Campus News

Respectful Relationships and Consent Webinars

As part of our focus on Respectful Relationships and Consent, we are hosting webinars for our parents.

Please join us and Elephant Ed, a leading education provider endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner, for a discussion around the physical, social and emotional changes that can be part of puberty. This webinar is specifically for parents with students in Years 5 and 6.

Parents will be provided with strategies to manage and support their child with these changes and to start effective conversations at home.

Growth, Development and Embracing Change will be held on Wednesday, 27 July at 7.00 pm.

Raising Respectful and Courageous Young People will be held on Wednesday, 3 August, at 7.00 pm for Years 5 to 8 families.

In this webinar for parents of students in Years 5 to 8, Dannielle Miller from Enlighten Education will discuss how parents can support boys to be good men, and raise girls who find their voices.

Early Learning Centre

Off to a Great Start

Term 3 and Semester 2 are off to a great start in the ELC. The children have returned refreshed and enthusiastic to see their peers and educators and to continue their learning journey.

There are some key dates for families to note:

Thursday, 4 August
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day
Monday, 15 August
National Science Week
Monday, 22 August
Book Week
Wednesday, 24 August
Reception Book Week Dress-Up Day
Friday, 26 August
Pre-Prep Book Week Dress-Up Day
Wednesday, 31 August
ELC Fathers Day celebration
Wednesday, 7 September
Indigenous Literacy Day and Reception Drama Toolbox
Wednesday, 14 September
Pre-Prep Drama Toolbox incursion

Junior School

The Power of Play

In her books, Australian parenting author, Maggie Dent, highlights the importance of play.

‘Basically, our children learn almost everything they need to know about life through play, from physical coordination, decision-making and problem solving to empathy and social and emotional skills,’ she writes.

Every day the children in our Junior School play during recess and their lunch break. They have access to the beautiful East Quad, Clark Oval, downball courts, the basketball ring and the play space behind our Prep and Year 1 classrooms.

Over the term break, the facilities team were busy upgrading the back playground and our children have loved exploring and using this great area. Students can make the most of directed play with our Year 4 leaders, and our new House Captains have introduced their recess and lunchtime clubs for the term.

Should a problem arise, there are always three roving teachers on duty who are easily spotted in their high-visibility vests!

Beyond the Words

We read to learn, understand and apply, and teachers often hear, ‘My child can read that!’ Your child may be amazing at decoding letters and words quickly and sound like a fluent reader, but are they understanding what they have read?

When teachers complete a reading benchmark assessment, the first thing they ask our students is to retell and summarise the text. They then ask literal and inferential questions and we encourage parents to do this at home with your child whenever they read.

Look for great vocabulary, explain the meaning and use it in a different context. Ask about the main character and how they solved the problem? Was there an experience in the text that your child can relate to? Reverse the teaching and have your child ask you questions, too. Have fun and model great reading habits.

Middle School

Term 3 Returns

Term 3 provides our Middle School students with much promise. After a long and very well-deserved break, it has been wonderful to welcome back our students and to hear their stories of warmer weather, sleep ins, adventures and much needed rest.

It’s always a great feeling to have everybody back. There is a sense of unity as we face the term ahead together as a School—teachers and students alike—approaching the joys, challenges, wins and the continual learning cycle with gusto, a great attitude and resilience.

This term our Culture of Learning and Culture of Connectedness continue to underpin all we do. Our students know the skills needed to be prepared, ready and engaged in their learning, however, we also know that after a three-week break these skills may need some dusting off and fine tuning. So, we continue to teach the valuable skill of ‘learning to learn’ every day.

We will continue to offer a variety of ways to connect with our families and friends throughout the term. We look forward to welcoming our parents back to our Creative Arts nights and sporting events and to bringing our community together once more.

Welcome back! Here’s to a wonderful term ahead.

Katrina Manson

Head of Castlefield (Brighton)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield (HPFC)

Community Events Meeting

The HPFC invite all parents to attend our Community Events meeting on Monday, 25 July, at 7.00 pm in the Sholto Black room. We will discuss upcoming events in Terms 3 and 4 and how parents can help, coordinate and be involved in the process. This is a great way to meet fellow parents while forming connections in the school community.

Coffee Mornings

The HPFC has organised a series of coffee mornings after school drop-off for parents of each year level. These will be held at Townhouse Café on Hampton Street. This is a great way to catch up and meet parents of your child’s year level.

An invitation flyer will be sent to parents, but feel free to add these dates to your calendar today:

Monday, 25 July
Tuesday, 26 July
Wednesday, 27 July
Year 1
Friday, 29 July
Year 2
Monday, 1 August
Year 3
Tuesday, 2 August
Year 4
Wednesday, 3 August
Year 5
Friday, 5 August
Year 6
Monday, 8 August
Year 7
Tuesday, 9 August
Year 8

We look forward to seeing you there.

Monique Chapman

President, Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield