Ms Jane Gibbs

Head of Newlands (Keysborough)

Dip Teach (SCV), B Ed (CIT), M Ed (Mon)

Ms Gibbs was appointed as Head of Newlands in 2013. Since commencing at Haileybury in 2002, Ms Gibbs has held a variety of leadership roles at the School. From the inaugural Head of Girls Middle School at Berwick in 2005-2012, to the Senior Deputy Head of Campus at Edrington from 2010, Ms Gibbs has maintained a strong emphasis on the implementation of teaching and learning strategies. Prior to joining Haileybury, Ms Gibbs was a leading teacher with the Education Department, an assessor in the Leading Teacher Accreditation program and actively involved in the Middle Years Research Project. Ms Gibbs has a strong pastoral care of students, combined with a genuine commitment to education.