Campus News

Students Make Their Return to School

During the past few weeks, our School Leaders have worked closely with Government officials and the education bureaus within Wuqing and Tianjin to go through our return to school plan and to welcome back our first group of students.

Students in Years 9 and 12 returned first with their teachers, and this week students in all other year levels returned with our remaining staff.

Our Principal’s Office, led by Joy An, held key meetings with all sub-schools to ensure systems and processes were in place to receive the students and to ensure teaching and learning plans are managed within the constraints of COVID-19 criteria.

Our school security personnel advised parents where to park and drop off their students and then escorted them to the registration checkpoints. After the students verified their health code, their luggage was disinfected, the school doctor tested their temperature and they passed through a special temperature measuring gate to be greeted by teachers.

Later that night students met in their homeroom to view a presentation on how their health and safety will be managed over the next few weeks. I also met with Year 12 students on their first day to make sure they understood their plan for the next three weeks leading to their examinations.

VTAC Workshop and Applications

In the past week, Year 12 students met with our Pathways and Career Department staff to complete their VTAC application for mid-year intakes into universities. Our Head of Pathways, Jacqueline Cui, gave students some training and a lecture on how to finalise their applications.

During the week, Mrs Cui and her team also held one-on-one interviews with students to deal with any last-minute questions and changes. The VCE and ATAR results are released on Thursday, 30 June, at 7.00 am Beijing time, with university offers sent to Northern Hemisphere Timetable (NHT) students in the first week of July.

We wish all our students much success!


International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin