Campus News

Monitoring the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Haileybury community will be aware of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 over the past month in parts of China. This forced the closure of our School for three weeks and we have been working closely with Government officials and education bureaus within Wuqing and Tianjin to provide information and support to staff during lockdown.

I am pleased to say all our staff, parents and students are safe and healthy.

Seamless Switch to Online Learning

With some creativity, planning and a strong focus on student welfare, we have implemented a comprehensive online program across all sub-schools, including for the 71 students who remain at school.

Haileybury is using our regular learning and communication platforms and tools like WeChat, Office 365, Teams, OneNote, Edmodo, Tencent and WeChat Work to create e-learning communities and maintain close connections between teachers, students and parents.

Our youngest students are learning through daily stories and hands-on activities at home and our oldest students are solving complex equations and reading and analysing literature. They are all supported by dedicated staff who are creating assignments that are engaging and developmentally appropriate.

“The response from the school community during this time has been overwhelmingly positive.”
Yanni Galanis 

At a time of widespread uncertainty, e-learning has given Haileybury students, staff and families some familiarity and normality. Online learning has helped keep students busy and given them a feeling of connection to their classmates, although many are eager to return to school.

The Government and education bureaus have not officially set an opening date but have required Haileybury to prepare an in-depth document outlining how the school will operate when students and staff return.

I would like to thank our Chinese Principal, Mr Brian Gao, Head of Principal Unit, Ms Joy An, Head of Junior School, Ms Vivian Jia, Head of Senior School, Ms Cathy Qi, Head of Boarding, Mrs Nicole Li, Head of Logistics, Mr Onasis Liu, and Head of HR, Mr Adam Liu, for their tireless work.

Emotional Wellbeing

As students and staff continue to work remotely, the last few weeks have brought a focus on emotional wellbeing activities shared with our Haileybury community. Our school counsellors have been busy preparing presentations, videos, daily hints and extra reading materials for parents, staff and students.

They have covered topics like coping with uncertainty, time management, emotional strategies during tough times, independence at home and improving parent child relationships.

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin