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From the Principal

From the Principal
Derek Scott


Haileybury’s Senior School program is designed to have students prepared for further study and work once they leave School.

Haileybury graduates more than 360 students from Year 12 each year, with around 88% of them choosing university as their preferred post-school pathway, around 10% going into vocational training or apprenticeships, and 2% going straight into the workforce or choosing other options.

The 2013 graduates’ exceptional academic performance gave them a great range of options.


From the Principal


The State Government attempts to track the students’ pathways once they leave school through the On Track Survey. The data is not entirely accurate because not all graduated students choose to complete the survey.  However, the data received this week shows that 80% of Haileybury girls graduates and 82% of Haileybury boys graduates from 2014 have successfully started their university courses. In addition, 7% of girls and 8% of boys have started in the vocational education training sector (including apprenticeships) and around 3% of students have gone straight into the workforce.  

This leaves 10% of girls and 6% of boys who have chosen to defer their studies for a year. The question of deferring the start of university studies for a year after leaving school has been made more interesting by the proposed changes by the Federal Government to the tertiary sector. If the changes go through, the fees for many courses will become considerably higher and students will be carrying higher HECS loans.

The legislation is yet to be passed through the Senate, however, and most universities have indicated that they will keep their fees close to the 2014 rate for students entering university for 2015 before adjusting upward in 2016. Given that the proposed average reduction in Federal Government funding for universities is 20%, we can expect fees in 2016 to rise by at least this much.

This is something that all 2014 graduates will need to keep in mind when they decide on going straight to study or deferring and having a gap year.  My advice to our fine 2014 class: prepare to get the first year of post-school study under your belt in 2015 before deciding if you would then like a gap year. At least you will have taken advantage of the likelihood of having one year of considerably lower fees and HECS debt.

Derek Scott



Online Parenting – A Common Sense Approach

Online Parenting - A Common Sense Approach

Online Parenting - A Common Sense Approach

By Robyn Treyvaud, Founder of CyberSafeKids

The adage ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is as true today as it was in past generations; it reminds us that parents, teachers, respected elders, local councils, the media and government all have a responsibility to ensure that the environments young people live, work and play in – and that includes the digital spaces – are safe, secure and free.

Supervising, guiding and monitoring children and young people’s online activities should not be based solely on their chronological age but rather on their judgment and emotional/social maturity, which only parents are in a position to know.

Children draw upon school-based education programs, peer networks, sibling relationships and conversations with adults for online safety strategies.


Online Parenting – A Common Sense Approach

A study published in Australia: Enhancing Parents’ Knowledge and Practice of Online Safety (Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre, 2013) found that children and young people are influenced by their parents when it comes to being smart, safe, respectful and resilient online. Children draw upon school-based education programs, peer networks, sibling relationships and conversations with adults for online safety strategies.

As a parent, find those ‘teachable moments’ where you can talk with your children about their digital world and their use of digital devices. Explore their favourite sites, programs or apps with them and without them to develop an understanding of what they love about them and to help you have those conversations.

The Digital Parenting Guide provides current and practical advice to parents. Some of the points in the Digital Parenting Checklist are:

Think about how you guide your family in the real world and do the same in the digital world.

Have a go with some of the technologies your child enjoys – if you haven't already; download some music, set up an Instagram account and take and share some pictures with your friends, and play games on their console.

Talk to your friends, family and the parents of your child's friends about how they manage the digital diet in their family world; you might get some useful tips.

Online Parenting - A Common Sense Approach

Common Sense Media, a not-for-profit organisation, provides families with current, practical and evidence informed advice, tip sheets and media reviews.

The three Family Media Agreements are age appropriate and are used to encourage a discussion around expectations for media and technology use at home.

The Customisable Device Contract establishes guidelines for responsible device care.

Sometimes parents are unsure about the content their children are consuming. To find age-appropriate movies, books, apps, TV shows, video, websites and music, the Reviews Section is invaluable to parents.

According to Larry Magid, “Young people aren’t just consuming content; they’re creating it, which means they have an even further responsibility to respect themselves, those they might mention or depict and those impacted by what they post”. [Magid 2013]

The importance of modelling the behaviours we want to see in children and young people is critical. Talking to them about managing relationships, privacy and reputations doesn’t require parents to be tech savvy or social media experts; the moral compass that guides their actions and the values that underpin them is a work in progress and requires the wisdom and life experience of parents to help strengthen it.

In the words of a parent at Haileybury Castlefield who was attending a series of parent engagement workshops: “Digital is so empowering – we need to let it empower us, not overpower us”.


2016 Scholarship Applications

Scholarships 2016 - Apply Now

Scholarships 2016 - Apply Now

Scholarship applications for entry in 2016 are now open.

Scholarships are available at all campuses.

Academic and Music Scholarships are available to current students entering Years 7 and 10 and are awarded based on a testing and interview process.

Scholarship testing will take place at all campuses on Saturday, 8 November 2014, at 8.30 am.

Applications close Friday, 24 October 2014.


2016 Scholarship Applications

Scholarship testing will take place on Saturday, 8 November 2014, at all campuses. Auditions for Music Scholarships will take place between 27 October and 14 November 2014.

The round involves an examination followed by interviews for selected candidates, with successful candidates notified early in Term 1. A non-refundable fee, currently $100, is charged to students who participate in the Annual Scholarship Round.

Academic/Music (for entry into Years 5, 7 and 10)

The Academic Scholarship Program for entering Year 5 in 2016 is available to external students only. Years 7 and 10 Academic/Music Scholarships for a 2016 entry are available to both current and external students. 

At the discretion of the Principal, a number of Academic/Music Scholarships are awarded to students in Years 4, 6 and 9 for entry into Years 5, 7 and 10 at Berwick, Brighton or Keysborough.

Academic/Music Scholarships are tenable until the student has completed Year 12 and cover the School's tuition fee or a fraction thereof.  The Haileybury entrance fee, administrative charge and any levies are still payable. Academic/Music Scholarships are awarded during the Annual Scholarship Round in February/March each year on the basis of a common examination and interview. The examination is conducted by an independent testing agency.  Students applying for an Instrumental Scholarship are also required to audition. 

Students applying for a Music Scholarship must be studying at least one instrument at the following minimum AMEB Grade level or equivalent:

Year 7: AMEB Grade 2 for Voice. AMEB Grade 5 for Pianoforte or Violin. AMEB Grade 4 for other instruments.

Year 10: AMEB Grade 4 for Voice. AMEB Grade 6 for Pianoforte or Violin. AMEB Grade 5 for other instruments.

For audition, students must present:

A piece on their first instrument (accompaniment will be available)

Prepared sight reading (provided a few days before the audition)

Aural Tests (at the AMEB level expected).

Music Scholarships are tenable until the student has completed Year 12 and normally cover the School's tuition fee or a fraction thereof and the whole of the instrumental tuition fee, usually for the principal instrument. The Haileybury entrance fee, administrative charge and any levies are still payable.

A commitment to perform in Haileybury ensembles and/or choirs is an essential condition of holding a Music Scholarship and can be reviewed by the Head of Music at any time.

Parents of students who are recipients of a Music Scholarship are expected to attend performances and become members of the Music Parents Support Group.

Apply Now


Campus Reports

Senior School

The Duke of Edinburgh Award program is very popular at Haileybury and we have many students who participate in the program.


A reminder, again, to all parents that Monday, 11 August, is a Student-Free Day.

Please remember that our Uniform Shop will be closed on this day and re-opens on Wednesday, 13 August, 12.30 to 4.00 pm


Although the Tattoo has now come to a spectacular conclusion, there is still much to look forward to at Edrington during Term 3.


Newlands Tattoo will be held on Wednesday, 13 August, and Thursday, 14 August, at Aikman Hall, commencing at 7.30 pm. Pre-event food and drink will be available for purchase prior to the commencement of the Tattoo.


Senior School Report

Congratulations to Edward Chua (Yr 12 BR), Vice Captain of Haileybury College, who has achieved his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Edward demonstrated 12 months of commitment to badminton, violin and environmental work, as well as participating in a kayak and hike ‘adventurous journey’ in Tasmania to achieve this distinguished award. The gold award has also been received by Kenji Fujihara (OH ’13) whose commitment to aerobics, Japanese, Haileybury’s Pipes & Drum Band, as well as participating in a kayak and hike ‘adventurous journey’, was outstanding. If your son or daughter is interested in completing the award or just participating in expeditions (to Feathertop in the September holidays and the Snowy or Franklin River in the Christmas holidays) they are welcome to do so and should contact Ms Tamsin Visick.

One of Haileybury’s aims is to provide opportunities for students to travel overseas and we have many groups that travel all over the world each year. In August, our Head of Senior Girls, Ms Helen Wadden, will accompany five students to a Global Social Leadership Program being run in London. Helen has a strong interest in developing connections between young people from different communities and she has recently spent time at schools in Africa and an indigenous school in the Northern Territory. I know that the students attending the program will be enriched by the experience: Molly Back (Yr 11, SI), Barbara Van Der Merwe (Yr 11, CU), Benjamin Mackinlay-Cunningham (Yr 11, SH), Evia Varghese (Yr 10, JK) and Aidan Healy (Yr 10, SH).

I was interested to see two things that may be of interest to parents: the Australian Institute of Family Studies has recently made available resources for parents that provide information and strategies for parents whose child is showing bullying behaviours at school.

Senior School Report

Also, the following website may be of interest if you have concerns about cyber safety and ‘sexting’. Sexting’ is when someone uses technology to share personal sexual content. There are interactive modules developed to help address standards of behaviour in the context of cyber safety and social media that you may like to work through.

A reminder that Parent-Teacher Interviews for students in Years 9 to 12 will be held on Tuesday, 19 August, at Senior School Keysborough. All interviews will be held in the Gymnasiums and the Lecture Theatre Complex. Interviews will be held from 2.30 – 3.50 pm, 4.10 – 5.30 pm and 6.30 – 8.30 pm.

The online booking system is open. Once logged in, click on the 'Parent Portal’ tab at the top right of the screen. On the next screen, click on the ‘Interviews' button at the top left of the screen. Please note that the online booking system closes at 1.30 pm on the day of the interviews.

The time allocated for interviews will be five minutes in duration. It will be important, therefore, to allocate at least one vacant time slot between bookings to allow time to move easily from one teacher to another. These sessions are designed for parents to be able to touch base with their child’s teachers. If a longer interview is required then arrangements can be made to talk outside of the Parent-Teacher Interview schedule.

Please call your campus office if you require assistance or would like to make a booking over the phone after 4 August:

Berwick – 9904 6130

Brighton – 9904 6127

Keysborough – 9904 6122.

Pam Chamberlain

Vice Principal & Head of Senior School


Senior School Calendar



Castlefield Report

Our Haileybury Parents & Friends of Castlefield (HPFC) conducted its Annual General Meeting this week, and I am pleased to advise that the parents have accepted roles for the coming year.  Click here to read the full list.

I congratulate these parents on their appointments and look forward to working alongside them as they serve our Haileybury community.

The Tattoo is a wonderful celebration of singing, dancing and acting. Students worked brilliantly together in so many different teams and with different demands. The lighting, sound, amazing choreography and quality of the performances were a pleasure to watch. My thanks go to so many teachers and parents who ensured a successful show.

Following this, we have a big week of competition with our Aerobics and Dance teams competing in the National Championships on the Gold Coast, and our Snow Sports team competing in the Victorian Interschools Competition on Mt Buller. I wish all of our students the best of luck and look forward to hearing of their ventures on their return.

On Friday, 1 August, Castlefield students wore denim for a gold coin donation and raised $1,294 to help scientists with research at the Children’s Medical Research Institute. Thanks to Clements House for organising this Social Justice initiative.

Castlefield Report


Max Amos Photography will be photographing the ELC children on the following days: Tuesday, 12 August, will be Reception G and M, and Thursday, 14 August, will be Pre-Prep T and V.

Please make sure your child is in correct uniform with appropriate shoes/runners. The children will be photographed enjoying the daily activities and will also be part of a group photo.


Myuna Farm

The Prep students are heading to Myuna Farm on Thursday, 14 August, as part of their Inquiry study into how ‘Food is influenced by a variety of factors’. The focus is on farm animals, life on a farm, and how produce arrives to our tables at home. Casual clothes and sturdy walking shoes such as gumboots are required.

Professor Bunsen

The Junior School students are fortunate to participate in a Science-in-school visit on Friday, 15 August, with Professor Bunsen joining us to present Chemistry and Physics concepts that reinforce our Science curriculum delivery across the School.

Book Week

Book Week commences on Monday, 18 August, and the theme for this year is ‘Connect to Reading – Reading to Connect’.  Tony Bones Entertainment will be performing The Windy Farm to the Junior School students on Monday afternoon.

Our book character dress-up day is on Wednesday, 20 August, and we will have an opportunity to see all the fabulous outfits in our assembly at 2.45 pm.

Castlefield Report


Eco-centre Excursion

All Year 6 students will participate in an Excursion to the St. Kilda foreshore on Tuesday, 12 August. This activity is linked to the Humanities Environment topic that they are studying.

National Science Week

The Middle School will be celebrating National Science Week, from 16-24 August, with a series of student activities. The theme this year is 'Food for our future: Science feeding the world'. Several lucky students will have the opportunity to meet the scientists at Melbourne Museum.

Scott Doran

Head of Castlefield, Brighton


Castlefield Calendar



Edrington Report

It was amazing to see the parent support and the sheer joy and excitement that the children experienced this week at the Edrington Tattoo. A truly memorable event for all involved.

You will have all received an invitation this week to the Silver Anniversary Ball to be held at Luminare on Friday, 12 September. This is sure to be a stunning event that will be a memorable night for the parents of our community to come together to celebrate the success of our campus.

A 25th anniversary commemorative photo was taken in Term 2 that will be made available to families over the coming weeks if they would like to order their own copies to keep.

A reminder that Monday, 11 August, is a Student-Free Day.  One of our Haileybury Parents & Friends groups is running a movie day for any Haileybury student on this day.

Our next set of School tours will be held on Saturday, 23 August. These will be followed across the term by a series of Open Mornings in which I will take small groups of families on personal tours from ELC to Year 12 by appointment only.

Edrington Report


Farmers Market – Tuesday, 19 August

On Tuesday, 19 August, the ELC will be holding a Farmers Market to share in the produce and creations from both the ELC children and the broader ELC community.

The Farmers Market will consist of produce the ELC children have grown, nurtured and cared for, harvested and prepared for market. There will also be succulents potted by the children as a means of learning about growth, and cooked items, where children have followed the notion of ‘paddock to plate’. In addition, ELC family farmers from our community have kindly offered to contribute to our market also, making this a true community project.

Please join us in the completion of our wonderful project through a kind donation towards the ‘Aussie Helpers’ charity in exchange for a quality produce item available on market day.

Edrington Report


Jump Rope for Heart

This afternoon, the Junior School had their ‘Jump Off’ to raise money for the Heart Foundation. It was great to see the students showing off their skills and newly learnt tricks. A reminder to families to lodge your donations so that we can announce our total funds raised at a Junior School Assembly soon. Thank you to Mrs Jodie Sherritt for her work and organisation with this initiative.

Junior School Arts Assembly

On Friday, 15 August, the Junior School will celebrate the Arts program at Edrington with a special assembly. At this time, the inaugural Junior School House Art trophy will be presented to the winning house for their contributions to art projects in their weekly specialist classes. We invite all families to attend this assembly in the John Twist Hall beginning at 2.50 pm.

Book Week

The 18 to 22 August marks our Book Week celebrations at Edrington. The 2014 theme is ‘Connect to Reading–Reading to Connect’. In the Junior School, we have two guest speakers for our students to hear: Hilary Badger and Terry Denton. A letter detailing our celebrations for the week has been sent home and we look forward to concluding on Friday, 22 August, with a dress-up day.

Edrington Report


Dance and Aerobics

Good luck to the following Middle School students who will be representing Haileybury this weekend at the National Dance and Aerobics Championships held on the Gold Coast. These students have worked tirelessly over the past six months fine tuning and perfecting their routines.  We wish them great success.

Years 7 & 8 Dance: Jesse Laughlin Jones, Caitlin De Silva, Rayna Reddy, Chloe Fellows, Baylee Cooper-Geoffrey, Taliyah Porter-Young, Tallulah Macready, Sarcia Stills-Blott, Sophie Fyfe, Charlotte Allan, Georgina Bartlett and Khaviya Venthan. Coach: Amber Fyfe.

Secondary Boys Aerobics: Jeremy Kerekes, Jesse Laughlin-Jones and Jacob Britto.  Coach: Kenji Fujihara.

Book Week

On Friday, 22 August, the Middle School will celebrate all things books!  They will hear from a variety of guest authors, who will speak about their craft, and participate in a variety of writing and craft activities. It is a lovely way to conclude Book Week and appreciate the art of being a great writer.

Student Achievements

Congratulations to James McBride (Year 7) who recently participated in the Victorian State Swimming Championships held at MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre).

James received two silver medals for the 100m butterfly and 200m butterfly.  These efforts have served James well in qualifying for the National Swimming Titles held in Queensland in March.

Good luck James!

Kristy Kendall

Head of Edrington, Berwick


Edrington Calendar



Newlands Report

Student-Free Day

Students will not be required to attend School on Monday, 11 August.

Newlands Uniform Shop

Noone Imagewear will be closed on Monday, 11 August. They will re-open on Tuesday, 12 August, from 12.00 noon – 5.00 pm.

School Tours

School tours will be held on Saturday, 23 August, from 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.

Student Representative Council

The SRC are looking forward to another semester of hard work and excitement. The students' thoughts and suggestions are truly valued here at Newlands and we are making it a priority that every voice is heard. We plan to give more and more opportunities for students to express themselves and make a difference. Furthermore, the SRC are starting an exciting new initiative that will not only be fun and exciting but also fantastic for our environment. We are planning to increase our awareness of recycling, ensuring a more sustainable environment for everyone.

Newlands Report


Haileybury Community and the ELC

The children in Pre-Prep classes recently enjoyed a very special performance of Green Eggs and Ham by Grade 6 boys under the direction of Mr Paul Torok, Deputy Director of Performing Arts. The performance was a component of the boys’ Children’s Theatre Studies.

Pre-Prep and Reception children will commence a program of activities with Year 8 boys, as they visit the ELC as part of their Personal Excellence Program with Mr Dominico Scardamaglia, Deputy Head of Boys Middle School. We are most fortunate to be able to draw on the expertise and talents of the older students and their teachers at Haileybury.

Last week, Mrs Lisa Christopher, Head of ELC, spoke to VCE Units 1&2 Health and Human Development students from Haileybury Girls College about the ELC, and how it caters for and supports the ages and development of three-year-old and four-year-old children. The students had some interesting questions and were very keen to meet the younger members of the School during their play interactions, and observe the amazing ELC learning environment first hand.

Take-Home Readers

The introduction of take-home readers for all Pre-Prep children has been an exciting inclusion in the Pre-Prep program this term and has focused renewed energy on literacy and early reading skills for the children and families.

Newlands Report


Year 2 Zoo Excursion

The Year 2 students are looking forward to visiting the Melbourne Zoo on Thursday, 28 August. This excursion will support the learning that students are undertaking through their Inquiry classes.

Book Week

Junior School students are eagerly awaiting Book Week on Monday, 25 August, to Friday, 29 August. A range of exciting experiences and activities are planned throughout the week. The highlight for many students will be the Book Character Dress-Up Day. Further details regarding Book Week celebrations will be sent home via student diaries.

Newlands Report


Memorable Moments Program

On Thursday, 21 August, Year 5 students will be travelling to the city to participate in a day supporting their study of Discovering Melbourne. Students will enjoy a guided walking tour of the historical landmarks of the CBD followed by a visit to the MCG, including a guided tour of the facility and a visit to the National Sports Museum. 

Science Week

Science Week at Newlands will run from Monday, 18 August, to Friday, 22 August. Year’s 5 to 8 students will be involved in a number of activities throughout the week, including a Science Musical, conducting experiments in their classes, a house quiz, and a scientific relay race. On Thursday, 21 August, and Friday, 22 August, the Year 7 boys and girls respectively will be going to CERES Environmental Park in Brunswick.

40-Hour Famine

Newlands Middle School students have been given the opportunity to be involved in the 40-Hour Famine from Friday, 15 August, to Sunday, 17 August. This encourages students to give up food or something else that really matters to them for 40 hours to raise money for World Vision. It is an amazing opportunity for the students to support people less fortunate overseas.

Jane Gibbs

Head of Newlands, Keysborough


Newlands Calendar




Girls Sport

Emma Pollard raced in the Victorian Cross Country Championships and finished in the medals for the 5km U/18 women’s race and the sprint.  Her times have qualified her for the Australian team.


Girls Sport


The Hearts have completed a fantastic winter season with exceptional performances at all levels. First Team results were:

Soccer – Undefeated and 2nd

Hockey – 2nd

Cross Country – 5th

Netball – 7th

Basketball – 8th

Junior A Soccer, Junior A Netball, Inter A Soccer, Inter A Netball and Inter A Hockey were all undefeated.

The Hearts were defending both the soccer and hockey Premiership, and the competition for these cups came down to the final matches of the season.

Soccer met Carey Grammar at home in the second last round of the season.  Last year, the Carey-Haileybury match was washed out and the two schools shared the Premiership.  The Hearts were keen to prove they were the top team in the competition and took an early lead in the game.  By half-time, both teams had found the net again and went into the break with the score at 2-1.  The second half was a tough contest with both teams scoring once more and Haileybury the victors.  Unfortunately, two draws earlier in the season had the girls down by one point on the Premiership table. It was a brilliant season, led by Captain Alessi Teubler, who has played in 1st Soccer for her six years in Senior School, and Vice-Captain Isabelle Conte, who is also a veteran of the team. Year 9 debutant Hollie McDonald and Year 10 Rhea Schreuder were consistently named in the best-on-ground list throughout the season.

Hockey also had a must-win match against Wesley College to keep the Premiership. An early score in the first half by the Hearts had the girls optimistic of back-to-back wins. Several additional attempts at goal were thwarted by the amazing Wesley keeper. The score remained at 1-0 for 45 minutes before Wesley finally managed to equalise.  With the final score 2-1, the Hearts were gracious in defeat, and Captain Megan Anderson, who also has been in the 1sts since Year 7, spoke brilliantly in acknowledging the efforts of both teams in a match worthy of a final.


The Middle and Senior girls have benefited from the implementation of the Netfit program into their sport training time.

Stefanie Eade and Libby Lewin

Directors of Girls Sport

Boys Sport

Haileybury’s winter season was a successful one with many outstanding team performances. This was highlighted by the following ‘A’ teams who remained undefeated all winter: 9A Soccer, 8A Basketball and 7A Soccer.


Boys Sport

Other outstanding winter performances included the following teams who remained undefeated or only lost one match:

Soccer – 5th (undefeated), 6th, 10A, 9B and 9C

Football – 10A, 10C and 9C

Basketball – 7B (undefeated), 3rd, 10B and 7A

Rugby – U/16


Haileybury’s Open Cross Country team defeated St Kevin’s College for the first time in five years. The win was not enough to secure the Premiership Cup, after being narrowly defeated by Xavier College last Saturday; however, it does secure our 2nd placing for season 2014. The Year 7 and 8 junior secondary cross country team also finished the season in 2nd place after a very close tussle during the season with Wesley College. We are hoping for victory at this week’s special cross country event at The Tan for our Year 7 and 8 students.  

With the spring season upon us, we look forward to our teams increasing their training intensity as they prepare for the first round of games on Saturday, 9 August. Middle School students start their spring training sessions on Tuesday, 12 August, and a schedule for their spring season has been posted on go2. Training for students in water polo, athletics and rowing continue over the coming weeks.


Hamish Thompson and Rory Templeton (Year 9, Berwick) participated in the combined Victorian State/National Indoor Archery Championships. Both boys were successful with Rory winning a gold medal and the State Title and a silver medal in the National event. He also competed in the Intermediate Boys Recurve category and came 11th nationally. Hamish won gold and the State Title in the Intermediate Boys Compound. This also earned him the National Championship Title and, in the process, he shot a new national record score (1153 out of 1200).


