Performing Arts

We Are R-E-V-O-L-T-I-N-G!

Congratulations to the cast, crew and creative team of Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical.

Over the past 11 weeks, the Matilda company and VCE Theatre Studies class have been working on presenting this multi-award-winning musical. The production ran over four performances, culminating in a family-friendly matinee show.

The dedication to storytelling, the understanding of style and the sheer hard work and commitment shown by the team were impressive. This was an imaginative, surprising and delightful production led wonderfully by the Drama and Music Captains: Sam Prins, Milly Sime, Emily Peatman, Kim Petley, Riley Allan, Michael Sun and Emily Wakeling.

My personal thanks also to the staff who provided such rich experiences for the cast and crew: Erica D’Angelo, Nicole Smith, Jane Marshall, Matthew Sanderson and Robert Latham.

Nick Waxman

Head of Drama and Theatre Studies


Thank You to the Grigoryan Brothers

The Haileybury Music Department has a long-standing tradition of securing leading musicians to undertake workshops with our students.

Recently, the internationally renowned classical guitar virtuosos, the Grigoryan Brothers, held guitar workshops and presented a lunchtime concert with our students. Leonard Grigoryan and Gerard Mapstone held a workshop at Newlands with 10 students, while Slava Grigoryan and Sergio Ercole ran a workshop in the Keysborough Chapel with 18 Senior students.

Being able to access these outstanding musicians is somewhat of a coup for Haileybury.

The workshops covered how to stylistically interpret music and adjust when playing for an audience. Performance anxiety and methods of addressing it, like playing to friends and family, adding dynamics and accents to make performances more interesting and much more were discussed. Several students performed items to gain expert advice from Slava or Leonard.

Afterwards, everyone gathered for a lunchtime concert where these fine musicians delighted the audience with several pieces. A highlight was their finale item, This Time.

Sergio Ercole

Head of Guitar

Visual Arts

Beastman Mural

It is an exciting week at Keysborough as the 2022 inaugural Artist-in-Residence, Bradley Eastman, aka ‘Beastman’ has begun installing his enormous dual murals on the Sholto Black Arts Vicinage.

This prolific multi-disciplinary artist conducted workshops with the Units 1 and 2 Studio Arts classes. Bradley also gave an artist talk in the Gallery at lunchtime and discussed the process he undertakes when developing and painting his murals in Australia and internationally.

After scoping out the characteristics of the site and researching murals as an art form, students collaborated with Bradley to establish the parameters for the Haileybury project. Bradley has since refined the design and primed the two-storey brickwork on either side of the Visual Arts building entrance.

Arriving on campus on Monday morning to see the design with its vibrant pops of blue in Beastman’s signature geometric style has sparked much curiosity and anticipation as the mural emerges over the next week. I look forward to presenting the completed project to you in the next edition of Insight.

Rachelle Rae

Head of Visual Arts Senior School

Pipes & Drums

We Will Remember Them

We were proud of our wonderful staff and students as they participated in the Anzac Day march for the 7th consecutive year. It was, as always, an honour for Haileybury Pipes & Drums to take part. Their performance, respect and solemnity as they represented our school and escorted veterans was simply outstanding.

The band of over 50 pipers and drummers was led by Pipe Sergeant Oliver Perry (Year 12) and Drum Sergeant Shaun Tay (Year 12), joined by Haileybury Colour Bearers, Jazmin Harrop (Year 12) and Michael Sun (Year 12). Walking either side of Drum Major Braya Jade Hanssen (Year 9) they led the band to the Shrine of Remembrance.

Our thanks and acknowledgement go to all staff, students and parents for their teamwork in participating in this most important Anzac Day event.

Lincoln Hilton

Director, Pipes & Drums