Campus News

There is Plenty Happening at Our Sub-Schools

Our students and staff have been enjoying a very busy few weeks, with the key focus being academic progress across all the sub-schools.

Senior School students have been focusing on their night-study sessions in different departments, including key presentations for the preparation of the UK PhysicsBowl Contest. It has been particularly pleasing to see our new Semester 2 Senior students working hard during these sessions.

Primary School teachers have been focusing on open classes. Our Physical Education teacher, Ms Lily Wei, gave a demonstration swimming class with Year 3. It was impressive to see many of our students using a conventional freestyle stroke and technique. Our calligraphy teacher, Ms Rachel Zhang, gave a demonstration class called Tower Shaped Words with the Year 4 students.

Last week, Middle School hosted our weekly whole school Flag Raising Ceremony which celebrates the students’ Chinese traditional culture and language. The hosts of the ceremony were Tang Siyue (Year 9) and Zhao Tingxuan (Year 9) and the theme was Arbour Day which celebrates the planting, maintenance and preservation of trees.

On this day, people within the government, schools and businesses encourage communities to take part in tree planting activities to raise awareness of the importance of forests, increase forestry resources and improve the ecological environment. Middle School teacher, Mr Robert Wright, gave a special speech to the students.

Australian Mathematics Competition Awards

The ASDAN Australian Mathematics Competition was held for all students across all sub-schools earlier in the year and, last week, we celebrated the success of Haileybury students. The competition is one of the world’s largest in-school mathematics competitions and demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives. It has a 44-year history with over 16,000,000 participants from 32 countries.

In total, 68 Haileybury students won the Proficiency Prize, 16 students won the Credit Prize and five students won the Distinction Prize.

International Women’s Day Thank You

On Tuesday, 8 March, Haileybury celebrated International Women’s Day and recognised the contributions of our female staff and students. During their homeroom periods, all sub-schools discussed the history of International Women’s Day, focused on the importance of women and girls tackling challenges and pursuing their passions, and reflected on how boys and girls can create a better future for women across the globe.

Primary students sent special cards to their female teachers and Middle School students made posters to display in their classrooms. The School followed an annual tradition by giving staff a special gift.

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin