Jane Gibbs

Head of Newlands, Keysborough


Newlands Calendar




Girls Sport

The Brave Hearts travelled to Carey Bulleen for the annual Year 12 Girls AFL Match. As is tradition, it was a hard-fought match with both teams enjoying the competition.


Girls Sport


The Rendall Oval played host to the inaugural Haileybury Girls Middle School Football Carnival. Teams from Edrington, Castlefield and Newlands honed their skills and developed an understanding for our indigenous game. The training sessions brought interest from Danny Frawley and Robert Harvey as the girls were put through their paces.

The Carnival optimised the great Haileybury sporting spirit and camaraderie. The games were played in a wonderful spirit and showcased our ‘one School’ ethos. The girls truly enjoyed their experience and many are already planning for 2015. Congratulations to the Sports Co-coordinators, Laura Eldridge, Sam Johnson and Andrea Stewart, for their ongoing commitment to Girls Sport at Haileybury.


The Senior Girls team, led by Co-captains Ally Brammer and Zoe Preston, took out the Open Championship at the Victorian Schools Knockout, gaining automatic selection to the Nationals. The team of Ash Browning, Chloe Hunter, Yasmine Nasser, Bree Warren, Charlotte Jagusch and Taylah Scott may be joined at the Nationals by the Junior A Girls team who finished 4th and are hoping for a wildcard entry.


Primary girls athletics is looking extremely strong, with 14 girls qualifying in individual events and three relay teams qualifying for regionals after the Primary APS Zone event in Doncaster.

Congratulations and good luck to Jacinta Bennett for long jump, Ella Kirkwood-Scott for triple jump, Georgia Kirkwood-Scott for shot put, Mia Scerri for the 100m and 200m, Anika Dovaston for the 800m, Morgan Palmer for high jump and the 100m hurdles, Frances Daymond for triple jump, Mae Kabengele for shot put and 100m, Tahlee Ferguson for shot put, Ella Wrightwood for 200m, Arabella Coker-Smith for high jump and 100m, Bianca Scerri for triple jump, Ellen Pratt for shot put, Alexandra Macaulay for 100m hurdles and 200m, Ebony Francis for the 800m and 1500m, Genevieve Watson for the 1500m, and the Castlefield 12/13 Girls Relay, 11 Girls Relay and 9/10 Girls Relay.

Stefanie Eade and Libby Lewin

Directors of Girls Sport

Boys Sport

Following their success at the Victorian event, Haileybury boys again performed exceptionally well at the National event at Perisher. The Bloods were proudly represented by Hugh Pollard (Year 11, Aikman) and Max Trevena (Year 8, Castlefield).


Boys Sport


Boys track and field athletes continue to race well, taking on Wesley College, Carey Baptist Grammar and Caulfield Grammar School over the past two weeks.  In the pool, our Senior Water Polo teams have been playing exceptionally, although narrow losses recorded by our 1sts against St Kevin's College and Wesley College were fine efforts by the Haileybury players.


The McDonald's Cup is a tournament held over three rounds to determine the Senior Champion Basketball School of Victoria.  In an outstanding display of talent, Haileybury senior boys defied the odds, winning crucial games to qualify for the Victorian Championship match to be played on Sunday, 12 October, against fellow APS school, Caulfield Grammar.  On their way to the State Final, our boys defeated Rowville Sports Academy, Wesley College, Eltham High School and tournament favourites Box Hill Senior Secondary College.     

boys 1st Waterpolo 


A squad of 63 boys from Year 1 to Year 12 represented Haileybury at this year's Victorian Interschools Snow Sports Championships at Mt Buller.  Our boys performed extremely well with a number of outstanding individual and team performances and, as a result, 14 students qualified for the National Snow Sports Championships at Perisher.  Click here for the full list of results.

John Headlam

Director of Middle School Boys Sport

Greg Schneiders

Director of Sport Development – Boys


The Arts

Jazz Combo

Jazz Combo

The competition for rehearsal spaces is warming up as the Music, Drama and Dance departments refine their performances in anticipation of VCE examinations in Term 4.

During the week, we were given a sneak preview of some performances at the Music Department Jazz Night.




On Monday night, the fourth year of the Haileybury Jazz Night was again held at the Flying Saucer Club in Elsternwick. The night featured the Haileybury Jazz Combo Program, which now boasts eight combos that rehearse on a weekly basis. Also featured were a number of VCE jazz performances which will be included in Music Performance and Music Investigation Unit 4 recital examinations.

The Flying Saucer Club provides a relaxed atmosphere where parents can chat and share a meal while enjoying a program of jazz presented by our students. In all, 140 parents and friends enjoyed the music of approximately 60 students who performed throughout the night.

The Jazz Night is fast becoming a must-see on the Senior School calendar. The intimate venue has sold out over the past two years and for very good reason. The quality of the music is exceptional; especially with the latest development of inviting back Old Haileyburians who are in tertiary music courses. This year we had VCA and Monash University performers such as Kieran Rafferty, Katani La Rocca and Niran Dasika, along with their lecturer Mr Steve Sedergreen. Our own VCE students, and aspiring Years 9 and 10 students, saw a pathway for their music demonstrated very clearly by these talented musicians. It was certainly a proud moment for the Music department to hear so many of our past students perform so well, and it was exciting to see how far that group of players had developed in one short year since leaving School.







Our Festival Chapel Services have always been a musical highpoint for choral music at Haileybury. Led by Rev Kim Groot and the Chapel Choir under Thomas Heywood, the service on Tuesday, 16 September, showed an important new development. Rather than the usual Middle School Magenta Choir, on this occasion our senior choirs joined in this service.

Haileybury Singers, and the Senior Boys and Senior Girls Vocal Ensembles all sang as individual choirs and together as one large choir which, with the beautiful singing of the Chapel Choir, made a Festival Service with a Senior School focus.

Amanda Rowarth

Head of Music

Visual Arts



The Haileybury Community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Read more about upcoming events from:


Old Haileyburian Association

Haileybury Foundation

Castlefield Parents and Friends

Edrington Parents and Friends

Newlands Parents and Friends

Uniform Shop 



One thing is for sure, the Berwick Campus certainly knows how to celebrate, and the Edrington Silver Anniversary Ball was no exception. Congratulations to the Head of Edrington, Ms Kristy Kendall, and her dynamic team for delivering such a memorable evening.  Wow!

Our next meeting will be held at 10.00 am in the Barney Allen Centre on Tuesday, 14 October (enter through Gate One, Senior School Keysborough) with Ms Helen Wadden, Head of Senior Girls. Helen is not only an inspirational speaker but her breadth of life experiences also makes her a not-to-be-missed guest speaker. Please join us and bring a Haileybury friend along too. Light refreshments will be served.

We have exciting news!  At our last HMA meeting we were thrilled to welcome on board new members of our HMA team:

HMA Secretary – Sineth Sar: 0423 404 054

HMA Newlands Representatives – Clare Hamilton: 0408 206 621, Beth Grech: 0402 123 033.

We will also be voting on our new Vice President at the next meeting. The full list of our HMA Committee has been updated on the Haileybury go2 webpage. As the umbrella parent organisation for all of Haileybury, this is a unique and wonderful way to meet with many parents from all areas of Haileybury. All current parents of Haileybury students are automatically members of HMA. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our team members if you have queries about the HMA. We will be honoured to assist you.

Our HMA Uniform Shop will be open today – Friday, 19 September – from 1.00 till 4.00 pm. We will not be open over the school holidays; however, you can give me a call if you need assistance.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone the very best during the upcoming school holidays. It is such a busy time for many families, as their children prepare for their VCE exams. Take care and we look forward to meeting you at one of our meetings or events very soon.

Remember the HMA is here for you, the Haileybury community. 

wine tour 

Annual Winery Tour

Kymme Fujihara 

President, HMA

0419 329 731

Old Haileyburians Association



The OHA and Haileybury were honoured last week to receive an award at the biennial Educate Plus International Conference held in Melbourne. The award, which was won in the Alumni and Community Relations Category, was recognition for "excellence in a series of activities or programs designed to engage with Alumni and/or community".




The OHA announced the second annual awarding of the most prestigious Outstanding Young Alumni Awards at a wonderful assembly recently. Complementing this outstanding presentation was a brilliant performance from Steve Danielson (2000) who is currently playing Fijero in the musical Wicked.

The winners of the 2014 Outstanding Young Alumni awards were:

Arts, Tom Bainbridge (2008), Madison Griffiths (2012)

Business, Joanna Hawley (2009), Sahil Shekhar (2007)

Community, Rebecca Hibbert (2007)

Sport, Jack Gunston (2008).



Heart to Heart will be held on Friday, 10 October, at The Deck, Brighton, and we would LOVE for you to join us.

All current mothers, past mothers/guardians, past female students, female teachers and female community members are invited to attend.

Nicole Bradtke will complete a Q&A with her sister Tash Woodbridge on all things Haileybury, family and life!

$10 from every ticket will be put towards the Heart to Heart Scholarship Fund.

Book Now 



Join us at the world-class Huntingdale Golf Club – you could even be driving home in a NEW Mercedes Benz!

Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Book Now 

Or contact Russell on (03) 9904 6140.

Haileybury Foundation

Haileybury is acclaimed as a great school. The School’s highly commended parallel education and small-classes model produces outstanding academic results at all year levels.


The mission of the Haileybury Foundation is to financially support the School and to give those less fortunate the opportunity to attend the School.

The Board

Mr Neil Sutcliffe – Chairman

Mr Tom Poulton – Board Member

Mr Darren Scammell – Board Member

Mr Duncan Sutherland – Board Member

Mr Derek Scott – Advisor

Mr Scott Doran – Advisor

The Foundation asks for the support of the greater Haileybury community by pledging a commitment to help consolidate Haileybury’s position as one of Australia’s great schools, as well as helping to achieve our vision of being recognised as a great world school. 

Donate Now

For further information or to make a donation, please contact Russell Davidson, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, on the following:

Phone: +61 3 9904 6140

Email Russell Davidson 

Your Foundation Team

Castlefield Parents and Friends

The much-anticipated Castlefield disco was held last night to celebrate the end of term. This year the theme was ‘a touch of Tropicana’ and there was certainly more than a touch of the tropics in the air with pineapples, flamingos, surfboards and hibiscus as far as the eye could see.

As always, this event is strongly supported by the Castlefield community. With great prizes on offer for both age groups, the DJ had no trouble enticing the kids to strut their stuff and it seems that the parents helping out had just as much fun as the kids.

The HPFC trusts you will all have a relaxing and restful holiday and looks forward to your support in Term 4 in helping to make this year’s carnival bigger and better than ever.

Nicole Piastri

President, Castlefield Parents and Friends

Edrington Parents and Friends

Spring Community Fashion Parade – Thursday, 16 October

The next big event on our calendar is the Bi-Annual Spring Community Fashion Parade, with plans well underway to make this another successful event on the Edrington calendar and also to support local charities.

We have some fabulous Edrington staff models waiting to be fitted by our many and wonderful local boutiques. Opportunities are still available for sponsorship and or donations; or if you would like to help in any way, please contact Melissa.

Bookings will be available on TryBookings over the coming weeks.

Secondhand Uniform Shop

Our Uniform Shop has plenty of great, quality items available; with the changeover to summer uniform for Term 4, now is a great time to check your wardrobe.

We are open on Tuesday mornings from 8.30 to 10.00 am, with the exception of the Parents & Friends meeting days, in which case we are open in the afternoons from 2.30 to 4.00 pm. We will re-open for Term 4 on Tuesday, 7 October. Please direct any enquiries in regards to items for purchase or selling to

Tanya Blackledge

President, Edrington Parents & Friends

Newlands Parents and Friends

The Cancer Council's Relay for Life is less than a month away. Featuring live music, singing, dancing, face painting, jumping castles, sports clinics and much more; this is an event for the whole family. Thank you to the families who have registered their interest. We still need more people on board to ensure that our baton continues to move around the track for 24 hours. To participate, please contact HPFN secretary Beth Grech. You can also keep up to date via our Facebook page – 'HPFN Relay for Life'.

We are keen to reach the target of $5,000 so that we may donate funds to the Cancer Council in memory of Mr Casey. To assist with reaching our goal, we have two fabulous hampers on offer in our Relay for Life raffle. First prize is an amazing food and wine hamper worth over $300, which has been kindly donated by Marie Giustiniano and family. Second prize is another delicious hamper containing Orgran Gluten Free goodies thanks to a kind donation from Toni Buontempo and family. Tickets are $2 each or three for $5 and are available at the Newlands Administration Office or see your HPFN Reps. We also have two tempting lolly jars at the office. For $1, guess the correct number of jelly beans and chocolate frogs and you win the entire contents of the jar!

Newlands was awash with pink for Pink Ribbon Day last Friday. Thank you to everyone who assisted on the day. It was great to see the Newlands community supporting such a worthy cause. Our lunchtime stall raised over $770 for the Cancer Council.

Next month, HPFN will hold its Annual General Meeting. If you would like to be involved in the HPFN Committee for 2015, please come along to the AGM on Tuesday, 28 October. Everyone is welcome.

We also have our popular Digital Parenting Workshop 'Too Much Too Soon' next month (rescheduled from last month). These sessions will be held on Friday, 17 October, and again on Monday, 20 October. This is a free event.

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Cheryl Coombs

President, Newlands Parents & Friends

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2016 Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications - Apply Now

Scholarship Applications - Apply Now

Scholarship applications for entry in 2016 are now open.

Scholarships are available at all campuses.

Academic and Music Scholarships are available to current students entering Years 7 and 10 and are awarded based on a testing and interview process.

Scholarship testing will take place at all campuses on Saturday, 8 November 2014, at 8.30 am.

Applications close Friday, 24 October 2014.


2016 Scholarship Applications

Scholarship testing will take place on Saturday, 8 November 2014, at all campuses. Auditions for Music Scholarships will take place between 27 October and 14 November 2014.

The round involves an examination followed by interviews for selected candidates, with successful candidates notified early in Term 1. A non-refundable fee, currently $100, is charged to students who participate in the Annual Scholarship Round.

To be eligible for an Academic Scholarship at Haileybury the applicant needs to sit the scholarship exam as outlined above.  Also available are Haileybury Foundation Scholarships which are academic based and means tested.  These Haileybury Foundation Scholarships may be of a higher amount than our standard Academic Scholarship.  To be eligible for a Haileybury Foundation Scholarship, the application must include the two latest taxation returns of both parents.

Academic/Music (for entry into Years 5, 7 and 10)

The Academic Scholarship Program for entering Year 5 in 2016 is available to external students only. Years 7 and 10 Academic/Music Scholarships for a 2016 entry are available to both current and external students.

At the discretion of the Principal, a number of Academic/Music Scholarships are awarded to students in Years 4, 6 and 9 for entry into Years 5, 7 and 10 at Berwick, Brighton or Keysborough.

Academic/Music Scholarships are tenable until the student has completed Year 12 and cover the School's tuition fee or a fraction thereof. The Haileybury entrance fee, administrative charge and any levies are still payable. Academic/Music Scholarships are awarded during the Annual Scholarship Round in November each year on the basis of a common examination and interview. The examination is conducted by an independent testing agency. Students applying for an Instrumental Scholarship are also required to audition.

Students applying for a Music Scholarship must be studying at least one instrument at the following minimum AMEB Grade level or equivalent:

Year 7: AMEB Grade 2 for Voice.  AMEB Grade 5 for Pianoforte or Violin.  AMEB Grade 4 for other instruments.

Year 10: AMEB Grade 4 for Voice.  AMEB Grade 6 for Pianoforte or Violin.  AMEB Grade 5 for other instruments.

For audition, students must present:

A piece on their first instrument (accompaniment will be available)

Prepared sight reading (provided a few days before the audition)

Aural Tests (at the AMEB level expected).

Music Scholarships are tenable until the student has completed Year 12 and normally cover the School's tuition fee or a fraction thereof and the whole of the instrumental tuition fee, usually for the principal instrument. The Haileybury entrance fee, administrative charge and any levies are still payable.

A commitment to perform in Haileybury ensembles and/or choirs is an essential condition of holding a Music Scholarship and can be reviewed by the Head of Music at any time.

Parents of students who are recipients of a Music Scholarship are expected to attend performances and become members of the Music Parents Support Group.