Online learning

Maintaining engagement in uncertain times

The Haileybury program is tailored to each educational stage and builds resilient and independent learners with a strong work ethic and critical skills in decision-making, leadership and enterprise.

Our students leave Haileybury as well-rounded young citizens with a love for learning, prepared for life on the global stage and with the drive to do more for society.

Our online learning program

The pandemic has seen schools and students coping with unprecedented upheaval and change. Students and schools are having to adapt how they learn in ways they never expected.

Haileybury is a pioneer in online learning. We have been active in this space for many years, with well-embedded structures and processes in place allowing a seamless, uninterrupted transition to online classrooms.

Learning much more than the expected

Time spent in online classrooms provides students with more than academic learning: it shows how they can adapt to challenges and thrive in any situation. It teaches patience and resilience, creativity and respect, and allows students to stay connected to friends and peers.

Platforms that engage and inspire

Core academic classes are facilitated through Zoom: each school day sees students and teachers across the School log in and engage in their daily lessons and activities in a live online environment.

Teachers also run separate Zoom rooms for breakout group tasks and quieter study periods and provide a separate platform, Canvas, to share resources, course materials and wider learning support. Canvas also provides an important avenue for students to engage with their classmates and for parents to stay connected with their child’s progress and feedback.

Leveraging technology

Our HaileyburyX initiative comes into its own with online learning. It was developed as a catalogue of online courses for teachers, parents and students from pre-school to Year 12 that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Delivered as a support to what we already do well – deliver excellent educational experiences that enhance outcomes for our students – it uses current technology to enhance this in an online context.

LEVELUP! This advanced initiative was created by a group of Haileybury teachers and offers information on key skills and knowledge that will help students adapt to new ways of learning, just as teachers have had to adapt to new ways of teaching. It teaches students the ins and outs of becoming a great student in a virtual classroom and covers topics such as creating an effective learning environment, learning via video, study skills and mindfulness – all written from a student perspective.

Keeping the balance in learning

Haileybury Co-curricular programs are also provided online when needed.

Music and Performing runs through interactive live video while music lessons, concerts and performance assessments take place via Zoom.

In addition to live online Physical Education and sport training, the Haileybury Sport Department conducts optional training sessions for students, families, staff and the wider community.

These videos are available via HaileyburyX, the School’s online course platform.