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From the Principal

From the Principal
Derek Scott


Every discussion around improvements in education ends up coming back to teacher quality.

Numerous studies have shown that once socio-economic factors are taken out, the major impact on the academic outcomes for a student in a particular year is the quality of the teacher.

Haileybury has been at the forefront in Australia of implementing programs for giving constructive feedback to teachers on their performance and for driving strategies for teacher improvement.


From the Principal

Haileybury's program includes analysis of academic data (including November tests in the Junior and Middle Schools, NAPLAN data and VCE performance), classroom observation by senior academic leaders, peer observations and student feedback.

The student feedback, through the annual student survey undertaken from Year 5 up is particularly valuable. Students take the survey very seriously and it then provides a valuable tool for feedback for teachers and for developing improvement plans.

Students are asked to assess a teacher's performance on a five-point scale. Some key questions are:

My teacher is well prepared for lessons

My teacher has developed a good working relationship with me

My teacher has high expectations of me

My teacher gives clear instruction that allows me to learn

My teacher has an accurate view of my strengths and weaknesses as a learner

My teacher assesses and returns my work in a reasonable time

My teacher manages the class to provide a good working environment.

During the School break Senior School leaders worked through the data from the Years 9 to 12 student surveys to prepare feedback for teachers. Any data set below 3.5 out of 5 is particularly closely analysed and discussed with the teacher and an improvement strategy implemented. This is a high benchmark but, as you would expect of Haileybury, the aim is to have every teacher assessed by their students as performing at the highest standard possible. In line with the student questions it is about having high expectations of teachers.

From the Principal

Haileybury also obtains feedback from the Independent Schools Victoria LEAD surveys which are conducted with parents, students and staff every two years. The LEAD report also gathers empirical data on academic performance. The 2013 surveys gave valuable feedback which has been used for further teacher improvement. The evidence of teacher quality, of course, rests with the academic outcomes. The LEAD report highlighted Haileybury's strength with regard to this.

The chart from the report shows parents', students' and teachers' perceptions of the School academic performance and the empirical data shows Haileybury's NAPLAN and VCE ATAR performance compared to the Victorian independent schools average. It is a great result which stems directly from the relentless focus on teacher quality.

Derek Scott 



Excellence in English

Excellence in English

Excellence in English

By Rhonda Allen, Haileybury Deputy Principal & Dean of Studies

Excellence in English is a long-term project and at Haileybury the emphasis on sophisticated literacy is present at every year level from Prep to Year 12. 

The Haileybury English Department is focused on a culture of high expectations, enrichment of the curriculum, and ensuring students understand the hallmarks of high-quality work.

The Year 12 English course builds on a carefully structured English curriculum. At the senior level, when students are going into high-stakes examinations, their capacity to think and write under pressure is paramount, and this skill is developed throughout their time at School in examinations and in the curriculum.


Excellence in English

One example is the Year 10 English Writing Program where students are required to write regularly under timed conditions. Comprehension skills are crucial and our students are expected to analyse texts closely. Lively discussions about literature are a feature of every English classroom and, with the guidance of the skilled English teacher, these become the stimulus for insightful text responses.

Under the leadership of the Head of English, Mr Robert Johnson, enrichment of the core curriculum has become a distinguishing feature of the department, and students are constantly challenged by new ideas. This enrichment takes many forms, such as the provision of critical interpretations of texts and extra readings. In addition, every Thursday afternoon, the English Department runs an English lecture for Year 12 students. This lecture provides inspiration for our senior students and in many ways it encapsulates the English Department's philosophy. Our students are given the opportunity in these lectures to hear highly engaging speakers who encourage them to explore ideas about literature, history and media in greater depth and complexity.

Excellence in English

Perhaps most significantly, the department has worked hard to demystify the elements of a good piece of writing. This has been one of the key factors in increasing students' confidence in their expression as they learn there are many strategies they can employ to create an original and interesting piece of work. In order to fine-tune their writing, Year 12 students may submit their essays not only to their classroom teacher but to any teacher in the department, and they are expected to follow up on this detailed feedback.

Our strong VCE English results mean that students have higher ATARs and therefore a greater range of choices for their Tertiary courses. But beyond the study scores and ATARs, the writing and communication skills that students develop as part of the English curriculum are extremely valuable throughout life. In a world that is dominated by new information delivered at an incredible speed, it is an advantage to possess quick comprehension and an elegant turn of phrase.


