Campus News

Coin Trail For a Cause

On the final day of term, our Castlefield community will take part in the annual Coin Trail. This House competition asks each child to bring along as many Australian coins as they can to add to the chalk-coloured trail that winds its way through the grounds.

The money is donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. The Coin Trail raises House spirit and fosters an understanding of social justice and community outreach.

Looking Forward to Term 2

Term 1 finishes on Friday, 8 April, and we wish all our families a safe holiday. We look forward to the start of Term 2 on Wednesday, 27 April.

Students may wear their summer or winter uniform for the first two weeks of term. From Monday, 9 May, full winter uniform must be worn, which includes the blazer for Junior School.

The HPFC Second-hand Uniform Shop has quality items for sale and is open on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

Mother’s Day Lunch for 2022

Our infamous Mother’s Day Lunch will be held at Encore St Kilda on Friday, 6 May from 11.30 am to 3.30 pm, with the after-party to be held next door at Republica (free entry).

This is an extremely popular event that will sell out! Get a group of friends together or purchase an individual ticket and we will seat you at a table with parents from your year level. There is a maximum of 10 people per table.

Tickets are $150 each and will go on sale on Friday, 8 April at 11.00 am via the booking link below.

Early Learning Centre

Nature’s Life Cycle

It began with caterpillars from a student’s garden and now the Gawarn class has been learning about caterpillars, moths, butterflies and their life cycle. They have been observing and discussing caterpillars, cocoons, chrysalises and butterflies using a variety of mediums.

In the Gurborra room, the children have looked at worms and discussed composting. The children observed, touched and held the worms and made some observations:

“My worm is really long! They are very wriggly! It tickles!”

The Walert class has been watching the bees visiting the sunflowers. Their curiosity sparked interest in planting flowers to attract more mini-beasts to the Pre-Prep outdoor learning environment.

Children in the Wareeny room have shown an interest in feathers. They’ve made their own collections, studied their colours, textures and shapes and transferred their knowledge into artwork. Through research, they have learned that feathers don’t only help birds fly, they can help a bird float, stay warm, cushion eggs and protect their skin from the sun.

Junior School

Celebrating the Arts

Ending a great week of collaboration and learning during Arts Week, the Junior School and Middle School united to listen to music and to dance and play human chess! Years 2 and 3 students came together on consecutive Thursday evenings to showcase their art, drama and music lessons. Rotating through short workshops with specialist teachers, parents glimpsed the amazing experiences that our students have each week and there was much excitement, passion and creativity on display.

Thank you to the HPFC for their support and for creating an opportunity for families to connect.

Happy Campers

After much anticipation, Year 4 students finally set out on their first camp! Portsea was as pretty as a picture as students frolicked in the water and created elaborate sand sculptures. Through a series of ‘challenge by choice’ activities, they were encouraged to push their personal boundaries while working as a team to haul their mates to the top of the giant swing, which is always a crowd favourite.

A wonderful team of staff and students shared a fabulous few days. Memories were created and there were many laughs along the way.

Middle School

Wilderness Adventurers Return

Our intrepid campers have returned from their respective wilderness adventures at Marysville and Eildon. The travel, conditions, weather and the ever-present COVID-19 were significant challenges, however, in true Haileybury Middle School style, adversity was faced head on and we managed each day and each challenge.

We are incredibly proud of the students and the staff who worked together to achieve amazing outcomes. Our Outdoor Education Program deliberately and strategically places students outside their comfort zone and sets them challenges that must be overcome individually and as a team.

It is in these moments of challenge where we truly learn about ourselves.

We could have stayed home, avoided the unknown and waited months or years for the perfect moment. However, it is not in our nature to hide from challenge and adversity. With the best available information and advice, we set out to give students the opportunity to attend camp. For many, it was their first experience away from home in nearly three years.

Congratulations and praise are extended to our exceptional students and amazing staff.

“The credit belongs to the man/woman who is in the arena. Whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs, who comes up short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcoming.”
Theodore Roosevelt, 1910

Katrina Manson

Head of Castlefield (Brighton)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield (HPFC)

General Meeting

Thank you to parents who attended our General Meeting on Monday, 21 March. We have many exciting ideas in the pipeline and we are always looking for parents and community members to help out.

For more information, please contact Ian Green at

Second-hand Uniform Shop

The Second-hand Uniform Shop is stocked with good quality items. We are open on Wednesdays from 8.15 – 10.15 am and Thursdays from 2.00 – 4.00 pm. Updated opening times are communicated through myHaileybury.

For further information, or if you would like to assist in the shop, please contact Mark Newby at

Ian Green

President, Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield