Performing Arts

Book Now for the First City Play

Tickets are on sale now for the inaugural Senior School City Play, The Book of Everything.

Tickets can be purchased here:

A Bridge to Success

Last week, the Year 10 Play, These Bridges, was performed to an enthusiastic Haileybury audience keen to get a long-awaited dose of live theatre.

The wonderful cast delivered two nights of engaging and expressive performances in this post-apocalyptic fantasy. Directed by Haileybury alumni, Mr Eamonn Johnson, and supported by our own Ms Nicole Smith, the concept and execution were impressive.

The highly stylised ensemble performances and detailed acting work of those characters surviving the floods were highlights of this wonderful show. Art imitated life as the impact of the floods and the endurance of the human spirit were displayed.

Congratulations to the team for delivering such a rich experience.

Nick Waxman

Head of Drama and Theatre Studies


The Many Benefits of Instrumental Music Lessons

It is well-known that instrumental music programs provide significant learning benefits beyond music-making alone, such as building self-discipline through nurturing aesthetic awareness and stimulating right brain capacity.

However, research indicates the benefits go beyond this. In The Music Advantage, Dr Anita Collins reports that involvement in instrumental music programs significantly enhances auditory processing networks, improves impulse control and extends concentration span.

As an educator, I acknowledge these outcomes as being central to the value and benefit of learning to play music. However, in the day-to-day, it’s simply the enjoyment on students’ faces as they proudly display their developing skills and growing confidence that inspires music educators.

I am very pleased to report that more than 800 students in Year 2 and above now receive a weekly music lesson at Haileybury. That’s more than one in five students across our four Melbourne campuses!

Rod Marshall

Director of Performing Arts & Head of Haileybury Music

Visual Arts

2022 Visual Arts Captains

Congratulations to Kayla Salter (Year 12) and Kendrick Goy (Year 11) on their appointment as the 2022 Visual Arts Captains!

Senior School Explores Media Opportunities

Media is off to a flying start at the Senior School with all year levels trying their hand at a production. In Year 9, students have put their own name up in lights, casting themselves in their own genre-specific movie poster.

Our Years 10 and 11 students in Media 1&2 are currently recreating their favourite movie scenes in a process called sweding—Google it! No film is safe from our creative interpretations with Haileyburians putting their spin on Titanic, Interstellar, Batman, Back to the Future and even The Matrix. Maybe in our version of Titanic, Rose and Jack can both fit on the door!

Finally, our Media 3&4 students are asking the hard questions…of each other! A production experiment with 3-point lighting—pivotal for hard-hitting professional interviews—saw our students test out lighting rigs and hear the difference between lapel and shotgun mics. They also asked each other the serious questions like: ‘Did Tom Holland struggle to focus when working with Zendaya in the latest Spiderman?’ and ‘Is Mark Hamill the best Joker of all time?’

Rachelle Rae

Head of Visual Arts Senior School

Pipes & Drums

Marching to Victory!

Pipers and drummers from across Victoria marched forth to Rendall Oval on Sunday, 6 March, with hopes of placing in the top three of their respective grades at the Haileybury Highland Gathering. The contest was very successful with our Haileybury Pipes & Drums placing in every event they entered. Go Haileybury!

Grade 4A: Haileybury Pipes & Drums #1 – 1st place

Grade 4B: Haileybury Pipes & Drums #2 – 2nd place

Juvenile Novice A: Haileybury Pipes & Drums #1 – 2nd place

Juvenile Novice B: Haileybury Pipes & Drums #2 – 2nd place

Victorian bands greatly appreciated Haileybury’s welcome, leadership and support in hosting the opening of the 2022 contest season. The music was fabulous, however, it was also a significant opportunity for our community to reconnect and rekindle friendships following a two-year hiatus in pipe band competitions.

Lincoln Hilton

Director, Pipes & Drums