Campus Reports

Senior School

I hope that the time away from classes has provided an opportunity for our students to get some well-earned rest, as well as some time on examination preparation.


I remind everyone, as students return next term, that we are holding Parent-Teacher Interviews on Thursday, 9 October, for Junior School, Years 7 and Year 8, and Tuesday, 14 October, for Junior and Middle School. You should have received a letter regarding booking arrangements last week via email.


The Edrington Spring Fashion Parade will take place on Thursday, 16 October, in the John Twist Hall. The champagne reception commences at 7.00 pm with the runway show at 8.00 pm. Tickets are available from Trybooking.


The Pre-Senior Information Evening will be run on Wednesday, 8 October, in Aikman Hall. Year 8 parents are encouraged to attend. During the evening, the structure and character of the 2015 Pre-Senior Program will be explained.


Senior School Report

Revision sessions have been running at Haileybury throughout the holidays and I know that many of our students have been to other revision programs offered during the last fortnight. Our Year 12 students will have only two weeks of classes in Term 4 and it is crucial that they make the most of this time. The last few days for our Year 12 students are often filled with mixed emotions; feelings of excitement at beginning life away from School have to be contained by a strong commitment to finishing the year well and preparing for examinations. I hope that our graduating students maintain a connection with their School: we all enjoy seeing 'old' boys and girls return to tell us of their activities. Information has been sent to parents with details about the final days of our 2014 academic year.

During the holidays, the AIDPSC (Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships) were held in Brisbane, and Haileybury students, accompanied by Senior School Staff Anne Allan and Cindy Nankoo, participated. This gruelling competition requires each student to take part in four different events: Impromptu Speaking, Interpretive Reading, Secret Topic Debating, and either Persuasive Speaking or After Dinner Speaking.  After two days of competition, the best students are chosen to go through to the Finals in each event. The field included over 50 students from all states of Australia from Years 9-11, all the very best from their respective schools. We are pleased to announce that Harrison Jones (Yr 11 PA) came 5th in Australia and Anant Butala (Yr 10 CA) came 4th; these results mean that both Harrison and Anant qualify to compete for Australia in the World Championships. Congratulations to them both!

Congratulations also to Jessica Kemper (Yr 12 ED) who achieved 3rd prize in the Berthe Mouchette Competition.  We all know how desirable it is to have some proficiency in languages other than English and it is wonderful to see our students excel in this area.

Senior School Report

I was pleased to hear from Michael Xing (Yr 11 AI) that he was accepted to attend the State Constitutional Convention that was held in the first week of the holidays. I look forward to hearing about this event from Michael.

I read with interest an article in the Sunday Age on 14/9/14, Steve Jobs was a low-tech parent, about Jobs' decision to "limit how much technology" his children used at home.  Apparently, "no-one ever pulled out an iPad or computer" during evenings spent with family and the Jobs' "kids did not seem addicted at all to devices".  Given the increase in usage of portable devices, I thought that the idea of some technology-free time at home was a good one.

Parents and guardians of students with anaphylaxis will be aware of the strict management process we have in place to ensure the safety of our students.  Please be aware, though, that the drivers of public transport buses, including those contracted by Haileybury, may not have Anaphylaxis Management training and may not be trained in the use of Epipens.

Finally, summer uniform should be worn from 6 October, although our Year 12s are required to wear full winter uniform for Graduation.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful Term 4.

Pam Chamberlain

Vice Principal & Head of Senior School


Senior School Calendar



Castlefield Report

Welcome back to all of our Brighton students and families; we face a busy term ahead. There are a number of major events, end-of-year reports, Speech Nights and concerts. All parents please note that the Castlefield Speech Night, which falls on Monday, 1 December, and is held in the Aikman Hall, is compulsory for all students in Years 5 to 8. This is a significant celebration of the School year. If a student cannot attend, a letter is required from parents – this letter should be addressed to me.

Our final round of School tours will be conducted on Saturday, 11 October. I encourage our current families to promote this day to families who may be interested in choosing Haileybury for their daughters and sons. We would urge them to visit us on this day and realise why our School is so special.

Within the next weeks, teachers will begin the task of putting together final assessments of student learning and will begin writing the end-of-year reports. This is a very important part of the teaching and learning program and involves great attention to detail. Evaluation of student learning occurs throughout the year, but there are certain times when these evaluations are conducted in a more formal manner. If your daughter or son will be sitting an examination or major test in the near future, please assist us in encouraging them to prepare for these assessments so they might maximise their learning outcomes. If your child becomes concerned at the thought of a test or examination, please discuss this with her or his Homeroom Teacher, or the relevant Head of School.

Term 4 will be a very busy period of time. We look forward to the endeavours that our students will embark upon during this time, starting Monday, 6 October. I remind families of the coming two-week period when students are able to wear either the winter School uniform or the summer uniform.

Castlefield Report


The role of Director of Early Learning now sees me spending more time, on a weekly basis, at the two other campuses. It has been decided that a Deputy Head of ELC should be appointed to operate the centre in my absence. It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Ms Meagan Veale has been appointed to this role. As you know, Meagan is one of the Pre-Prep teachers and has been with the ELC for nine years. This position is a lovely opportunity to recognise her leadership role in a more formal way. I know that I, along with all the staff and families, will support Ms Veale in this role.

I remind everyone that a special ELC event is being planned for all parents and carers on Friday, 7 November. Please mark this in your calendar. More details will be revealed early in Term 4. We are looking forward to a fantastic term together.

Castlefield Report


An Evening with John Fleming

Junior School parents would have recently received an invitation to attend an explicit teaching information evening on Wednesday, 29 October, at 6.30 pm in Aikman Hall. Deputy Principal John Fleming will provide an insight into the philosophy and research behind the explicit teaching model at Haileybury. Please reserve seats for this free event.

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Intensive Swimming

The Years 1 and 2 students begin their intensive swimming on the first day of term 4 Monday, 6 October. The notice that was sent home last term listed all the swimming essentials. Prep swimming will begin in Week 6 on Monday, 10 November.

Sun Safety

School sunhats are required for all outdoor activities during Term 4. If your child has misplaced their hat, it may be timely to purchase a new one as these are essential this term. Students are not permitted on the oval area during playtimes without a School sunhat. Please ensure all hats are clearly named and send them along to School to be kept in lockers or bags.

Canteen Spending

As we move towards warmer weather, I thought it was apt to re-issue the following information regarding the tuck-shop and ordering: Prep and Year 1 children are unable to visit the tuck-shop to purchase items over the counter. Year 2 students may purchase over the counter on Mondays and Thursdays only. Years 3 & 4 students are able to order over the counter each day.

All students are welcome to order lunch, treats or icy poles through the lunch order system, which operates daily. We ask that if you have an older child, they refrain from purchasing items over the counter for a younger sibling. Instead, place a lunch order, as not every student has a sibling to buy for them. A $3 limit applies for over-the-counter sales.

House Athletics Tuesday, 28 October, will see the Junior School students involved in House Athletics. Further information will be sent home as the term commences.

Dates for your calendar:
Year 4 Graduation, Friday, 21 November
Up Day, Tuesday, 25 November
Presentation Assembly, Wednesday, 26 November
Christmas Assembly, Wednesday, 3 December

Castlefield Report


Welcome back from your holidays to the final and perhaps busiest term of 2014.

Years 7 and 8 Presentation Assembly

Thursday, 9 October, is our presentation assembly for all Years 7 and 8 students. Head of Castlefield awards and Year 8 Camp awards will be presented. Parents are always welcome at these assemblies.

Middle School Woodwind Soirée

The Middle School Woodwind Ensemble will be performing at Bradshaw Chapel on Monday, 13 October from 7.00 – 8.15 pm. I encourage all of our community to support these young musicians. 

Scott Doran 

Head of Castlefield, Brighton


Castlefield Calendar



Edrington Report

Term 4 is filled with end-of-year performances, award ceremonies, student transition programs and information evenings. A reminder is issued to all families to keep a close eye on the Insight newsletter to help with your forward planning for these events.

In our first week of Term 4 on 9 October, we have guest presenter Jo Lange speaking on developing resilience during adolescence. The event will commence at 7.00 pm in the John Twist Hall and is open to all members of the community.

In Week 2, we have our final round of Parent-Teacher Interviews for the year on Tuesday, 14 October. Bookings will open for these on Monday via go2. This will be followed by our Edrington Spring Fashion Parade hosted by the Edrington P&F on Thursday, 16 October. This is a night filled with glamour and entertainment, and we are very excited to bring this much-loved event back in 2014. It will begin at 7.00 pm with a champagne reception, which will be followed at 8.00 pm by the runway show featuring our own staff and students. This will be a night not to be missed. 

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Edrington Report


Healthy Bodies

The warm weather is approaching and children in the ELC have been discussing the importance of being sun smart. Wearing hats to protect their eyes from the sun and applying sunscreen before outdoor play have been regular points of discussion. From the beginning of Term 4 and in conjunction with our sun smart policy, children are required to wear hats during outdoor play and have sunscreen applied when the UV is over 3. We encourage families to visit our sunscreen station in the ELC foyer upon arrival to check the UV rating for the day and apply sunscreen. Please also return any hats that have been taken home for washing over the holidays.

Drinking a full bottle of water each day will be encouraged and the importance discussed with children for a healthy body and healthy mind.

Edrington Report


We trust that our Junior School families are enjoying the holidays and a break from normal routines. We look forward to seeing everyone back at School on Monday, 6 October. A reminder that the summer uniform is worn in Term 4, although, there will be a two-week changeover period to accommodate for variable weather conditions. As part of this uniform, it is compulsory that all students have their sun hats for outdoor play.

An Evening with John Fleming

Junior School parents would have recently received an invitation to attend an explicit teaching information evening on Wednesday, 29 October, at 6.30 pm in Aikman Hall. Deputy Principal John Fleming will provide an insight into the philosophy and research behind the explicit teaching model at Haileybury. Please reserve seats for this free event.

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Parent-Teacher Interviews

Term 4 Junior School Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday, 14 October, from 4.00 – 9.00 pm. These interviews are an ideal opportunity to celebrate the academic gains and achievements of your child, discuss their social and emotional wellbeing, and set goals for the upcoming term. Please remember to use the online booking system to make a time with the teachers you wish to see.

Edrington Report


Term 4 is always busy in the Middle School; staff and students alike are preparing for the upcoming term with a significant focus on academics and consolidating work from across the year. Years 7 and 8 examinations are scheduled for 9, 10 & 11 November. Students are strongly encouraged to begin their study program from Week 1. Teachers will guide students through what study looks like in each subject area and assist students to thoroughly prepare for these exams. Parents are encouraged to communicate with and support their children in establishing regular study habits early in Term 4. Help Desk will be running again this term and is a great opportunity for students to work with a variety of teachers to support their learning and study.

Upcoming Events

Year 8 students begin Term 4 with a variety of sessions to assist them with their transition into Year 9.

Year 5 students have an excursion to Sovereign Hill scheduled for Monday, 13 October.

Parent-Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Tuesday, 14 October; this is a good opportunity for parents to talk with staff about what students need to be doing to prepare for the upcoming examinations.

Years 7 and 8 Book Club is scheduled for Thursday, 16 October.

Community Evening

A reminder – Jo Lange will be our guest speaker for the Middle School Community Evening held in the John Twist Hall on Thursday, 9 October, at 7.00 pm. The topic is 'Resilience, Independence and Self-Esteem.' The presentation will focus on resilience and its close links with self-esteem and independence in the middle years.

Kristy Kendall

Head of Edrington, Berwick


Edrington Calendar



Newlands Report

In particular, the Academic Program and the Expedition and Option opportunities will be outlined and discussed. A special information session has been arranged for our Year 8 boys on the following Monday, since they will be at camp.

Term 4

Classes will commence on Monday, 6 October.

School Tours

School tours will be held on Saturday, 11 October, from 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

ELC, Junior School and Middle School Parent-Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Thursday, 16 October, from 4.00 to 6.00 pm and 7.00 to 9.00 pm. Parent-Teacher interviews provide an excellent opportunity for teachers to communicate students' strengths and weaknesses in respective subjects, and discuss plans for Term 4.

Booking for ELC interviews can be made directly with your teacher. Online appointments can be made during the term break. Should you have difficulty making online appointments on go2, please telephone the Newlands Office on 9904 6002 between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm or our IT Helpdesk on 9904 6060.

Newlands Report


ELC Art Show

The children and parents who attended the ELC Art Show were greeted by beautiful music performed by the Middle School Girls String Ensemble, Scherzo String Quintet, under the direction of Mrs Rachael Anderson. We thank Emma Yu, Simone Nguyen, Tiffany Le, Michelle Zhang and Courtney Lee for generously giving their time. The Art Show attendees were overwhelmed by their professionalism and talent.

