Campus News

COVID-19 Outbreak

Haileybury continues to work closely with government officials and the education bureaus within Wuqing and Tianjin and the School has completed a month of online learning. The school leaders are now planning for the opening of the school.

Even though the government and education bureaus have not officially set an opening date, they require Haileybury to prepare an in-depth document of how we will operate when the School brings all students and staff back.

I would like to thank our Chinese principal, Brian Gao, Head of Principals Unit, Joy An, Head of Junior School, Vivian Jia, Head of Senior School, Cathy Qi, Head of Logistics, Onasis Liu, and Head of HR, Adam Liu, for their tireless work.

It is also pleasing once again to inform the wider Haileybury community that we have been in contact with our staff, parents and students and they are all safe and healthy.

Online Science Experiments

To stimulate students’ interest and enthusiasm in science and online learning during the pandemic, the government has provided opportunities for students to participate in online science competitions. So, Haileybury Middle School students and their science teachers have been busy testing their skills while in lockdown.

The competition requires students to design and perform an experiment that shows their basic understanding of simple science concepts and to submit a short video. Students have used simple materials found in their homes to complete experiments in mechanics, chemistry, biology, electromagnetism and astronomy.

HIST Senior School and the Outbreak

Haileybury Senior School has continued to effectively run the School remotely. Using Teams, every academic department is holding their normal weekly meetings and school leaders are connecting via video twice a week to plan the upcoming weeks.

Homeroom teachers are also conducting their morning tutor periods and reading the daily student bulletin. The bulletin contains important daily online learning teaching tips from our Head of Senior School, Cathy Qi, important welfare notices from our Head of Welfare, Linda Liu, and interesting facts and quizzes from all the Heads of Department.

The focus has now turned to making sure that our Year 12 students are fully prepared for their return and upcoming examinations that start in late May.

ASDAN Teacher Training

Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) is a world education charity and organisation that provides qualifications and accredited programmes for students and staff.

The first ASDAN China Teachers’ Forum on Quality Education in Schools was held online last week. The forum was an opportunity for several of our staff to discuss how to cultivate the learning ability and curiosity of students through an international education focus.

All Haileybury teachers received a quality education teacher training certificate from ASDAN.


International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin