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National Curriculum Debate
How Do We Learn?
2016 Scholarship Applications
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From the Principal

From the Principal
Derek Scott


The national curriculum was an initiative of Labor under the Education leadership of Julia Gillard. Liberal Education Minister Christopher Pyne this week released the review of the curriculum.  It supported Minister Pyne's 'back to basics' approach and increased the focus on the core skills of literacy and numeracy. 

Haileybury supports the review's proposed changes.


From the Principal

The then Education Minister Julia Gillard's initiative in proposing a national curriculum framework in 2007 was long overdue and Labor deserves full credit for bringing it to fruition. When Minister Pyne announced that there was to be a review of the national curriculum, many educators felt that this was going to be an ideologically driven initiative. This has not turned out to be the case, and the review findings of Kevin Donnelly and Ken Wiltshire have been generally well received.

We are particularly supportive of the proposed changes to the compulsory English curriculum which include:

An increased focus on phonics and phonic awareness (the sounding out of words) during the early years of reading

More literature from the Western literary canon

Making sure children are more familiar with literary texts as examples of high-quality writing

Possibly creating four strands – speaking and listening, word reading, spelling, and writing – in the early years.

This largely reflects what Haileybury's current practice is. The focus on phonics in particular has been an important part of Haileybury's academic success and the key driver for developing core skills as the cornerstone for the development of creative and analytical thinking.

From the Principal

The issue of an overcrowded primary school curriculum has also been addressed. This is important if we are to develop depth in student thinking rather than just breadth of content.

One of the interesting, more general recommendations was that there should be more research into different teaching methods used by high-performing countries, to influence those used by Australian teachers. One of the benefits of Haileybury's decade-long involvement in China has been that Haileybury School leaders and teachers have been able to see what is effective in a high-performing Chinese environment, evaluate what lessons might be applicable, and adjust teaching methodology in Australia. Similarly, our Chinese partners have learnt from our expertise.

Christopher Pyne described the existing national curriculum introduced by Labor as an excellent document that could be improved. The recommendations from the review are sensible and focused. It is to be hoped that State and Federal education authorities can now work collaboratively on the implementation of the recommendations.

Derek Scott 



How Do We Learn?

How do we learn?

How do we learn?

By Kristy Kendall, Head of Campus Edrington

It is commonly known among educators and parents alike that children all learn in different ways. This kind of thinking has given way to De Bono's Thinking Hats and countless versions of open style curriculums where students have more choice in their learning. What we don't often talk about, however, is how we retain that information for future use.

My four-year-old can have the "best day at school ever" but when asked what he did, he is often unable to recall the information. When teaching Year 12s, I can ask them to reproduce information that we discussed the previous day only to have them ask, "Was I here when we covered that?"

Making content meaningful, and creating multiple connections between concepts and everyday events, is so powerful.

Learning preferences are important but it is essential that we use this information to aid students in retaining information as well, not just in helping them to engage with it.


How Do We Learn?

The human memory is a complex thing: there are so many filters that only a limited amount of information actually reaches a point where a learner is engaging with the material. This is the reason why teachers will never be replaced by online learning. Only a teacher can present information in that special way that engrosses individual students in 20 unique ways; only teachers know the context to get to a student's level and interest base, which is dependent on the mood and environment of that specific time and day. The challenge that follows is that this information now commences its journey to our long-term memory.

This long-term memory, despite all advice given, is only organised by one person – the student. Think of the long-term memory as an enormous interactive filing cabinet. The maths teacher may want the student to file the lesson's work in the 'Geometry' storage folder but instead the student was thinking about how the shapes explored in class resembled the biscuits of the same name and it actually got stored in the 'Snack Food' folder. When the student needs to retrieve the information taught, it is not where it should typically or traditionally be stored. It is not until he retraces his train of thought from the day before that the folder is found.

How Do We Learn?

This is where making content meaningful, and creating multiple connections between concepts and everyday events, is so powerful. It would have been more beneficial if the information was stored in both folders, or it was stored in a multitude of other folders too. If we can store information learnt in a meaningful and multi-connected manner, it enhances our ability to recall the information. It is also important to remember that when storing the information, it must be meaningful to the individual, not the person presenting it.

So, what's the secret? Personal connection. Trying to 'take in' information taught could result in it being stored anywhere; but connect with the information, make up a story or song, do a dance, ask "Is that like when I had a dream about…or when I saw…or visited…?" Connecting the material presented in class with experiences that are already in memory creates an infinite number of additional opportunities for memories to be recovered.

The other secret? When children or adolescents say they don't remember the information, it is actually not about being unable to recall it. If they engaged with the information at some point, it is still there. They just don't know where to access it from. So get organised, work on your filing system consciously and fill those files with life.


2016 Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications - Apply Now

Scholarship Applications - Apply Now

Scholarship applications for entry in 2016 are now open.

Scholarships are available at all campuses.

Academic and Music Scholarships are available to current students entering Years 7 and 10 and are awarded based on a testing and interview process.

Scholarship testing will take place at all campuses on Saturday, 8 November 2014, at 8.30 am.

Applications close Friday, 24 October 2014.


2016 Scholarship Applications

Scholarship testing will take place on Saturday, 8 November 2014, at all campuses. Auditions for Music Scholarships will take place between 27 October and 14 November 2014.

The round involves an examination followed by interviews for selected candidates, with successful candidates notified early in Term 1. A non-refundable fee, currently $100, is charged to students who participate in the Annual Scholarship Round.

To be eligible for an Academic Scholarship at Haileybury the applicant needs to sit the scholarship exam as outlined above.  Also available are Haileybury Foundation Scholarships which are academic based and means tested.  These Haileybury Foundation Scholarships may be of a higher amount than our standard Academic Scholarship.  To be eligible for a Haileybury Foundation Scholarship, the application must include the two latest taxation returns of both parents.

Academic/Music (for entry into Years 5, 7 and 10)

The Academic Scholarship Program for entering Year 5 in 2016 is available to external students only. Years 7 and 10 Academic/Music Scholarships for a 2016 entry are available to both current and external students.

At the discretion of the Principal, a number of Academic/Music Scholarships are awarded to students in Years 4, 6 and 9 for entry into Years 5, 7 and 10 at Berwick, Brighton or Keysborough.

Academic/Music Scholarships are tenable until the student has completed Year 12 and cover the School's tuition fee or a fraction thereof. The Haileybury entrance fee, administrative charge and any levies are still payable. Academic/Music Scholarships are awarded during the Annual Scholarship Round in November each year on the basis of a common examination and interview. The examination is conducted by an independent testing agency. Students applying for an Instrumental Scholarship are also required to audition.

Students applying for a Music Scholarship must be studying at least one instrument at the following minimum AMEB Grade level or equivalent:

Year 7: AMEB Grade 2 for Voice.  AMEB Grade 5 for Pianoforte or Violin.  AMEB Grade 4 for other instruments.

Year 10: AMEB Grade 4 for Voice.  AMEB Grade 6 for Pianoforte or Violin.  AMEB Grade 5 for other instruments.

For audition, students must present:

A piece on their first instrument (accompaniment will be available)

Prepared sight reading (provided a few days before the audition)

Aural Tests (at the AMEB level expected).

Music Scholarships are tenable until the student has completed Year 12 and normally cover the School's tuition fee or a fraction thereof and the whole of the instrumental tuition fee, usually for the principal instrument. The Haileybury entrance fee, administrative charge and any levies are still payable.

A commitment to perform in Haileybury ensembles and/or choirs is an essential condition of holding a Music Scholarship and can be reviewed by the Head of Music at any time.

Parents of students who are recipients of a Music Scholarship are expected to attend performances and become members of the Music Parents Support Group.


Campus Reports

Senior School

Year 12 Graduation days and Valedictory celebrations are next week.


I hope to see many of our families at the upcoming Spring Concert to be held at Aikman Hall on Thursday, 23 October, commencing at 7.00 pm. No tickets are required for this event.


Examination preparation is in full swing across Years 7 and 8. Students have had advice on preparation and organisation, and currently have additional opportunities to receive help from teachers at our Help Desk sessions.


Term 4 has commenced with Newlands' active involvement in the Cancer Council Relay for Life and the BUPA Around the Bay bike ride for cancer research. Both of these fundraising events have been dedicated to the memory of Mr Graeme Casey.


Senior School Report

We have sent out information about the activities for the final days of our academic year; however, here are the major dates:

Our Year 12 boys graduate on Monday, 20 October, and our girls on Tuesday, 21 October; this means that all boys from Years 10-12 come to Keysborough on Monday (there are no Years 10-12 girls at School that day) and all girls from Years 10-12 come to Keysborough on Tuesday (there are no boys from Years 10-12 at School that day).

Year 10 and Unit 2 examinations will be held from 22-31 October. Students return to classes on Wednesday, 5 November, and Year 10 students are on Work Experience placements from 10-14 November. Year 11 students will complete their Units 3&4 examinations and participate in English and Mathematics Programs prior to the commencement of the 2015 academic year. When Year 11 students have completed their Units 3&4 examination/s, they should attend the English and Mathematics Programs. These programs will run from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm on Monday, 10 November, through to Thursday, 13 November, at home campuses. Further details will be available on go2 in the coming weeks.

Year 9 examinations will be held from 27-31 October.

Monday, 3 November, and Tuesday, 4 November, are student-free days.

The 2015 academic year begins on Monday, 17 November.

Congratulations to Alexandra Hilliard (Yr 9 Berwick) who achieved a Bronze Medal in the School Sport Victoria 2014 'Team Vic' 19 years' Golf Team. We have a wonderful golf program at Haileybury under the passionate leadership of Mr Chris Bamford, and it is great to see individual golfers perform so well in state competitions.

As you know, Haileybury offers the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Adventure Club activities. At the end of the year, students are invited to join the Snowy River rafting trip to be held from 8 December, to 17 December 2014. There are 10 places available, so please contact Ms Tamsin Visick on 9213 2314 for further details. Forms are due by October 31.

Finally, as a general rule, Haileybury discourages the giving of gifts to teachers by parents. If you would like to give a gift to a teacher, it should not exceed $50 in value. We do appreciate the thoughtfulness of parents who write a note of thanks to acknowledge the work of staff, and I am always delighted to be able to pass on to the Principal your words of praise for our wonderful teachers.

Pam Chamberlain

Vice Principal & Head of Senior School


Senior School Calendar



Castlefield Report

Last Tuesday, parents had an opportunity to meet with teachers and gain an update on their daughter's or son's progress this year. I can report that many constructive comments were made, as teachers continue to change and modify programs to assist individual needs while moving towards the year's final assessments. I wish to thank teachers and parents for the positive dialogue during the year. While these may be the last official Parent-Teacher Interviews for the year, the School encourages parents to contact us, at any point, should you wish to discuss progress or if you have a concern or issue. Parent Interviews can be made at any time on request.

I commend the work of our grounds staff, Mr Jim Damm and Mr Dave Haynes, led by Mr Gabe Di Martino. Significant grounds work, including gardening, took place over the holiday break. I think you would agree with me that our School looks wonderful.

The Brighton Carnival is fast approaching. A small committee of parents, under the drive of Mrs Di Domann, has been busy organising this exciting, action-packed and dynamic School community event, to be held in the grounds of the Brighton Campus on Friday, 14 November. All students from Reception to Year 12 are most welcome to attend and, of course, all parents and friends are very welcome. We have organised rides and games, food, competitions and live music. Flyers are posted around the School; please keep your eyes peeled for more information. I would be happy to receive prizes or sponsorship for the Carnival, so, if your business is able to assist, we would be delighted to speak with you. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Early this term we will see our Year 12 class of 2014 graduate and leave our School. On Friday morning we farewelled our graduating class of Year 12 from Brighton. A special assembly marked this event. As a School and as a staff, it is with tremendous pride that we chart and contribute to the growth and development of our students, taking ownership for their achievements, success and accomplishments. We are excited at being given the chance to help celebrate the graduates' lives at Haileybury.

On the morning of Tuesday, 11 November, we will be commemorating Remembrance Day. This School ceremony will involve all students from our campus and I would be pleased to see as many parents present as possible. A special invitation will make its way home in the coming weeks.

Monday, 3 November, is a student-free day. Therefore, students will not be required at School on this day. Of course, Tuesday, 4 November, is the Melbourne Cup holiday.

Castlefield Report


Being Sun Smart

The warm weather is approaching and children in the ELC have been discussing the importance of being sun smart. Wearing hats to protect their eyes from the sun and applying sunscreen before outdoor play have been regular points of discussion. From the beginning of Term 4 and in conjunction with our sun smart policy, children are required to wear hats during outdoor play and have sunscreen applied when the UV is over 3. We encourage families to visit our sunscreen station at each sign-in area upon arrival, to check the UV rating for the day and apply sunscreen. Please also return any hats that have been taken home for washing over the holidays. 

Drinking a full bottle of water each day will be encouraged and the importance discussed with children for a healthy body and healthy mind.

Castlefield Report


Warmer Weather

Monday, 20 October, sees the choice between summer and winter uniform come to a close. It is time to pack away the blazer as it is not required with the summer uniform in Junior School. The students are returning to the routine of wearing their School sunhat in order to play outside and for Physical Education classes. Please ensure hats are clearly named so if they are left lying about the playground, they can be returned to the rightful owner. We encourage parents to pack sunscreen in bags if needed. Teachers do not apply or supply sunscreen but we can certainly remind students to do so. Water bottles should be included in the School bag to ensure healthy hydrated brains for learning.


The Junior School House Athletics will be held on Tuesday, 28 October, at 2.00 pm. We encourage parents to come along for the afternoon. Students are required to wear their Physical Education uniform. Prep students will require a House-coloured top with black shorts or tracksuit pants.


Ten of our Year 4 students that make up the Haileybury Hurricanes Hoop Time team will be competing in the Future Stars Regional Finals on Thursday, 30 October. We wish them all the very best.

iPad Information Evening

We are excited by the announcement that iPads will continue to be included in the Junior School program for 2015. An information evening is scheduled for Castlefield on Thursday, 20 November, at 7.00 pm. Senior Vice Principal Craig Glass and Dean of Learning Technology Nikos Bogiannidis will host the event.

Castlefield Report


House Sport

On Tuesday, 21 October, during normal sports training times, Years 7 and 8 boys will be participating in House sport activities at Castlefield, while Years 7 and 8 girls participate in sport activities at Keysborough. This coincides with the completion of the spring sports season.

ACER Testing

All students will be sitting internal ACER tests from Monday, 27, to Wednesday, 29 October. These tests provide vital data that allows teaching staff to identify areas of strength and weakness for individual students, and to further future individualised learning opportunities. The tests will be conducted during normal teaching lessons.

Year 5 Boys

All Year 5 boys at Castlefield will be participating in a sex education lesson on Wednesday, 29 October. This session is facilitated by an external provider and represents an important and timely component of our Personal Excellence Program.

Scott Doran

Head of Castlefield, Brighton


Castlefield Calendar



Edrington Report

Over the next few weeks, all of our students will be involved in ACER testing across a range of disciplines. ACER testing is conducted annually for all students in Year 1 to Year 8 and includes all current students, and those who will be new to Haileybury Junior and Middle Schools in 2015. ACER testing provides an additional piece of data for us to map each student's performance over time. This data is mapped against internal assessment and other external assessment measures, such as NAPLAN, so that we have a full and complete picture of your student's growth and development at Haileybury.

Following this, our Years 7 and 8 students will complete their end-of-year examinations. These examinations provide valuable experience for our students and teach them many lessons including the difference between homework and study, how to study effectively, how to answer examination questions, and how to use preparation to their advantage across the school year.

We welcome parents to get involved in their child's revision programs and to ask them questions about their study timetable, preparation and subsequent performance so as we can continue to support them to grow in the next academic year.

A reminder to any families who offered to sew a patchwork quilt square for the Art Exhibition – these should now be returned to the Main Administration Office so that they may be sewn together before the upcoming Art Exhibition on Thursday, 6 November.

Edrington Report


ELC Fitness Fanatics Week

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity." John Fitzgerald Kennedy

The ELC Fitness Fanatics Week was held between Monday, 13 October, and Friday, 17 October. The focus of the week was to promote healthy habits in young children. These habits include both eating healthy foods and participating in a range of sports and physical activities. The week started with a 'Fitnessworx' incursion including dance, circus skills and boot camp. The Edrington Parents & Friends provided fruit kebabs and smoothies. Each child took home the recipe to make and enjoy with their families. The Athletics Day proved a great community event with many families in attendance. The children demonstrated a range of skills as they rotated through a series of activities and were presented with a trophy for their participation. The week concluded with a tennis and soccer incursion both sparking new interests and skills in many children.

Edrington Report


2015 Classes

As we look towards 2015 and transitioning the students into their new classes, we ask that families refrain from making any teacher or student requests. Please trust that the teaching staff know your child well and will place them in a class that allows them to best prosper academically, socially and emotionally. If there are any extenuating circumstances that you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Junior School, Ms Melissa Schoorman, directly.

ACER Testing

ACER testing in reading, spelling and mathematics is a yearly evaluation and assessment used by Haileybury to track our students' progress from one year to the next. On Monday, 27, and Tuesday, 28 October, Junior School students will participate in this testing in their homerooms. This will be administered by their homeroom teachers and will take approximately 40 minutes per test. If you have any questions about the assessments, please feel free to ask your homeroom teacher.

Junior School Athletics

Day On Friday, 24 October, the Junior School will hold its annual Athletics Day. The students can wear their sports uniform to and from School on this day. We invite families to join us for this event on the front oval. Races will begin at 1.45 pm.

Edrington Report


It was interesting to hear Jo Lange address the wider School community on the topics of Resilience, Independence and Self-Esteem this week in John Twist Hall. All three topics are vital aspects that contribute to an individual's journey through their schooling years. The main themes for the evening:

1. Enhance an individual's self-esteem by allowing children to 'do well' for themselves rather than 'feel good' about themselves; this involves letting children absorb experiences, both negative and positive.

2. Loss or disappointment is the default position of the majority of individuals in regards to things like awards, prizes and winning. Children should be made aware of this wider concept to use as a coping strategy when dealing with disappointments later in life.

3. When dealing with problems or issues, parents/teachers can build resilience in individuals by acknowledging their feelings and moving both themselves and the child on quickly.

Semester 2 Examinations

As the Semester 2 exam period draws near, a reminder that Help Desk is available to all Middle School students. Staff will be available each Wednesday from 4.00 to 4.30 pm in the library and each Thursday during lunchtime in Science Lab 1. All Middle School students are welcome to avail themselves of this extra support. During revision week, Help Desk will run each afternoon in the library.

The Middle School exam schedule is as follows:

TimeBefore RecessAfter RecessAfter Lunch
Monday, 10 NovEnglish (7/8)History (7/8) 
Tuesday, 11 NovScience (7/8)Japanese 8
French 7
Wednesday, 12 NovMathematics (7/8)French 8
Japanese 7
Thursday, 13 NovNormal classes and Hand back

Normal classes and Hand back

Normal classes and Hand back
Friday, 14 NovNormal classes and Hand backNormal classes and Hand backNormal classes and Hand back

Movie Night

The Middle School Social Justice Captains are hosting a Middle School Movie Night on Friday, 24 October, in John Twist Hall. Students are asked to give a small donation as an entry fee, and all entry fees are being donated to our Social Justice Initiatives, Youth Beyond Blue and One Girl. Students are reminded to return their voting forms to determine which movie will be viewed on the night. Thank you to the Edrington Parents & Friends who will be organising popcorn and snacks for sale for students to enjoy while watching the movie.

Kristy Kendall

Head of Edrington, Berwick


Edrington Calendar



Newlands Report

Gifts Policy

For the information of the Haileybury community, our Gifts Policy is attached. 

House Swimming

This term, students will compete in the Newlands House Swimming Competition. Students in Years 7 and 8 will compete at the Grenda Aquatic Centre on Tuesday, 21 October, during their House Sport time. Years 7 and 8 girls compete from 9.30 to 11.00 am and Years 7 and 8 boys from 11.15 am to 12.45 pm.

The Years 5 and 6 House Swimming event will take place on Friday, 24 October, at the Grenda Aquatic Centre from 2.00 to 3.30 pm.

Parents are welcome to sit in the balcony of the Aquatic Centre and watch these Newlands House events.

ACER testing

All existing students will sit the ACER test on Monday, 27 October, and Tuesday, 28 October.These tests are used to help staff to effectively support students in areas of literacy and numeracy.

Newlands Report


Children's Week Teddy Bear's Picnic

The ELC children are looking forward to celebrating Children's Week with a Teddy Bear's Picnic at the ELC on Tuesday, 21 October. The children are invited to bring their treasured teddy bears from home to share their day. They will be involved in making their own special morning tea to share with their teddy bears.

Tea Towel Fundraiser

Newlands ELC children are preparing drawings of themselves and staff members. These drawings will be arranged into a commemorative design and printed onto high-quality white tea towels. All monies raised will be directed towards the ELC Social Justice recipient for 2014, Edgar's Mission. Tea towels may be ordered using an order form available at the ELC.

Newlands Report


An Evening with John Fleming

Junior School parents would have recently received an invitation to attend an explicit teaching information evening on Wednesday, 29 October, at 6.30 pm in Aikman Hall. Deputy Principal John Fleming will provide an insight into the philosophy and research behind the explicit teaching model at Haileybury. Please reserve seats to this free event.

Book Now

Middle School 2015 Information Evening

To assist with the critical transition of students into Middle School, Year 4 parents are invited to attend the Middle School 2015 Information Evening. It will be held at 7.00 pm on Monday, 27 October, in Berthon Hall. A panel of speakers will present important information related to our Middle School Program.

Junior School Athletics

Junior School Athletics will be held on the afternoon of Friday, 31 October. This is an exciting event for our Junior School students, as they each participate in a range of races and activities for their House. Parents are welcome to attend to cheer on the Junior School students. Further information will be sent home via student diaries.

Prep Transition Program

Our 2015 Prep students will commence their Prep Transition Program on Thursday, 6 November. Both students from Pre-Prep and new students to Haileybury will have the opportunity to visit our current Prep classrooms. 

Operation Christmas Child

Thank you to the many families who have already contributed towards the Operation Christmas Child initiative. Any further Christmas boxes would be warmly welcomed. Please see Mr Grenville Green or Ms Jo Lovell if you have any questions.

Newlands Report


Year 8 Performance

Year 9 students will be performing in Berthon Hall on Wednesday, 22 October, from 6.30 – 8.30 pm. The Haileybury Drama Department would like to invite parents and friends to attend.

Science Talent Search

Middle School students, Larshieegah Senthilmohan, Ashleigh Strauss, Lawrence Pawar and Rishi Madiraju have been awarded bursaries sponsored by a number of institutions. These students will attend the Presentation Day on Monday, 27 October, held at La Trobe University, Bundoora. Over 800 winning students will be present to display and explain their entries and to receive their bursary cheques at special presentation ceremonies.

Jane Gibbs

Head of Newlands, Keysborough


Newlands Calendar




Girls Sport

Congratulations to Millie Pullyblank who attended the Water Polo 16 & Under National Girls Club Championship and scored the highest number of goals for the tournament with 42.


Girls Sport


After a successful final lead-up meet at Lakeside Stadium, the Hearts are fired up and ready to tackle the APS Combined Meet tomorrow morning. Events start at 9.00 am and students wearing uniform will be admitted without charge. The girls, particularly the Middle School athletes, have recorded some excellent performances in recent weeks and we are optimistic of achieving the best outcome of recent years.


The 1st Girls met Wesley in the final round of the season, reversing the result of their first-round encounter with a 5-2 victory. The win secured 3rd place on the ladder for the Hearts.


Alex was a member of the School Sport Victoria 2014 'Team Vic' Golf Team, which competed at the School Sport Australia National Championships in August. Alex qualified for State Selection through a high-placed finish at the Golf Victoria Schools Championship at the Metropolitan Golf Club in April. Playing at the number 2 position, Alex had a very good championship and made a valuable contribution to the team. Alex achieved a Bronze Medal as a team member in the School Sport Australia match-play competition, a Bronze Medal as a team member in the School Sport Australia stroke-play competition, and her team won the David Bottroff Southern Shield, the School Sport Australia competition between the southern states.

Stefanie Eade and Libby Lewin

Directors of Girls Sport

Boys Sport

Haileybury's 8A Water Polo team has gone through the spring season undefeated and were named Champion Team for 2014 last Saturday.


Boys Sport


With a stirring final-quarter comeback, Haileybury has taken out the 2014 McDonald's Champion School of Victoria Tournament for Senior Boys. It is the first time Haileybury has won the Victorian Basketball Championship, and they become just the fourth school to win the Senior Boys' title since 2003.

It was an outstanding performance under pressure from a team that finished ahead of just one school in the APS competition this year. Following a loss in the McDonald's Cup Top 10 knockout stage, Haileybury entered the Elite 8 stage on the back of a wildcard when Whitefriars College was unable to take their place in the tournament. The team capitalised on a great day and qualified for the championship match after beating Rowville Sports Academy, Wesley College and then Eltham High School in the Final 4 match.

Despite numerous setbacks throughout the year, the team will continue their Cinderella story by progressing to the Australian Schools Championship, to be held in Canberra in December. This tournament sees the champions of each state compete for the National Title under the watchful eyes of the AIS and Australian coaches as well as US college recruiters. Utah Jazz's Dante Exum dominated this tournament last year for Lake Ginninderra College before being the fifth player taken in the NBA Draft in June. This is a great opportunity for our players to be seen on the national stage and they thank everyone for their continued support as they try to extend this run just a little bit further.


The spring water polo season has finished for 2014. The 1st team successfully completed the year with a number of solid games. This team will only lose a couple of senior players and this will provide a strong base for development in future years. The 2nds and 10A teams both had successful seasons, with many wins. In the Middle School, both the Years 7A and 8A Water Polo teams had very successful seasons with the 8A team completing the season as undefeated champions while the 7A team was undefeated right up to the last round.

It is with great anticipation that we wait for the APS Combined Athletics finals. Saturday, 18 October, at Lakeside Stadium, will provide the final occasion for our Year 12 boys to compete for Haileybury in one of the traditional and most highly regarded events in the sporting year. Haileybury has an outstanding record in athletics, producing a high number of brilliant runners, jumpers and throwers. Season 2014 should be no exception, fielding a first-class team of Years 7-12 boys.

John Headlam

Director of Middle School Boys Sport

Greg Schneiders

Director of Sport Development – Boys


The Arts

Artwork from the VCE Exhibition

Artwork from the VCE Exhibition

The past two weeks have seen a frenzy of rehearsals for the VCE performance examinations. The gallery area has seen a lot of repainting and mounting in anticipation of the VCE Exhibition.

Music has been our prime focus as we are an examination centre for the Keysborough area.

I have been staggered at the complexity of the preparations for these performances, as individuals are assessed in group presentations.


Performing Arts

Our percussionists have created particular logistical issues with one very capable musician, Sol Dasika, performing a piece featuring 12 kettle drums, each individually tuned. From this he moved to a myriad of other instruments, such as vibes, as he worked through a range of styles from classical to jazz. The stage was literally covered in instruments. Each student has 20 minutes to play their selection so the change of instruments and instrumentalists must be rehearsed and as smooth as possible. On the past two Sundays, I saw our students being supported by at least four specialist Music staff who each gave feedback on their area of expertise. It is not surprising that we produce musicians of such quality considering this level of support from both their peers and staff.

Our dancers were also assessed in the first week. I saw their last rehearsal and was particularly impressed by the work of Freddie Chen, one of our Chinese students, who only took up the subject this year.

Most of you who saw the Tattoo will remember Freddie as the very flexible dancer in the opening number. He has continued to grow as a performer, and his two original pieces were highly skilled and emotively presented.

Stewart Bell

Director of Performing and Visual Arts



At the recent conference of the Australian Double Reed Society, Joseph Tey, Year 7 oboist from Newlands, performed for the delegates. He was thrilled to be placed 2nd in the Junior Competition and to be awarded an Honourable Mention in the Intermediate Section. Joseph played two cheeky pieces, Dance for a Gnome and Variations on a Theme by Powning. He played with an excellent sense of rhythm, style and considerable poise for a young performer. 


On Thursday, 23 October, Aikman Hall will be buzzing with the excited sounds of the Middle School combined ensembles as they perform for their parents and friends. Under the guidance of their teachers, they are to present a varied program of musical items representing many styles. For some of these students, it will be their first concert experience.

The whole School community is welcome to join us to appreciate the efforts of our young musicians. Enjoy some refreshments outside Aikman Hall from 6.30 pm with the sounds of our Middle School Jazz Combos. The rest of the concert will be inside Aikman Hall, concluding at 8.15 pm.

Amanda Rowarth

Head of Music

Visual Arts

The VCE Exhibition opened last night and we had an excellent crowd of parents, friends and staff to view the work of our students. Please take the time to look at some of the images of the diverse artwork on show.

Bruce Norton

Head of Visual Arts


The Haileybury Community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Read more about upcoming events from:


Old Haileyburians Association

The Haileybury Foundation

Edrington Parents and Friends

Newlands Parents and Friends

Learn to Swim and Squad Program



mex night 

Our HMA Mexican Tapas Cooking Class was just sensational...good food, good company and expert tuition were the highlights of the night. Ms Kelly Baldacchino and the Haileybury Hospitality team provided us with an amazing experience. In the words of one of our participants: "Congratulations to the staff who not only oversaw the kitchen when we were distracted with chat as we ate our way through the delicious tapas meal. The best part was they magically cleared away the mess! I met with parents from different campuses and now I have an insider's list of the best pho and yum cha in Springvale! This list is gold. New friends exchanged phone numbers and a promise to lunch together in the future." All this was at Haileybury's very own Altera Terra; so make sure you come along to our next fun event.

The HMA/Haileybury Institute are thrilled to present 'An Evening with John Fleming' and the School Executive on Wednesday, 29 October, at 6.30 pm. Deputy Principal Fleming is Australia's leading expert on Explicit Teaching. Mr Fleming will give a 40-minute presentation, which will then be followed by informal drinks with Principal Derek Scott and his team. This is a free event.

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HMA recently donated $2,000 to the Newlands Girls Middle School Science Department to purchase a Van De Graaf generator and fill the shelves of the newly appointed Science laboratories. HMA is always thrilled to assist our Haileybury community in this way.


Our next HMA meeting is scheduled for 11 November, at 10.00 am in the Barney Allen Centre, Senior School, Keysborough Campus (please enter through Gate one and central reception). Our guest speaker will be our Senior Vice Principal (Education), Craig Glass. Mr Glass's primary areas of responsibility are the oversight of the education program at each campus. We are most fortunate to have such a highly experienced educationalist leading our teachers. Bring a Haileybury friend along and learn more about our School's cutting edge programs.

Our HMA Uniform Shop has been in high demand lately. We are open every Friday during the school term, 1.00 till 4.00 pm, and every first and third Saturday, 9.00 till 11.00 am. So yes, we are open this Saturday, 18 October! See you there for excellent pre-loved Haileybury uniforms!

Enjoy the busy graduation season.

Kymme Fujihara

President, HMA

0419 329 731

Old Haileyburians Association


OHA Golf Day

Join us at the world-class Huntingdale Golf Club – you could even be driving home in a NEW Mercedes Benz!

Sponsorship opportunities are available.

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Alternatively contact the OHA Office on (03) 9904 6141. 

golf day 

OHA Current and Past Parents Cocktail party

The OHA is again delighted to be able to welcome current and past parents into our community. In 2015, we will once again be conducting our extremely successful Parents Cocktail Party at Keysborough. The date for this event is Wednesday, 4 March 2015.

The objective of the event is to welcome current and former (particularly those who have just had sons or daughters graduate) parents into the OHA community and provide you with some information as to the activities and services that we provide our former students (and parents).

There is no charge to attend the event; however, bookings are essential and will be taken through early in 2015.



Class of 64 Reunion & Brian 'Weary' Clark Club Luncheon

On 10 October, the Class of 1964 returned to Castlefield for their 50-Year Reunion, before heading to lunch at Milano's in Brighton to officially be inducted into the Brian 'Weary' Clark Club.

OHA 1 


On 10 October, the women of Haileybury came together at the inaugural Heart2Heart function at The Deck in Brighton. Guests were treated to a stylish evening and heard from inspirational guest speakers Nicole Bradtke and Natasha Woodbridge.


Haileybury Foundation


The mission of the Haileybury Foundation is to financially support the School and to give those less fortunate the opportunity to attend the School.

The Board

Mr Neil Sutcliffe – Chairman

Mr Tom Poulton – Board Member

Mr Darren Scammell – Board Member

Mr Duncan Sutherland – Board Member

Mr Derek Scott – Advisor

Mr Scott Doran – Advisor

The Foundation asks for the support of the greater Haileybury community by pledging a commitment to help consolidate Haileybury's position as one of Australia's great schools, as well as helping to achieve our vision of being recognised as a great world school.

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For further information or to make a donation, please contact Russell Davidson, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, on +61 3 9904 6140.

Your Foundation Team

Edrington Parents and Friends

What a start to the term: our bi-annual community Spring Fashion Parade was last night, and a fun filled night was had by all! It was great to see so many in attendance, helping to support our local community. A big thank you to all our sponsors, staff, raffle donors, and members of our Edrington community who made this fantastic night possible.


The wait is over; this year's Junior School Disco is here! It will be a spook-tacular night as we call all ghouls, goblins and witches to join us in a Halloween celebration. Please see disco notice for further details.


Tuesday, 28 October, 8.45 am – Room SE 1.6, Senior School Berwick


The Secondhand Uniform Shop at Edrington is having a mammoth SALE!

Next Tuesday, 21 October, from 8.30 – 10.00 am and 2.30 – 4.30 pm, in Multipurpose Room 1 (just next to the Uniform Shop) we are selling our excess items for massively reduced prices – more than 50% off our regular prices!  

Don't miss out; this is a one-off event – an opportunity not to be missed!! 

October open times are as follows:

Tuesday, 21 October – 8.30 to 10.00 am and 2.30 to 4.30 pm

Tuesday, 28 October – 2.30 to 4.00 pm.

Please feel free to contact the Secondhand Uniform Shop Coordinator, Caroline Lloyd, on 0412 065 901 with any queries. 

Tanya Blackledge

President, Edrington Parents & Friends

Castlefield Parents and Friends

The HPFC and our dynamic Carnival Committee have been working consistently since last term to put together a Carnival for this year that will be bigger and better than ever. Ride bands, which will allow unlimited rides, will be available via try booking from Monday.

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Or you can go to and click 'Buy tickets', then type 'Castlefield Carnival' or download the order form on go2

Nicole Piastri 

President, Castlefield Parents and Friends

Newlands Parents and Friends

The HPFN Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 28 October, at 7.00 pm in the Newlands Resource Centre. If you would like to be a part of this dynamic committee for 2015, please complete a Nomination Form which is available from the Newlands Administration Office. Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM. Light refreshments will be provided.

The final Digital Parenting Coffee Bytes workshop for 2014, 'Too Much Too Soon', will be held on Thursday, 30 October. A morning session and evening session are available to interested parents. This is a free event. Please reserve your seat.

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Last weekend was awash with purple and yellow (and a touch of blue) for the Cancer Council's annual Relay for Life. It was great to see so many Newlands students and families supporting such a wonderful event. Thank you to the many parents who assisted throughout the day and night. Thank you also to the many generous families and organisations who donated goods and/or services to our raffle. Congratulations to our raffle winners and lucky jar winners who have been notified. We hope you enjoy your prizes. At the time of writing, the HPFN Relay for Life team has raised in excess of $6,840, which will go towards the Cancer Council's research, prevention and support services.

Cheryl Coombs

President, Newlands Parents & Friends

Learn to Swim and Squad Program