ELC Photographs

Schoolpix School Photographers will be visiting the ELC to take Reception photographs on Tuesday, 14 October, and Pre-Prep photographs on Wednesday, 15 October. Parents may order the photos by filling in the provided envelope and returning it to the ELC, with payment, or by making online orders.

Student Teacher

Newlands ELC welcomes Ms Megan Garside who is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Education course at Monash University. She is presently working with Pre-Prep V students.

Newlands Report


An Evening with John Fleming

Junior School parents would have recently received an invitation to attend an explicit teaching information evening on Wednesday, 29 October, at 6.30 pm in Aikman Hall. Deputy Principal John Fleming will provide an insight into the philosophy and research behind the explicit teaching model at Haileybury. Please reserve seats for this free event. 

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Term 4 Uniform

In Term 4, students are welcome to wear their summer uniform. Blazers are not required to be worn with the Junior School summer uniform. Please remind your child to bring their black, sun smart hat to School for playtimes and outdoor activities.

Huff and Puff

Huff and Puff will resume on Wednesday mornings throughout Term 4. Weather permitting, students are may arrive at School from 8.00 am to run, jog or walk around the Fisher Oval. Parents, siblings and friends are welcome to join in with the fun and fitness of Huff and Puff.

Year 3 Excursion

Students in Year 3 will participate in an excursion to Phillip Island on Tuesday, October 14. Students will be undertaking ranger-led educational programs at Churchill Island Heritage Farm, the Nobbies Centre and the Penguin Parade.

Newlands Report


Year 8 Camp

Year 8 boys will leave for Camp Eildon on Monday, 6 October, and return on Friday, 10 October. The camp will expose students to a range of outdoor activities and better prepare them for the more demanding camps at Pre-Senior level.

ACER Testing

All existing students will sit the ACER test on Monday, 27 October, and Tuesday, 28 October. These tests are used to help staff to effectively support students in areas of literacy and numeracy.

Jane Gibbs

Head of Newlands, Keysborough


Newlands Calendar




Girls Sport

Congratulations to State Open Championship Haileybury Girls team, led by Co-Captains Ally Brammer and Zoe Preston. Team members are Ash Browning, Chloe Hunter, Yasmine Nasser, Bree Warren, Charlotte Jagusch and Taylah Scott.


Girls Sport


The athletics girls are training hard in the lead-up to the APS combined event at Lakeside Stadium on 18 October. Students are encouraged to attend this event and support the girls. Excellent individual and team results at recent events have the Captains Ally and Zoe anticipating a much-improved result from last year's 5th.


After a successful Victorian Interschools Snow Sports Championships, Emma Pollard made the return journey to Perisher to compete at the Australian Interschools. Emma finished 2nd in the Division 2 Girls Cross Country Freestyle before teaming up with brother Hugh and Max Trevena to win the Division 1 Boys Cross Country Relay. 




Maddison Mason competed in the Victorian Cheerleading Championships in the first week of the holidays. Maddison and her team placed 1st and also took out Grand Champions for level 4. She is now looking forward to competing at the Nationals in November. 


Senior girls summer sport training commenced in Term 3 and will continue on Tuesday, 7 October, and Friday, 17 October. 1st team trials will commence on Thursday, 9 October. 1st teams are made up of our best sportswomen from any year level in the School. Students in Middle School who are interested in trialing for 1st softball, volleyball, badminton or tennis should contact their campus Sport Coordinator for further information. Years 7 and 8 girls commence training for their summer sport on Tuesday, 21 October. Please make sure your daughter has all the necessary equipment for her summer sport. Applications to change your summer sport selection will be accepted until Friday, 17 October. 

Sporting rounds for 1st and A teams commence on 8 November, and continue on 15, 22 and 29 November. The 2015 Saturday summer sporting rounds commence on 7 February.

Stefanie Eade and Libby Lewin 

Directors of Girls Sport

Boys Sport

The McDonald's Cup Basketball State Titles tournament determines the Senior Champion Basketball School of Victoria. Haileybury senior boys have qualified for the Victorian Championship match on Sunday, 12 October, against Caulfield Grammar. Our boys have defeated Rowville Sports Academy, Wesley College, Eltham High School and tournament favourites Box Hill Senior Secondary College.


Boys Sport


Congratulations to all our primary-aged students who competed in the APS Zone Finals at the end of Term 3. Many students recorded personal best results and some will progress through to the Eastern Metropolitan Region Primary Track and Field Championships:

Hugo Hall-Kahan – 11 years – High Jump, 1st place and 1500m, 3rd place

Charlie Rogers – 9/10 years – 800m, 3rd place and 1500m, 3rd place

Adam Giannelis – 11 years – Long Jump, 3rd place

Michael Bruno – 11 years – Hurdles, 3rd place.

Our Year 8 rowers have certainly impressed our coaches down on the water in our 'Learn to Row' program. Working enthusiastically together in the quad boats out on the river and refining their techniques on the scull machines inside our rowing sheds, the boys, in their first season, are showing remarkable potential. 


With 32 teams entered, Haileybury came away with two bronze medals and numerous finals appearances. Combined, the Haileybury teams qualified for 17 finals and overall, with the team-based rankings, the boys finished a creditable 4th.

Boys Results

13 finals with two bronze medals:

U/18 Medley Relay: Daniel Hamilton, Sam Leys, Zac Barbour and Jarod Nilsson

Open 4 x 100m: Daniel Beattie, Darren Lam, Oscar Marklund and Bill Cai

U/14 4 x 100m: Samuel Adenawo, Fynn Williams, Fletcher Smith and William Barrie

U/16 Medley Relay: Charlie Chen, Alec Douglas, Kareem Nasser and Matthew Cottrell.

Boys Relay Results 

John Headlam

Director of Middle School Boys Sport

Greg Schneiders

Director of Sport Development – Boys


The Arts

A time to reflect on next year's performance program

A time to reflect on next year's performance program

Now that we have a little time to reflect, teachers in the Performing Arts departments across the School are turning their minds to next year's performance program. 

Haileybury has a cycle of musicals every second year and we are thinking long and hard about what shows will suit, and appeal, to our students.


The Performing Arts

All students at Haileybury have many opportunities throughout their School careers to participate in co-curricular productions. Some students at the senior level have the perception that productions are linked to Performing Arts subjects, but this is not the case. Involvement is merit based and all students can audition for parts in major productions. The intention is that as many people who want a part will be found a role that suits their ability. Being a part of a big show is often a highlight in the memories of past students.

The VCE Units 3&4 Exhibition gives a terrific insight into what is involved in the Art, Media, Technology, and Hospitality courses at Haileybury. It will be held early in Term 4, opening at 4.00 pm on Thursday, 16 October. If you are at all interested in pursuing a course in these areas, it would be a great opportunity to see the completed VCE works and to talk to the students and staff involved.

Stewart Bell

Director of Performing and Visual Arts

Visual Arts



The Haileybury Community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Read more about upcoming events from:

  • HMA
  • Old Haileyburians Association
  • Edrington Parents and Friends
  • Newlands Parents and Friends
  • Before and After School Care Survey



Our next HMA event promises to be a sellout! Our wonderfully patient and dedicated Kelly Baldacchino, Head of Hospitality, has agreed to host a Mexican Tapas Cooking class at Altera Terra, Haileybury Keysborough on Thursday, 9 October, from 6.00 pm. For only $50, and with only 20 places available and very keen interest shown already, please book soon through.

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I hope everyone has enjoyed the break from routine over the past two weeks; although Haileybury certainly has not been closed! With VCE exams fast approaching, our students and teachers have been working very hard. HMA wishes each and every one of you all the very best at your upcoming Graduations, Valedictory celebrations and final examinations.

With many of our talented Haileybury students receiving awards and certificates at this time of the year, don't forget the HMA Achievement Binders. These are a fantastic way to ensure that your child's hard-earned accomplishment awards are retained and remembered forever. The binders sell for $20 and are on display at each campus office and our HMA Uniform Shop. 

Order Form

Along with Term 4 comes the change to summer uniforms. We have many boys' shorts on sale: prices start at $5. This is also a good opportunity to see what your child has outgrown and send them along to the HMA Uniform Shop to sell – a great idea to secure a few dollars for Christmas. Remember to check that the quality of the clothing is of a high standard, which is the standard that our Haileybury community strives for. Uniforms can be left at the Keysborough Senior School and Newlands Offices as well as at our HMA Uniform Shop between 1.00 and 3.45 pm on Fridays and selected Saturdays during School terms. Please ensure the uniforms have a completed HMA Uniform Shop Seller's Form attached.

Order Form

Our HMA Uniform Shop is located through Gate 3, Springvale Road, Keysborough. We are next open on Friday, 10 October and Friday, 17 October, 1.00 till 4.00 pm and Saturday, 18 October, 9.00 till 11.00 am. Volunteers are always warmly welcomed!

Our next HMA meeting features Ms Helen Wadden, Head of Senior Girls. Helen is a dynamic member of our Haileybury community. Not only is she a dedicated teacher but also an inspirational leader for all our students, through her dedication to our Social Justice Program. We look forward to welcoming Helen along to the Barney Allen Centre on Tuesday, 14 October, at 10.00 am. Everyone is welcome – don't hesitate to bring along a Haileybury friend. We look forward to seeing you all then!

Kymme Fujihara

President, HMA

0419 329 731

Old Haileyburians Association


Friday, 10 October, 7.00 pm @ The Deck, 212 Bay St, Brighton

The Old Haileyburians Association's signature women's event Heart to Heart is just around the corner! Heart to Heart aims to celebrate and connect the women of Haileybury – staff members, past students, mothers, sisters and friends!

We are thrilled to be offering Dreamcatcher Candles as gifts for all guests, and to be hosting Guest Speakers Nicole Bradtke and Tash Woodbridge.

Guests will be treated to exquisite cocktails and canapés, and will enjoy live acoustic music throughout the evening at one of Brighton's most stylish venues.

$10 from every ticket will be put towards the Heart to Heart Scholarship Fund.

Book Now

Or contact the OHA office on (03) 9904 6141.

heart to heart 


Join us at the world-class Huntingdale Golf Club – you could even be driving home in a NEW Mercedes Benz! Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Book Now

Or contact the OHA office on (03) 9904 6141.

golf day

Edrington Parents and Friends

I hope you have all enjoyed your break and all those lazy sleep-ins, and are ready for what will be a busy Term 4. The P&F at Edrington have many events on the calendar for the coming term: healthy snacks for ELC Fitness Week; Middle School Movie Night; Junior School Disco; Art Expo; Junior, Middle and Senior School Graduations; Up Day; Christmas Market; the P&F Christmas Break-up Luncheon and Spring Fashion Parade.

Book Now

We are looking forward to the coming weeks and sharing these fun times with the Edrington community.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, 28 October, at 8.45 am in Room SE 1.6, Senior School Edrington 


The Edrington Secondhand Uniform Shop welcomes you to summer!

We have plenty of great-quality items to update your child's uniform – come in and check out our shorts, shirts, dresses and hats.October open times are as follows:

Tuesday, 7 October: 8.30 – 10.00 am

Saturday, 11 October: 10.00 am – 1.30 pm

Tuesday, 14 October: 8.30 – 10.00 am

Tuesday, 21 October: 8.30 – 10.00 am

Tuesday, 28 October: 2.30 – 4.00 pm. 

Please feel free to contact the Secondhand Uniform Shop Coordinator, Caroline Lloyd, on 0412 065 901 with any queries. 

Tanya Blackledge

President, Edrington Parents & Friends

Newlands Parents and Friends

The excitement is building as we prepare for our inaugural HPFN team entry into the Cancer Council's Relay for Life next weekend. Participating alongside our students, Relay for Life promises to be a very special, memorable, entertaining and moving 24 hours.

Bring the whole family, as there will be many activities throughout the 24 hours, including Glow Party Hour, Onesie Hour, Sports Hour, Tug of War and Midnight Madness, just to name a few. There will also be a number of moving ceremonies throughout the weekend, including the Candlelight Ceremony held at 8.00 pm on Saturday, 11 October, where we stop to remember loved ones we have lost to cancer and show support for those who are currently battling cancer.

We encourage our entire Newlands community to be a part of this 24-hour event – show your support for our HPFN and student 'relayers' and get involved!

We are asking families who do come to the event to wear 'a touch of blue' in honor of Mr Casey and his beloved football team. We are edging closer to our target of raising $5,000 in his name. At the time of writing, we have already raised $3,000. Thank you to everyone who has registered and/or donated to our team. It is greatly appreciated. As you can see, we still have a little more to raise, so if you would like to participate on the day or donate, please visit or alternatively, email our HPFN Secretary Beth Grech for further information. Please note, online registrations close TODAY but you may also register on the day.

To help reach our target of $5,000, we have our HPFN Relay for Life Raffle. In addition to our two food and beverage hampers we mentioned in the previous newsletter, we have been fortunate to receive a donation of delicious deli goods from Ivan's Delicatessen in Parkmore, a Cuisinart cooking pot from a friend of the School, and a $100 movie voucher from Ticket Bounty. So make sure you visit the Admin Office or one of your HPFN reps next week to purchase your tickets! They are $2 each or 3 for $5.

We also have our popular Digital Parenting Workshop 'Too Much Too Soon' on this month. As always, we will run the sessions twice: once on Friday, 17 October, and again on Monday, 20 October. This is a free event. To reserve your seat, please visit

HPFN will hold its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 28 October, at 7.00 pm in the Resource Centre. If you would like to be a part of this dynamic and fun committee for 2015, please come along; everyone is welcome. Light refreshments will be provided. Kind regards, Cheryl Coombs President, Newlands Parents & Friends

Cheryl Coombs

President, Newlands Parents and Friends

Before and After School Care Survey

Have your say on Before and After School Care today… 

Does your child attend Before or After School Care? Are you interested in your child attending Before and After School Care? If so, then we want to hear from you.

By completing this short survey, you can help shape the future direction/offerings of Before and After School Care at Haileybury. Haileybury thrives on parent feedback and constantly seeks information to ensure that programs on offer are of a high standard and relevant to the Haileybury community. As well as hearing from current Camp Australia parents on how to improve the existing program, we would like to hear from parents who don't currently enrol their child/ren in Before or After School Care. 

Please complete this short survey; all feedback is welcome.

Click Here

Thank you for your time and efforts to help us improve our services on offer.


2016 Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications - Apply Now

Scholarship Applications - Apply Now

Scholarship applications for entry in 2016 are now open.

Scholarships are available at all campuses.

Academic and Music Scholarships are available to current students entering Years 7 and 10 and are awarded based on a testing and interview process.

Scholarship testing will take place at all campuses on Saturday, 8 November 2014, at 8.30 am.

Applications close Friday, 24 October 2014.


2016 Scholarship Applications

Scholarship testing will take place on Saturday, 8 November 2014, at all campuses. Auditions for Music Scholarships will take place between 27 October and 14 November 2014.

The round involves an examination followed by interviews for selected candidates, with successful candidates notified early in Term 1. A non-refundable fee, currently $100, is charged to students who participate in the Annual Scholarship Round.

To be eligible for an Academic Scholarship at Haileybury the applicant needs to sit the scholarship exam as outlined above.  Also available are Haileybury Foundation Scholarships which are academic based and means tested.  These Haileybury Foundation Scholarships may be of a higher amount than our standard Academic Scholarship.  To be eligible for a Haileybury Foundation Scholarship, the application must include the two latest taxation returns of both parents.

Academic/Music (for entry into Years 5, 7 and 10)

The Academic Scholarship Program for entering Year 5 in 2016 is available to external students only. Years 7 and 10 Academic/Music Scholarships for a 2016 entry are available to both current and external students.

At the discretion of the Principal, a number of Academic/Music Scholarships are awarded to students in Years 4, 6 and 9 for entry into Years 5, 7 and 10 at Berwick, Brighton or Keysborough.

Academic/Music Scholarships are tenable until the student has completed Year 12 and cover the School's tuition fee or a fraction thereof. The Haileybury entrance fee, administrative charge and any levies are still payable. Academic/Music Scholarships are awarded during the Annual Scholarship Round in November each year on the basis of a common examination and interview. The examination is conducted by an independent testing agency. Students applying for an Instrumental Scholarship are also required to audition.

Students applying for a Music Scholarship must be studying at least one instrument at the following minimum AMEB Grade level or equivalent:

Year 7: AMEB Grade 2 for Voice.  AMEB Grade 5 for Pianoforte or Violin.  AMEB Grade 4 for other instruments.

Year 10: AMEB Grade 4 for Voice.  AMEB Grade 6 for Pianoforte or Violin.  AMEB Grade 5 for other instruments.

For audition, students must present:

A piece on their first instrument (accompaniment will be available)

Prepared sight reading (provided a few days before the audition)

Aural Tests (at the AMEB level expected).

Music Scholarships are tenable until the student has completed Year 12 and normally cover the School's tuition fee or a fraction thereof and the whole of the instrumental tuition fee, usually for the principal instrument. The Haileybury entrance fee, administrative charge and any levies are still payable.

A commitment to perform in Haileybury ensembles and/or choirs is an essential condition of holding a Music Scholarship and can be reviewed by the Head of Music at any time.

Parents of students who are recipients of a Music Scholarship are expected to attend performances and become members of the Music Parents Support Group.