Ashley Bingle was a member of the Victorian U18 Hockey team earlier this year. Ashley also trained as a goal keeper in the U18 Men’s Indoor as well as the State Outdoor U18 side for April’s National competition in Canberra. Ashley has been Haileybury’s goal keeper for the past two seasons.   

John Headlam

Director of Middle School Boys Sport

Greg Schneiders

Director of Sport Development – Boys


The Arts

2014 Haileybury Tattoo

2014 Haileybury Tattoo

Tattoo 2014 has well and truly started and there are so many superlatives I could use to describe the amazing images created by each group, the complex dancing, joyous singing, and the sense of fun shown by all those involved.

The best way to appreciate all of this is to check out the images of the opening night.


Performing Arts

On Monday and Tuesday nights, the Edrington Tattoo was staged in the Aikman Hall, showcasing the many talents of our Years 1 to 8 girls and boys, alongside an entertaining variety of Senior School items. Audiences were treated to a diverse range of dramatic sketches, dances, songs and the renowned Haileybury Pipes & Drums. Our Juniors explored the jungle and Hansel and Gretel while our Middle School journeyed to space and Gotham City. It was a night of colour and confidence, with students performing beautifully: a playful program as mixed as a lolly bag! We congratulate the entire Edrington community on the success of the show.

Castlefield has followed up with the biggest cast mustered on the Haileybury stage. We were welcomed in African style before being taken to the Ugly Bug’s Ball. Dreams and aspirations were explored and we even went to the footy on a Saturday at the MCG. The finale was an epic feat of management by all staff concerned, but the closing image of 500 students singing their hearts out was more than worth the effort. I will remember the soloists singing When I Grow Up for many years to come.

Don’t miss out on Newlands next week. The full selection of Senior School items will be on display for the last time and they are really worth seeing, even if you don’t have a direct association with them. The dancers have excelled themselves. Finally, I must mention the band of 34 players. We are very privileged to have such a talented group of staff and students who have worked tirelessly to get on top of their 60 scores for the three different shows.  They really are exceptional.

Good news for all those who would like a permanent memory of Tattoo 2014 – we are releasing a DVD of the closing-night performance of each campus. You will be able to order and pay for the DVD on, so look out for details in the next newsletter. It will be a quality record of a special event.

Stewart Bell

Director of Performing and Visual Arts



Haileybury’s best singers performed to a full audience in the David Bradshaw Chapel on Wednesday, 24 July. Each singer sang an aria from an opera and a European Art Song, all presented in their original languages. Singers were competing for beautiful new trophies presented by parent Mrs Karen Wallace and the Haileybury Choral Society, a first-prize voucher from Future Music, and iTunes cards.

Adjudicator Curtis Bayliss chose Year 12 student Oscar Marklund as the winner, closely followed by Jackson Peele as runner-up.  Both students presented particularly engaging and committed performances, which conveyed the meaning of what they were singing.  Berwick Year 9 student Emily Laughlin Jones was a deserving recipient of the award for best developing singer.

All performers are to be commended on fine performances of challenging music supported by the expert accompaniment of Mrs Jeanette Riga.  The evening concluded with entertaining performances from three Haileybury senior choirs – Haileybury Singers, Senior Girls and Senior Boys Vocal Ensembles.


Tickets are now on sale for The Grigoryan Brothers with Haileybury Guitar Students Concert on Thursday, 28 August, to be held on the Aikman Hall Reverse Stage at 7.30 pm.

The concert will feature a variety of student guitar groups, soloists and the Guitar Orchestra followed by a 45-minute set by the virtuosic brothers Slava and Leonard Grigoryan.

Last year’s concert was sold out; Slava and Lenny were spellbinding and received a standing ovation following their fiery version of the Brazilian dance Jongo!

Book Now

Amanda Rowarth

Head of Music

Visual Arts

Alongside the Tattoo we have another special event, Spice – an exhibition of student work from all year levels across the School. If you are coming to the last performances of the Tattoo, pop across to the Art School and the Ralph W Hill Gallery before the show and see this wide-ranging exhibition.

Bruce Norton

Head of Visual Arts


The Haileybury Community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Old Haileyburians Association

Haileybury Foundation 

Newlands Parents & Friends 

Haileybury Mothers Association 

Castlefield Parents & Friends

Edrington Parents & Friends


Old Haileyburians Association


The Haileybury Networking Event on Wednesday, 20 August.

Join us at the newly renovated Savoy Tavern in the heart of Melbourne for a sensational night of networking. This is an opportunity for ALL members of the Haileybury community to come along and meet other professionals.

Click here for more information.
Guest Speaker Andrew Ryan (OH ’94) promises to enlighten attendees on the importance of networking.  Andy is currently the Managing Director of Mitchelton Wines (Nagambi, VIC) where he contributes a wealth of marketing and business management experience to the Mitchelton team. As Mitchelton's owners, Andrew and his father Gerry Ryan aim to preserve Mitchelton’s integrity as a leading Victorian fine wine producer while growing the brand and winery location. Andrew has previously held managerial roles with Orica-GreenEDGE Cycling, Seven Nightclub, Rise Developments and Jayco Corporation.

 Andrew Ryan

Need more convincing?  Here’s what attendees from the last Networking Event had to say…

“Great opportunity to meet with others from the Haileybury community…I was certainly made to feel most welcome at what I believe was a very valuable event.” James Nilsson, Current Haileybury Parent, Business Development Director, BI Worldwide

“It was an excellent night…I look forward to next time.” Alex Luong (OH 2008), Senior Freedom of Information Officer, Legal Services, VicRoads

“The next day I awoke with a pocket full of business cards...that equals success to me.” Cameron van den Dungen (OH 1998), Non-Executive Director, Forty Winks

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Heart to Heart is an event for all the women of Haileybury to connect and celebrate – parents, past parents, students and teachers are ALL invited.

Heart Invite 


Join us at the world-class Huntingdale Golf Club – you could even be driving home in a NEW Mercedes Benz!

Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Golf Day 

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Or contact Sarah on (03) 9904 6141.

Russell Davidson

Director of School Development & Alumni Relations

Haileybury Foundation

Thank you to our many community members who have recently donated so generously to the Haileybury Foundation.

Did you know that all gifts to the Haileybury Foundation are fully tax deductible? Our Haileybury Foundation has full tax-deductible gift recipient (DGR) charitable status, and furthermore, with our voluntary Foundation Board and fully-funded Administration team, we are proud to state that every dollar and every cent of your donation will go to its intended recipient.

Support is given through tax deductible donations directed to the School through any of the three funds: the Haileybury Scholarship Fund, the Haileybury Building Fund and the Haileybury Library Fund.  Bequests can also be made to the School or the Foundation.

Currently, five students at Haileybury are receiving the benefits of Foundation scholarships. These children would not have the benefit of such a high quality of education, had it not been for the wonderful generosity of our donors. Donors constitute many forms – Old Haileyburians, current and past parents, and past members of staff.  We are very fortunate to have such a generous and warm community supporting us. As we move into the 2014/15 financial year, there is still time left for us all to make a difference to a talented, local child in 2015, whose family lacks the means to access a Haileybury education.

The Foundation asks for the support of the greater Haileybury community by pledging a commitment to help consolidate Haileybury’s position as one of Australia’s great schools, as well as helping to achieve our vision of being recognised as a great world school.

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Should you have any queries or wish to donate by any other means, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Development, Russell Davidson, on 03 9904 6140.

Your Foundation Team

Newlands Parents and Friends

There is a great deal of anticipation in the air with the Tattoo fast approaching. Months of hard work from our dedicated teachers and students will finally be realised at next week’s Tattoo ‘Because We Can’.

On Wednesday, 13 August, prior to the Tattoo commencing, HPFN will be serving light refreshments at the Wings Café from 6.00 pm. Parents and friends are invited to stop by and enjoy a glass of wine, perhaps devour a delicious cheese plate, or maybe sample something sweeter? Delicious homemade cup cakes will be available for purchase as well as bags of sweets to enjoy throughout the evening. We look forward to seeing you on the night.

A reminder that Monday, 11 August, is a Student-Free Day. If you’re looking for something to do with your children, why not come and visit us at Village Southland. HPFN have two cinemas for the afternoon exclusively for Haileybury students. For our younger students, we have secured the advanced screening of Legends of Oz, which begins at 1.20 pm. For our older students, we will show the newly-released film Guardians of the Galaxy at 1.00 pm. Both movies will finish at 3.00 pm.

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It was wonderful to see so many parents attend our second Coffee Bytes Workshop with Robyn Treyvaud. The ‘Like and Selfies Generation’ produced a great deal of discussion. It is terrific to hear such positive feedback from parents. Our next Coffee Bytes Workshop ‘Too Much Too Soon’ will be held on Friday, 5 September, and again on Monday, 8 September. More details will follow in the next newsletter.

Our next HPFN meeting will be held on Thursday, 21 August, at 7.00 pm in the Resource Centre.  Held once a term, our meetings are open to all parents and is an excellent way to get involved and discover what is happening at our School.  We hope to see you there.

Cheryl Coombs

President, Newlands Parents & Friends

Haileybury Mothers Association


Tattoo fever has well and truly hit Haileybury! It was a privilege to be in the audience and watch the energy just explode across the stage. Come along on Thursday, 14 August, from 6.00 to 7.30 pm, HMA will be providing the pre-show drinks and ‘A taste of Italy’ gourmet food in the Wings Cafe. So, drop the bambinos and come and relax with us. We look forward to welcoming you!


Our HMA Uniform Shop continues to serve our community right through the winter months. We are open on Friday afternoons during term, between 1.00 and 4.00pm and on the first and third Saturday of each month, between 9.00 and 11.00 am. Remember, we are more than happy to on-sell current Haileybury uniforms in good condition. Please ensure you fill in the form attached and that all clothing is washed. Blazers and girls’ winter skirts and tunics are required to be dry-cleaned before we can sell these to our community.  We welcome volunteers. Don't hesitate to contact Lindy Matters on 0407 881 297, or myself, if you have any questions.

On campus uniform shops at Newlands + Castlefield will be closed on Monday, 11 August due to a student free day.

Keysborough (Newlands) closed Monday, 11 August. Reopen Tuesday, 12 August 12-5pm

Brighton (Castlefield) closed Monday, 11 August. Re open Wednesday, 13 August 12.30pm- 4pm


The upgrade of the sound system in the David Bradshaw Chapel is now complete. We thank Principal Scott for his foresight in organising this upgrade. HMA was delighted to lend financial support with Haileybury to ensure this happened


Finally, the HMA Winery Tour is fast approaching and tickets are selling very well so get in fast. The tour will be held on Thursday, 4 September. Come along!

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The next HMA meeting, to be held on Tuesday, 19 August, will be our AGM. Nomination forms are available on go2 on the HMA webpage, or simply email.

Please ensure that you have a witness to support your nomination.

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We will also be hosting the dynamic Ms Diane Furusho, Pre-Senior Director Curriculum and Teaching, VCE in East Timor. She will provide an update on the amazing Pre-Senior Program. We look forward to holding the AGM and the HMA meeting in the Barney Allen Centre, Senior School, Haileybury from 10.00 am. Please don't hesitate to bring a Haileybury friend. Light refreshments will be served.

Kymme Fujihara

President, Haileybury Mothers Association

Mobile 0419 329 731

Castlefield Parents and Friends

The HPFC AGM was held on Monday night and I am very pleased to report that once again, we have a very dynamic and enthusiastic group of parents signed up as committee members for the year ahead.

We are sad to be saying goodbye to some very experienced and dedicated long-term committee members in Sue Broadhead, who has been the Treasurer for the HPFC for the last nine years, and Jean Power, who has run the Castlefield Secondhand Uniform Shop for the last 14 years. The contribution these women have made to the HPFC has been immense.

We also reluctantly said goodbye to Tracey Armstrong and Tracey Kauffman, who both served the HPFC committee for over four years. We are grateful for the time and energy all of these wonderful ladies have given to help make the HPFC such a strong and productive organisation.

The HPFC, along with the Hazlitt Club, will be serving a variety of both sweet and savoury treats before the Castlefield Tattoo on Friday night, so please pop in to the Wings Café for a drink and something to eat before the show. We look forward to seeing you there.

Nicole Piastri

President, Castlefield Parents & Friends

Edrington Parents and Friends


The Edrington Parents & Friends AGM was held on Tuesday, 29 July, where we farewelled Paula Murphy and Sue LeFevre from their respective roles as President and Treasurer. We thank them for their commitment and efforts throughout their time with the committee. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself (Tanya Blackledge), and thank the committee for their support in taking on the role as President. We also extend our congratulations to Belinda Sherer in accepting the position of Vice President, Diaharne De La Rue as Treasurer, and Melissa Hogg Marshall has kindly accepted to continue on in her position as Secretary. We look forward to working with the Edrington community.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 26 August, at 8.45 am in the Senior School Library.


‘Conversation Bytes’ is an informal computer forum on Digital Parenting to be held by expert Robyn Treyvaud. This will be held in a relaxed environment in the Junior School Library on these dates:

Monday, 25 August – 7.30 to 8.45 pm

Thursday, 28 August – 8.45 to 10.00 am.

Invitations will be out shortly. Please contact Maree Jarrett with any questions.


The Haileybury Edrington Secondhand Uniform Shop is full to bursting with lots of great quality secondhand uniform items – we have an abundance of grey trousers in great condition (mostly Middle and Senior sizes), boys blazers in most Middle and Senior School sizes, jumpers in all sizes and, not forgetting the Juniors, berets and back packs seem to be multiplying on the shelves!  We can help with most uniform items. The fabulous volunteers are only too happy to help with advice and sizing, and now is definitely the time to raid the racks for that ‘spare’ set we all need from time to time.

We are open most Tuesday mornings and the occasional Tuesday afternoon, so please feel free to come in and pick up a bargain – save yourself half the cost of buying the items new.

A big thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who keep the shop open, and if you would like to join us providing this valuable service to our Edrington community, please do email Caroline or call 0412 065 901.

This term's opening hours are:

Tuesday, 5 August – 8.30 to 10.00 am

Tuesday 12 August – 8.30 to 10.00 am

Tuesday, 19 August – 8.30 to 10.00 am

Tuesday, 26 August – 2.30 to 4.00 pm

Tuesday, 2 September – 8.30 to 10.00 am

Tuesday, 9 September – 8.30 to 10.00 am

Tuesday, 16 September - 8.30 to 10.00am

Tanya Blackledge

President, Edrington Parents & Friends