Campus News

Academic Awards Ceremony

The Senior School Semester 1 Academic Awards Ceremony was held on the first day back at school following our Chinese New Year break. It is a tradition at Haileybury to celebrate the academic success of our students and this was one of those special occasions.

During the ceremony, 112 awards were shared by 72 students from Years 10–12.

Our mid-year awards don’t only commend academic excellence, but those students who have demonstrated great persistence and effort across the semester. This recognition encourages students to continue their endeavours during the second half of the academic year.

Our Academic Excellence Awards recognise the top student in the year for each subject, with High Distinction being awarded to the top 10 per cent of their cohort.

Our Honours Awards recognise General Excellence and we give these in the categories of School Support and Leadership. General Excellence Awards acknowledge students for their wider community citizenship qualities and their dedication and positive contribution to a range of activities in the school and wider community.

School Support General Excellence Awards are presented to students who have made an outstanding contribution to community life, the development of culture and to school events. Leadership General Excellence Awards are awarded to students who have actively pursued and demonstrated outstanding leadership over and above their everyday responsibilities within Senior School.

House Awards

Last week our Head of Welfare, Mrs Linda Liu, and her Welfare team organised a wonderful Semester House Awards Ceremony. Throughout Semester 1, Purple (Zi De) House, Gold (Jin Shi) House, Blue (Lan Yue) House and Green (Lv Zhu) House competed in sports and academic competitions, such as the Athletics Carnival, soccer and basketball, spelling, debating and public speaking competitions.

The House Awards also recognised students who contributed above and beyond to their house through specially made house ties. Congratulations to all staff and students for their wonderful achievement in the first half of the year. I look forward to crowning the House Champions at the end of the year.

STEM Exhibition

Primary, Middle and Senior School attended the Haileybury STEM Exhibition that displayed the wonderful STEM Programs on offer to all students. Our Head of STEM, Mrs Summer Zhang, and her coordinators proudly demonstrated all the activities students can participate in during the semester, with some of the most popular choices being astronomy, aerial photography, 3D printing, Lego engineering and mini-experiments.

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin