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Campus News

Welcome to Term 4

Welcome back to all our Brighton students and families—we face a busy, fun-filled and productive term ahead. Our Years 7 and 8 students begin preparations for their exams, which are held in a few weeks’ time.

There are also several major events, graduations, concerts and our Middle School Speech Night is on Tuesday, 29 November at Aikman Hall, Keysborough. This is a significant celebration of the School year.

Summer Uniform Reminder

In Term 4, students will wear their summer uniform. There is a two-week grace period to allow for variations in the weather and to organise uniforms.

Our Secondhand Uniform shop, run by the HPFC, is a fabulous source of uniforms. Drop into their space near the Rouen Street gate on Wednesdays from 8.15 am – 10.15 am and Thursdays from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm.

Early Learning Centre

Under the Sea

The ELC children recently enjoyed a Drama Toolbox incursion where they were immersed in an ocean adventure. Through music, drama and costumes, the children explored underwater sea creatures, ocean habitat and the negative impact that rubbish has on marine life. There were some wonderful learning opportunities.


During Term 3, the Pre-Preps monitored two nesting projects via live streams—the peregrine falcons in Melbourne’s CBD and a local magpie nest. The children have been observing the birds’ nests and watching the baby birds grow.

You might like to check on these projects, too: Peregrine Falcons and Magpies.

Junior School

No Hat, No Play

The Junior School supports the SunSafe policy in Terms 4 and 1 with our ‘No Hat, No Play’ rule for outside play. All children must wear the Junior School bucket hat at recess, lunch and during outside PE classes.

If they are not wearing a hat, they will be instructed to seek the shade of the veranda area near the ‘Meeting Place’. Also, please remember that teachers are not permitted to apply sunscreen to children but they will remind children about using sunscreen before outside play.

Please ensure your child has a named sunscreen in their bag and that they know how to apply it independently.


  • There are only three places you may pick up your Junior School child: from their classroom, at the ‘Meeting Place’ outside the Year 1 rooms, or from the roundabout. Junior School students are not allowed to walk outside the school property without a parent, guardian or Middle School sibling.
  • Smart watches and Spacetalk watches should be set to school mode and not used for communication between home and school from 8:30 am – 3:30pm.

Middle School

R U OK? Day

Haileybury Castlefield was awash with yellow as we celebrated R U OK? Day. This is a day where the whole community ‘checks in’ with one another and we highlighted the many ways in which this can occur, such as with an R U OK? inspired game of soccer and basketball.

What matters is that each game and activity is inclusive and that communication and sharing are encouraged. Bear, our Castlefield Therapy Newfoundland dog, worked overtime and visited every classroom to share pats, licks and cuddles.

A big thank you to our whole community who embraced this special day.

Year 6 Boys in Warrnambool

The Year 6 Boys Warrnambool Camp took place in the last week of term after previous attempts were postponed and cancelled because of all things COVID. What a joy it was to discover this coastal city and to learn about its history.

Placed outside of their comfort zone and in new environments, our students were so impressive and were praised everywhere they went. The local historian was ‘blown away’ that many of our students had conducted pre-reading and knew so much about the local history. They even discretely called him out on some slight errors in the presentation!

The Year 6 students are to be commended on an exceptional away from home experience.

The Year 6 Girls head off on their Ballarat Camp on Tuesday, 4 October and we are positive they will also have a wonderful experience.

Katrina Manson

Head of Castlefield (Brighton)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield (HPFC)

Welcome Back

We hope everyone enjoyed their well-deserved break and is ready to start Term 4.

We have some exciting events organised for Junior and Middle School this term.

  • Friday, 14 October: Year 7 bowling
  • Friday, 21 October: Year 6 bowling
  • Wednesday, 26 October: Junior School Halloween Disco
  • Friday, 11 November: Year 5 bowling

Look for notices in the myHaileybury app and we would also appreciate any help with organising these events, too.

Thank you

Monique Chapman

President, Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield