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VCE Examinations 2014
Term 1A
Haileybury in Concert


From the Principal

From the Principal
Derek Scott


The VCE examinations will be completed next week and students at Haileybury have sat exams in 53 different subjects. More than 2,000 examination papers have been done. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority have once again done an excellent job in the preparation of the examinations.

Haileybury teachers have been very pleased with the quality and fairness of the papers.


From the Principal

Each year Haileybury teachers from all departments are involved in the marking process of the VCE papers. This year more than 30 teachers will be involved. The marking process is arduous because it has to be done thoroughly and quickly but it is the best form of professional development for VCE teachers. Haileybury provides more assessors than any other school in the state, and this feeds back into the delivery in the classroom.

The VCE marking process is very fair with many checks along the way. It is rare that an individual student result in a subject is felt to be aberrant from expectations. On the occasions when this does happen, there is a process for having a further check. We have every confidence in the processes of VCE examinations and assessments. As the examinations finish, Term 1A of the 2015 academic year will have started for all students from Years 8 to 12. Haileybury strongly believes that we should maximise the time spent on the academic program and Haileybury's Term 1A still leads the state with regard to this.

Derek Scott



Campus Reports

Senior School

The academic year for 2015 begins on Monday, 17 November, and provides a head-start for Senior students to commence their Year 10 and VCE studies.


Yesterday we graduated our Year 8 class to the Pre-Senior Program in Senior School. We are proud of the students and their achievements, their vibrancy and their willingness to contribute. We wish them well.


Term 1A begins on Monday as our Year 7 students move into Year 8, and our Year 8 students transition to Pre-Senior School.


Congratulations to all Year 8 students who graduated from Middle School this week. Their focus on Social Justice, School culture and academic rigour has been exemplary.


Senior School Report

On Tuesday, 18 November, we will induct the Student Leaders for 2015. All the House Vice-Captains, Prefects and School Captains will be inducted as well as our School Colour Bearers. The idea of a group's 'colour' is based on the military's use of flags that were often the soldiers' only guide – a way of knowing if they were where they were supposed to be – when the thick smoke from cannon and muskets obscured the combatants on the battlefield. A unit's 'colour' was also used for identification purposes and served as a means of inspiring morale within the group. Haileybury's Colour Bearers are chosen from the group of students who have attended Haileybury since Prep and therefore have known no other school but Haileybury. Historically, the task of bearer demanded physical strength, because holding aloft a large, heavy banner and keeping it visible through battle smoke demanded this; nowadays, we chose our Bearers for the strength of their character and commitment to the School. Haileybury College Colour Bearer for 2015 is Jack MacLean (DI) and Haileybury Girls College Colour Bearer is Katelyn Pocock (ED). This assembly will be a wonderful way to begin our new academic year as we look back to past traditions of passing the Schools' Colours from student to student and forward as we set our new goals for 2015.

Congratulations to Alessi Teubler (Yr 12 LY) who has been awarded her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Alessi demonstrated 12 months of commitment to soccer, driving and library work as well as participating in a hiking 'adventurous journey' in Ecuador and a construction project in the Galapagos Islands to achieve this distinguished award.

Best wishes to Alexandra Hilliard (Yr 9 Berwick) who has qualified to play in the 2014 Victorian Women's Champion of Champions competition. We hope she has a successful tournament.

I am looking forward to the start of our 2015 academic year on Monday, 17 November. Best wishes especially to our Pre-Seniors; I hope all our Year 9 students have a happy and successful time in the Senior School. We rely very much on our parents and guardians to ensure that we know where our students are during the School day. Please remember to let us know if your son/daughter is going to be absent. Our absence lines have had some changes and are noted below:

Berwick (Years 9 – 12) 9904 6907 or email

Brighton (Years 9 – 12) 8599 3455 or

Keysborough (Year 9 – 12 GIRLS) 9904 6903 or

Keysborough (Years 9 – 12 BOYS) 9904 6908 or

Pam Chamberlain

Vice Principal & Head of Senior School


Senior School Calendar



Castlefield Report

On Tuesday, 25 November, all students entering Years 1 to 7 in 2014 are involved in Up Day. On this day, students who are currently at the School and children who will join us next year practise being in the next year level. Students meet new teachers, go to new classrooms and are involved in classes for the following year. All students are invited to come in casual clothes. Some new staff members will be able to join us for the day but please be aware that staffing arrangements for this day will not necessarily reflect the final staffing profile for 2015. Our students look forward to this day.

Speech Night is fast approaching. This is a very special night and I extend an invitation to all parents and friends of students from Years 5 to 8 to attend, as we celebrate the many achievements of students throughout 2014 in the many facets of School life at Haileybury. Our Speech Night will be held in Aikman Hall at Keysborough on Monday, 1 December, and all students from Years 5 to 8 are expected to attend and must wear their full winter School uniform. Speech Night commences at 7.00 pm sharp. Parents are expected to wear lounge suits.

Castlefield Report


Art from the Heart

What a fabulous evening this was! As a first-time event, it could not have been better. The calibre of children's art and the meaningful way that it was displayed all gave the children's work the respect it deserves. Every day children engage in some form of art, as a means of communication and for pleasure. It is an avenue through which children can explore emotion and extend their learning in a visual way as they continue to acquire verbal ways of expressing thought. The Pipes & Drums added a formality to the evening, and Genevieve Doran and Alice McDonald entertained with a selection of songs. Max Hewitt provided a lovely ambiance to the exhibition as he played the guitar in the ELC foyer. A big thank you to the staff and parents who contributed over $1,100 dollars to the Haileybury Foundation – this contribution will go some way to assist with a scholarship to a future Haileyburian.

This was such a well-attended event and the way the families embraced this evening has certainly meant it will become an annual ELC event.

Castlefield Report



Booklists are now available online. Please note that orders must be completed by Friday, 5 December.

Presentation Assembly

Our Term 4 Presentation Assembly is being held on Wednesday, 26 November, at 2.45 pm in Dickinson Hall. This is a special event where the Years 3 and 4 Academic Awards are presented. We invite parents of our Years 3 and 4 students to attend.

Christmas Assembly

Preparations are underway for our Christmas Assembly, which is being held on Wednesday, 3 December, at 2.30 pm in Dickinson Hall. We encourage parents to attend and join the festivities of this event.

JS Athletics

Our previously postponed athletics are due to take place on Tuesday, 2 December, at 2.00 pm. Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us. We welcome parents to join us in supporting the students as they participate in the activities.

Castlefield Report


Term 1A

Students will begin their Term 1A classes on Monday, 17 November. This affects current Year 7 students, who will move into their Year 8 Homeroom and class groups, and the graduating Year 8 students. Please remember that graduating Year 8 students begin their Pre-Senior classes on Monday morning, so should go directly to the Pre-Senior Centre for Homeroom at 8.30 am.

Learn to Row

Boys and girls who are currently in Year 7 will participate in a Learn to Row session during the week beginning Monday, 17 November.

Bike Education

Congratulations to the Year 5 students who have completed their Bike Education course. The Year 6 students will begin this course on Monday, 17 November.

Presentation Assemblies

Thursday, 20 November, will be a presentation assembly for students in Years 5 and 6. All Colours and Merits will be awarded at this assembly (excluding Term 4 Sport). Thursday, 27 November, will be a presentation assembly for students currently in Years 7 and 8. Year 8 will return from Pre-Senior for that assembly. All Colours and Merits will be awarded at this assembly.

Scott Doran

Head of Castlefield, Brighton


Castlefield Calendar



Edrington Report

On Monday we transition to Term 1A. All students from Year 7 to Year 11 move into the 2015 academic year. The early commencement program has been an important feature of our academic program. It not only ensures we are maximising the learning for students all year round but also sees our students obtain a head-start on the 2015 studies to ensure better preparation for the year ahead.

All Edrington students from Pre-Prep to Year 6 will get to experience an early transition to their 2015 year on Up Day. Tuesday, 25 November, is a special day where students come in casual dress and spend time in their 2015 classes, with their 2015 teachers. There are lots of transition activities planned and new students to the School will join their classes as well. The Edrington P&F will be hosting morning coffee and tea in the Library for all parents who would like to join them on the day.

I look forward to celebrating the end of the year with you at our upcoming ELC and Junior School Concerts over the next fortnight.

Edrington Report



Preparations are underway for the annual ELC Concert, being held on Wednesday, 26 November, at 9.00 am for Reception, and Friday, 28 November, at 9.00 am for Pre-Prep, both in John Twist Hall. The children have helped teachers to select the items for the concert and rehearsals have begun. The children are showing great enthusiasm at the prospect of performing once again in front of an audience. It is so pleasing to see those children that in the past were more reserved brimming with confidence, engaged and motivated to succeed. Invitations will go home this week outlining the details of the concert for your child's class.


The ELC Orientation will be this Saturday, from 9.30 to 11.00 am. All new and current Reception families are invited to attend as this is a lovely way for the children to spend time in their new class, meet their teachers and play alongside new friends. It is also a time for parents to meet and mingle, to welcome new families and begin to establish connections.

Edrington Report


Whole School Junior String Recital

Students involved in the String Program at Haileybury have been busy refining their skills for the annual Whole School Junior String Recital, which will take place in Aikman Hall Keysborough next Tuesday, 18 November. The recital will involve students from all three campuses and showcase the year's work. The recital will commence at 4.30 pm and will conclude by 5.30 pm. We extend an invitation to all Junior School families to attend this event.

The Polar Express

The stage is set for our end-of-year Christmas Concert, The Polar Express. Information has been sent home regarding performance times and we look forward to seeing you all there. Please remember the students will be performing a matinee show on Wednesday, 19 November, at 2.00 pm and then a twilight performance on Thursday, 20 November, at 6.00 pm. No tickets are required for either performance. This year, there will also be a Christmas market organised by the Edrington P&F for families wishing to do some early shopping.

Junior School Presentation Assembly

On Friday, 28 November, we will be holding our Presentation Assembly for our Years 3 and 4 Academic Award recipients. Students and parents will be notified ahead of time if they are receiving an award. As this will be our last Junior School Assembly for the year, we invite all families to attend and celebrate the great year that we have had. The assembly will be held in John Twist Hall from 2.45 pm.

Edrington Report


Year 8 Graduation

Congratulations to all Year 8 boys and girls as they are farewelled at a special Graduation Assembly followed by a morning tea for all parents and students. We wish them all the best as they head into the Pre-Senior sector for the commencement of Term 1A.

Early Commencement Program

Term 1A officially starts on Monday, 17 November. This sees the current Year 8 students move into the Pre-Senior program as well as current Year 7 students transition into Year 8 for the remainder of the year. The program is seen as advantageous in terms of work output and student motivation. It also allows for the new Year 8 students to apply for 2015 leadership positions as part of a special Leadership Day held on Wednesday, 19 November.

Rowing Experiences

Students in Year 8 will participate in a 'Learn to Row' experience on Thursday, 20 November, at the National Water Sports Centre – Carrum. This is a great opportunity for all students to gain a practical insight into this exciting sport. Students will be transported to and from this venue by bus during the School day.

Kristy Kendall

Head of Edrington, Berwick


Edrington Calendar



Newlands Report

We welcome the new student leaders of the Newlands Campus into their roles for 2015. A full list of the student leaders is available on go2: Community/Newlands/Middle School/2015 School Leaders.

Whole School Junior String Recital

The Haileybury Whole School Junior String Recital will be a combined event for students at Castlefield, Edrington and Newlands. It will take place in Aikman Hall at Senior School Keysborough on Tuesday, 18 November. The recital will commence at 4.30 pm and will conclude by 5.30 pm. We welcome all members of the Haileybury community, family and friends to come and support our talented String students.

Newlands Art Show

The 2014 Newlands Art Show is fast approaching and this year the theme is 'Wonderland'. Works from ELC, Junior School and Middle School will be on display in the Sports Hall from 3.45 to 7.00 pm on Thursday, 20 November. We will be highlighting the wide variety of artwork that our students have created this year. We look forward to seeing you at this event.

art newlands 

Up Day

Newlands Up Day is on Tuesday, 25 November. All students will be placed in their classes for 2015 and have the chance to meet the new 2015 students. This day assists students with their transition into the coming year. Current students are required to wear School uniform.

House Drama

Term 1A will see the first House Event for the Newlands House Trophy 2015. On Tuesday, 2 December, the Newlands House Drama will be held in Berthon Hall at 2.00 pm. The House Drama competition is a wonderful way for the students to end the year. Parents are welcome to attend.

Newlands Report


Edgar's Mission

This year, Newlands ELC children have been raising money to benefit Edgar's Mission, a farm sanctuary affected by last summer's bushfires. On Wednesday, 12 November, the children welcomed Pam Ahern, founder of Edgar's Mission, to the ELC. Pam brought with her some of the Sanctuary's rescue animals to visit the children. She was delighted to accept 30 boxes of Weetbix and a cheque for $3,135.05 on behalf of Edgar's Mission. Through the children's Social Justice focus, they have enjoyed learning about the work of farmers, the characteristics of different farm animals and the importance of farms in our community.

Dream Puppets

On Monday, 17 November, the children will watch a magical performance by Dream Puppet Theatre. These highly skilled performers will use a special black light technique to make the puppeteer invisible to the children, and the puppets and sets clearly seen.


Over the coming weeks the Reception children are spending time in the Pre-Prep classrooms and playground to observe and experience the similarities and differences between the different year levels. It's pleasing to observe the Pre-Prep children positively embracing the opportunity to visit the Prep classrooms and enthusiastically reporting back to their parents and classroom teachers about their experiences.

Newlands Report


Junior School Christmas Concert

The Junior School students will be performing Christmas-themed items at their End-of-Year Concert held on Monday, 1 December, in Berthon Hall. Prep to Year 2 students will be performing from 2.30 to 3.15 pm while Years 3 to 4 will perform from 3.45 to 4.30 pm. Further details will be sent home in the coming weeks.

Year 4 Graduation

The Year 4 Graduation will be held on Friday, 28 November, in Berthon Hall at 8.50 am. This special Junior School Assembly highlights the memorable moments and wonderful achievements of this group of students during their time at Haileybury Newlands Junior School. Parents, family and friends of our Year 4 students are most welcome to attend.

Sing It Crew

A group of Years 3 and 4 students meet during their lunchtimes once per week to learn and rehearse musical items. This group, known as the 'Sing It Crew', will be visiting a local aged care home on Tuesday, 2 December, to perform a variety of Christmas-themed songs. Both the students and the elderly residents are looking forward to this performance.

Newlands Report


Term 1A

Year 8 students will move to Pre-Senior from Monday, 17 November, to commence their Year 9 courses. Our Year 7 students will move into their Year 8 program. Years 5 and 6 students will remain in their classes as normal for the remaining three weeks of the school year.


Middle School students will attend their final Chapel Service for 2014 on Tuesday, 18 November.


Middle School students are required to wear School hats at recess and lunch. Parents are asked to ensure their children have them at the start of each day.

Student Achievement

Congratulations to Khoeby Holohan from Year 7 who won the U/14 Girls Long Jump in the Victorian All Schools Track and Field Championships on Sunday, 9 November. She also won silver in the U/14 Girls 100m. Khoeby will represent Victoria in the National All Schools Track and Field Championships in Adelaide early December.

khoeby 1 

Khoeby 2

Jane Gibbs

Head of Newlands, Keysborough


Newlands Calendar




Girls Sport

Olivia Jenkins competed for Australia in the FISAF World Championships.  Her team won gold in the Junior Step 5 (step aerobics) section.


Girls Sport


The Haileybury Hearts have started the 2015 summer season strongly with all 1st and Junior A teams recording victories in the opening round of the season.

Tennis battled the windy conditions on the Magenta Courts to overcome the Caulfield Grammar girls. Captains Noelleda Ah San and Sophia Basic led the charge with wins in both their doubles matches as well as convincing victories in their singles rubbers. The Intermediate A and Junior A teams both managed wins away at Geelong College.

1st Touch travelled to PEGS, braving extreme heat and low-flying planes, and came away with a convincing 8-0 win, while the Intermediate A team hosted PEGS and recorded a similar result. Volleyball also drew PEGS in the opening round and accounted for them in four sets.

The Reigning Softball Premiers started the season strongly with a 16 to 2 victory over PEGS at Keilor Park. PEGS had no answers for the lightning-fast pitching of Captain Isabelle Zaharias, and the team have started to look like a cohesive unit on the field. The introduction of Year 6 cricket powerhouse, Jess Matin, has been a massive boost to the team and an extraordinary accomplishment for this young Edrington sportswoman.

Badminton 1sts took to the new six-player format with gusto, demonstrating the depth of talent we currently have in this sport in the girls program. Captain Emily Lok was inspirational as she overcame debilitating cramps to come back and win in the final set of her singles bout. The girls easily accounted for Caulfield following on from the Inter A's early victory against Wesley.

Triathlon had a great turnout in their opening round of the season at Greenpoint in Brighton, with 10 girls representing Haileybury. Notable mentions go to Amy Lawton who finished 4th, Sophie Saldhanha – 4th and Ebony Francis – 6th. Bree Warren backed up her State Championship Steeple Chase win on Saturday with a 7th-place finish in the longer sprint race.

Stefanie Eade and Libby Lewin

Directors of Girls Sport

Boys Sport

The Bloods opened the summer season with a superlative four wins from four matches, winning 1st Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball and Badminton matches on the weekend.


Boys Sport

Our 1st XI Cricket team comfortably defeated Wesley College on our home turf making 7/234 against 7/176. Berwick student Jye Driscoll played brilliantly to open his account with an outstanding 102 runs. Fellow Berwick Year 9 student Josh Battle also performed well with the bat making a solid 32 runs. The boys hope to continue this level of performance into the final three rounds before the Christmas break.

The 1st Tennis team also had a huge win over Wesley College – 14 sets, 132 games to 2 sets, 67 games. Jordan Morey led the team to victory in their opening encounter. The team now prepares for Xavier College in next week's battle.

On the volleyball court, our 1st team easily defeated the pre-season premiership favourites, Wesley College. In a dominate display, the boys played with great intensity to take out the game in straight sets, 3:0.

The Bloods Senior Boys Badminton team's first outing was a successful affair with an 8:4 victory over Caulfield Grammar School. Patrick Hau played a significant role in the victory, winning both his doubles and singles matches. 

Other non-1st teams including Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, Touch and Squash will continue to play until the final round before the Christmas break on Saturday, 29 November.

Congratulations to James Rowland who represented Victoria in the Australian Schools Touch U/15 Plate Series. James was an integral part of the gold-medal-winning Victorian team that overcame South Australia in the final.

John Headlam

Director of Middle School Boys Sport

Greg Schneiders

Director of Sport Development – Boys


The Arts

Haileybury In Concert 2015!

Haileybury In Concert 2015!

In an exciting innovation for 2015, we are looking at taking the Annual Music Concert off-site next year in what we hope will become a regular biennial event. We have been lucky enough to secure a premier musical venue, the Elisabeth Murdoch Hall at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Southbank. This is a magnificent space with an outstanding acoustic and should give both the students and audience a first-class musical experience as we showcase our very best ensembles.

It will be held on Wednesday, 19 August, from 7.30 pm. Look out for more information about Haileybury in Concert! in Term 3.


Performing Arts

At Senior School, it has been two weeks of intensive revision with VCE students taking full advantage of access to teachers for examination workshops and one-on-one revision. A defining feature of most Performing and Visual Arts examinations is the application of theory and practice to unknown stimuli, which can take many forms. Students need to be able to think quickly and respond by applying their skills using appropriate terminology, so most of the focus of revision is upon anticipating a range of possible stimuli and working under time restraints to hone the students' ability to create and analyse under pressure.

Stewart Bell

Director of Performing and Visual Arts



If you enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit, come to the beautiful evening of readings and carols on Wednesday, 26 November, in the David Bradshaw Chapel from 7.00 pm. The Magenta Choir and the combined senior ensembles will present an evening of sparkling music and dramatic readings which tell the Christmas story. There will also be performances from each choir and favourite carols to sing by the assembled congregation.

Afterwards there will be refreshments hosted by the Haileybury Choral Society.


The Haileybury Choirs' CD, How Can I Keep from Singing, is now available. It features live performances by the Magenta Choir and Haileybury Singers. Produced and marketed by the Haileybury Choral Society, it presents a wide range of music, from familiar favourites and Christmas pieces to new and exciting repertoire.


Applications for Instrumental Music Tuition are open. All information and forms are on go2 under Community/Optional information for parents/Instrumental music tuition information. Please return your forms before the end of the school year so that your son/daughter can be allocated a teacher and commence lessons in Week 1 of Term 1.

Amanda Rowarth

Head of Music


The Haileybury Community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Read more about upcoming events from:


Old Haileyburians Associations

Castlefield Parents and Friends

Newlands Parents and Friends

Edrington Parents and Friends

Learn to Swim program



At our last meeting, a special presentation about the Haileybury Foundation was given by Principal Derek Scott. The Foundation was established for the purpose of providing support for families who would not have been able to otherwise provide their child with a Haileybury education. HMA is thrilled to announce that we are pledging $5,000 towards this very worthy Social Justice program.

The HMA was proud to host Vice Principal Craig Glass as our guest speaker at this final meeting for 2014. He is certainly the 'go to' person for all matters relating to education at Haileybury. We appreciate the time he took out of his extremely hectic schedule to be with us.

Fingers crossed for good weather today for the wonderful Haileybury Castlefield Fair. HMA will be there too, with crested items galore! We will have stocks of the ever popular Haileybury golf umbrellas, mugs, pens, key rings, achievement binders, camper chairs and cookbooks. Don't forget to pick up a Haileybury KeepCup for $13 – a great gift idea and a wonderful way to save the environment. We are privileged to share a stall with the Haileybury Pipes & Drums and the Haileybury Choral Society. So come along and say hello!

We are looking forward to a lovely Yum Cha luncheon at the Shark Finn restaurant in Keysborough on Tuesday, 18 November, from 12.00 noon. Everyone is welcome. At $40 per person and with bookings through trybooking, this is a wonderful way to meet new Haileybury friends. Seats are filling fast and we are thrilled that members from all three campuses will be in attendance on the day!

Book Now

At this time of year, the HMA Uniform Shop, located through Gate 3, Newlands Keysborough Campus, is just abuzz. We are open every Friday, 1.00 till 4.00 pm during the term, and on selected Saturdays, 9.00 till 11.00 am, with 15 November being the next one. We have plenty of stock and lots of bargains, so check us out before you pay full price! Remember, we are always happy to accept pre-loved uniforms to sell on your behalf. Please ensure that blazers and the girls winter uniforms are dry-cleaned. We are sorry that we are unable to sell damaged or obsolete uniforms. Our HMA Uniform Sellers Forms are available on the go2 website. We are always looking for new volunteers to work with us at the Uniform Shop – we always have a job suitable for you, so don't be shy!

All the very best to our whole Haileybury community as we hurtle towards the end of yet another action-packed Haileybury year!

Kymme Fujihara

President, HMA

0419 329 731

Old Haileyburians Associations


The Old Haileyburians Association is pleased to launch our new promotional clip, showcasing the highlights and benefits of becoming an OHA Member via the perspectives of some familiar faces.

Click here to watch!


OHA Current and Past Parents Cocktail Party

The OHA is again delighted to be able to welcome current and past parents into our community. In 2015, we will once again be conducting our extremely successful Parents Cocktail Party at Keysborough. The date for this event is Wednesday, 4 March 2015.

The objective of the event is to welcome current and former (particularly those who have just had sons or daughters graduate) parents into the OHA community and provide you with some information as to the activities and services that we provide our former students (and parents).

There is no charge to attend the event; however, bookings are essential and will be taken through early in 2015.

Past parents cocktail party 

Photo - OHA Current and Past Parents Cocktail Party 2014


OHA Golf Day

On 24 October, over 50 current students and Old Haileyburians teed off at one of Melbourne's most exclusive golf courses – Huntingdale. Congratulations to Adam Floyd (94') on winning the Hattam Metherall Trophy for best individual player of the day, and also to Justin Main, Zara Woodbridge, Josh Hetherington and Harry Bottomley for achieving the best team result for the day.

golf day 

Photo - Huntingdale Golf Course

Western Australian and South Australian Old Haileyburians Catch Up

Old Haileyburians living in WA and SA came together on 7 & 9 November, to catch up with their local collegians. It was a great reminder that no matter how far away from Melbourne you are, there is always a local network to tap into through the OHA!

WA and SA

Castlefield Parents and Friends

Finally Carnival Day has arrived! Thank you to everyone who assisted in the run-up to our major fundraising event for the year. We couldn't do it without our dedicated parents and staff.

You are all welcome to come along and join in the fun. There will be plenty of delicious options for a snack or dinner and, of course, there will be a huge variety of rides and attractions for kids of all ages. We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Nicole Piastri

President, Castlefield Parents & Friends

Edrington Parents and Friends


With only six weeks until Christmas, it is time to dust off our Santa hats and get ready for the festive season.

Our Junior School Christmas Concerts are going to be held on Wednesday, 19, and Thursday, 20 November. This year we will be running a Christmas market at both performances, offering cookies for Santa, chocolates, gingerbread, stocking stuffers and plenty more to help with some of that Christmas shopping.

A sausage sizzle will be available on the Thursday night, with sausages and drinks available to purchase.

Also, we will be having a wishing tree, where our Edrington community can place gifts under to donate to the Berwick Benevolent Society. They will then kindly distribute the donations to local families in need, especially over this holiday season.


An exciting, but also somewhat nervous day for some is Up-Day. This year we are inviting our Edrington families along with our new families to join us in the Junior School Library, for coffee and a chat after morning drop-off.


Opening times for the rest of Term 4:

Tuesday, 18 November: 8.30 – 10.00 am

Tuesday, 25 November (Up Day): 8.00 am – 12.00 noon

Tuesday, 2 December: 8.30 – 10.00 am.

Tanya Blackledge

President, Edrington Parents & Friends

Newlands Parents and Friends

Congratulations to Year 8 students who are graduating from Newlands today and thank you for your ongoing support of our Haileybury community. We wish you well moving on to Senior School and look forward to following your progress.

HPFN Signature Graduation Bears are available from the administration office for Years 4 and 8 students. Please see the attached brochure for further details. 

There has been a great response to our HPFN Haileybury School Journal. Those who ordered will be notified when the journals are ready for collection. HPFN will complete another order in 2015; keep an eye out for this early in the New Year.

Lastly, our Newlands community looks forward to our Art Show, 'Wonderland', to be held in the Sports Hall on Thursday, 20 November, from 3.45 to 7.00 pm. Please come along and support our wonderful Art department and students in their hard work.

Cheryl Coombs

President, Newlands Parents & Friends

Learn to Swim and Squad Program