Campus News

Meet Our Inspiring School Leaders

Congratulations to all students who nominated for a 2022 leadership position. The qualities of courage, risk-taking, organisation and strong communication were certainly present as the students wrote their nominations and presented at interviews.

Our Junior and Middle Schools have conducted assemblies, with the Junior School inducting their House Captains and the Middle School’s significant leaders also being sworn into office.

Cooper Curley (Year 8) and Spiros Dassios (Year 8) addressed the Middle School Assembly with inspirational speeches and passion for their roles as 2022 Middle School Captains.

We look forward to supporting all our student leaders.

Early Learning Centre

Staying Connected

While we have been unable to have families in the ELC, we have been maintaining connections through our ELC app with photographs, videos, notices, reminders and messages. We hope families have enjoyed hearing about what is happening in the ELC and what their children are exploring.

Thank you to parents for attending our recent Parent Teacher Interviews and for discussing family goals and backgrounds. These support educators in getting to know children and providing the best possible experience for every child.

Welcome to Country

Last week, the ELC children and educators joined in a special Welcome to Country smoking ceremony while learning about our shared land, Boonwurrung country, with proud Yalukit Willam man, Jaedan Williams. Jaeden shared his knowledge, language and connection to Country with us and told us a story of Melbourne’s First People and first language.

Welcoming Jaeden into our ELC community and inviting him to share his culture, continues to develop our understanding and respect for our country’s traditional owners and the importance of caring for the land we live, learn and play on.

Junior School

Safety First

Just a reminder that Junior School children can only be picked up at one of three locations: from their classroom, at the roundabout, or at ‘The Meeting Place’ outside the Year 1 classrooms.

Students are not permitted to wait for siblings in West Quad without a parent present, or to wait outside the gates on Villeroy Street. Staff are on duty at the roundabout and ‘The Meeting Place’ until 3:55 pm each day to look after your children.

Middle School students are asked to collect their brothers and sisters from either location, please.

Taking it Outside!

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather and gorgeous East Quad, 1H students and their teacher, Mr Mitchell Hodgson, took their science lesson outside to see whether items would sink or float. By making predictions and then observations, students were able to put their theories to the test.

‘Metal sinks and rubber floats!’ —Hugo

‘If there is more density it sinks, and if it has low density it floats.’ —Jack

‘All my predictions were correct!’ —Mia

Middle School

Ready to Serve

‘Leadership through service’ is the Middle School leadership mantra and last week our newly elected leaders, elected by staff and peers, were formally inducted into their roles.

The Middle School Leaders display exemplary behaviour and attitude as well as outstanding involvement in the entire school program. They work closely with the Heads of Middle School and the entire student cohort to ensure Castlefield students are safe, challenged and encouraged to achieve their full potential in all areas.

Principal | CEO, Mr Derek Scott, congratulated each leader, awarded them a badge and reminded them that ‘the real work starts now’.

Our leaders have a portfolio, a list of tasks to be achieved and a mentor to assist them on their journey. We wish them well and look forward to getting behind them as they boldly lead our Middle School community into the future.

Leaders for 2022
BMS Leader
GMS Leader
School Captain
Spiros Dassios
Cooper Curley
SRC Leader
Luca Jayasekera
Isabelle Angelatos
George Dimer and Sebastian Eagle
Emily Watkins
Sam Herman
Krista Thomaidis
Vice Captain
Levi Wright
Megan Stark
Oscar Fairbairn
Evie Arnhold
Vice Captain
Zac Kwee
Scarlett Manson
Hugo Tuffley
Lucy Letham
Vice Captain
Hanbo Zhang
Cassidy Curley
Ben Poole
Isabella Maitland
Vice Captain
Jack McEwan
Lily Newby-Wearne
Flag Bearer
Tyler Birt
Kalina Ta
Connor Newby-Wearne
Vedika Mehta
Nate McDonald
Sienna Arrico-Dunn
Mikkel Ostergaard
Jamie Xenos
Dishant Porwal
Laura Leuner
Social Justice
Daniel Storey
Ally Craig
Matheus Judah
Charlotte Peoples Mackinnon
Addy Chewing and Zara Killey

Katrina Manson

Head of Castlefield (Brighton)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield (HPFC)

Our HPFC create an environment and host events that promote community building and friendship raising. The HPFC is about fostering connections amongst parents and creating a strong community spirit—the essence of the Haileybury Castlefield campus.

On Thursday, 10 March, at 6.00 pm the HPFC partners with the Creative Arts team at Castlefield to offer our Year 6 students an opportunity to showcase their skills. The HPFC will provide food and beverages so that families can spend some time connecting with each other.

The myHaileybury app has details of the evenings organised for our Prep, Year 5 and Year 7 families over the coming weeks.

Ian Green

President, Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield