Campus News

A Busy End of Academic Year

It was a busy end to the academic year for the Haileybury community, with many events to celebrate a successful 2021 into 2022 academic program.

Primary School held their annual Chinese Cultural Festival and parents, students and staff celebrated together with art, traditional singing and a special dance performance from the Grade 5 students.

Middle School concluded the year with Parent–Teacher Interviews in the gymnasium with families receiving feedback on their child’s achievements so far and how their children can continue to improve in the next academic year.

Senior School concluded their Term 1A Start Up program with some very special House events, including the induction of the Year 9 students into their respective House.

Tianjin Education Delegates Visit Haileybury

During the last week of the school year, various Tianjin Education delegates visited the School including Qin Zeming, Vice President of Tianjin Education Society, Zhao Pu, Deputy President and Secretary General, Chen Zipeng, Vice President of Tianjin Education Society, and Han Yinghong, Director and Professor of Education, Zhujiang College, and a number of municipal education society leaders.

Haileybury’s Executive Principal, Peter Rogerson, International Principal, Yanni Galanis, Chinese Principal, Brian Gao, and Vivian Jia, Vice Principal of Primary and Middle School received them warmly. They introduced Haileybury’s educational philosophy, development history and management model, and highlighted the School’s achievements over the past nine years.

International School Award

Recently, the International School Award Ceremony recognised Haileybury with the School receiving the award for the best ‘International School with Australian Characteristics’. The award recognises academic innovation that promotes the development of China’s international education and cultivates international talents. It also recognises Haileybury’s strong links to Australian teaching and education.

Peter Rogerson, Executive Principal of Haileybury, accepted the award on behalf of the School.“There are many schools in China that offer an Australian curriculum at the Years 10 to 12 high school level,” he said.

“Haileybury School in Tianjin has always maintained a close relationship with its Australian counterpart, especially in terms of teaching and management, to ensure the essence of Australian education is brought into the high school classroom. I am honoured to accept this award on behalf of Haileybury Tianjin School.”

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin