Campus News

An Excellent Start

Our new school year began brilliantly on Day 1 with parents and students entering the school grounds with excitement and nervousness. Just over a week later, the students are still smiling and have settled into the routines and rigours of our academic program.

Information Sessions

Information sessions have been conducted across the schools, giving our parents the opportunity to meet the Heads of Schools, Homeroom Teachers and Lead Educators. Many questions were asked and answered and we appreciate the partnership we have with our families.

Knowing Your Child

On Wednesday, 2 February, and Thursday, 3 February, students from Years 1–8 participated in ACER testing. These internal assessments give us a benchmark for where your child sits across certain elements of their learning and we use this data to ensure we provide challenges and support in the areas where children most need this.

Our Parent Teacher Interviews have given us a further opportunity to know your child. Thank you for sharing your important insights about your child with us.


At times, parking around the School is difficult. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our Haileybury community. When parents leave via the South Road exit, please take care turning onto South Road as the pedestrian crossing is so close to the exit.

Remember that all exits from the School to Villeroy and Rouen Streets close at 6.00 pm. If you are attending an evening function, we encourage you to park on South Road and enter through the front gate.

There are clearly signed 2-minute parking spaces outside the Villeroy Street gate and this is to be used as a ‘kiss and go’ zone, rather than parents leaving their car.

Please be considerate of the residents in the streets surrounding our School.

Early Learning Centre

A Joyful Beginning

There has been a mix of emotions as students start a new year in the Early Learning Centre—anticipation, excitement and joy have all been part of the experience for children, families and educators as we begin a new school year.

During Term One we focus on building relationships and fostering a sense of safety, security and belonging. The children are settling well and getting to know their peers, educators and the learning environments that make up their Haileybury ELC community.

We look forward to many joyful moments as we all embark on a year of learning and development.

Anaphylaxis and Food Allergies

Several children in the ELC have food allergies and are anaphylactic, so we ask that you please be mindful of the foods packed for your child’s morning tea and lunch. If you have any queries about this, please speak with your class educators. It is important that we are aware of any potential risks for effective management and we appreciate your assistance with this important matter.


We stay connected with families in many ways, including our recent Parent Information Sessions and Parent Teacher Interviews via Zoom. The Haileybury ELC app is an essential regular communication channel, so please ensure you have this and are receiving important updates and precious moments.

Junior School

Our Preps Thrive

Our youngest Junior School students have settled into their new routines quickly and easily. While it takes a little while to build ‘school fitness’, our Preps adapted well to their day. During the course of the first week, all grades attend two PE lessons and an Art, Drama, Music, CDT and Library class with different teachers and in different spaces across the School. It’s amazing to see how our children take on these challenges with such enthusiasm!

Junior School House Captains

We’re super proud of our Year 4 leaders for semester 1. Introducing Clements leaders: Scarlett Cai, Georgia Humphris, Matthew Braun, Nathan Gong, Elena Chen, Eden Collin, and Evan Yu. Jackson leaders: Abigail Wang-Ward, Myles Thom, Marlowe Tiley, Charlotte Ogilvie, Alison Harris and Evan Li. Kennedy leaders: Mabel Hillier, Emmanuel Gioutlou, Elle Schaeffer, Elizabeth Ren and Olivia Milani. Russell leaders: Magnus Goulopoulos, Arjan Saraw, Siena Story, Francesca Morley, Charlie Sinclair and Jacob Lloyd.

Some Housekeeping Reminders

  • If your child’s hair can be tied back, it must be tied back.
  • No nail polish or jewellery, apart from small religious necklaces, are allowed.
  • Black sunhats are worn during any outdoor activity in Terms 1 and 4—No hat, no play.
  • PE uniforms are worn on the two days that your child’s class is timetabled for PE.
  • Water bottles must be brought to school each day.
  • Sunscreen should be applied at home each morning. Please put a small personal roll-on in your child’s bag so they can reapply throughout the day.

Middle School

First Day Back

The first day of the school year is one of our favourite days. Nervous excitement is in the air as the school begins to fill with students, staff and families. The school buildings, which have sat empty for the break, return to the core purpose of educating young men and women. Old friendships are re-kindled and new ones begin to form as our students embark on a new year level in a new environment with a new group of students.

Everyone is out of their comfort zone and everyone must dig deep and find a way to move forward and thrive in their unfamiliar environment. As a school, it is our role to welcome and nurture your child while challenging them and finding and presenting opportunities to place them outside their comfort zone and to help them develop life skills to cope with changing demands.

Our Middle Schools have had an amazing start to 2022, beginning with a thorough induction program for Years 5–8. Expectations were outlined, questions answered and the journey has begun …

Katrina Manson

Head of Castlefield (Brighton)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield (HPFC)

Welcome Back!

We hope everyone is settling in nicely to the start of Term 1. The HPFC are looking forward to resuming our events with the school community soon.

If you would like to volunteer to be on the HPFC committee, please reach out to me at

Ian Green

President, Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield