Campus News

Teacher’s Day

Haileybury Tianjin (HIST) recently celebrated Teacher’s Day (China) across the whole School. Several student-organised events were held throughout the day, including a special flag-raising ceremony where students read a poem to teachers and gave them flowers.

Mr Glenn Scarffe spoke on behalf of the teachers and described his love of teaching and his dedication to improving all students. Throughout the day, teachers were treated to gifts from the Human Resources Department and students.

Primary School and Middle School students prepared and delivered special ‘thank you’ messages and Senior School students held House activities with their teachers and shared their love and gratitude through games, food and gifts.

Year 12 Tie Ceremony

Recently, we held two very important events in the Haileybury Tianjin Theatre Auditorium—the Student Leadership Induction Assembly and the Principal’s Year 12 Tie Ceremony.

During the Year 12 Tie presentation, we gathered together all Year 12 students and I had the opportunity to remind them of the extra responsibility they all have as the most senior students in the School. They role model excellent behaviour in all facets of their school life and have a big impact on other students.

The Leadership Induction Assembly was an opportunity for the Senior School to celebrate the School and House Captains. It also reminds students that their induction as Haileybury student leaders is a testament to the confidence that the School community has in their leadership capability.

In her speech to the student body, our School Captain, Betty Cao, gave three insights to help students thrive on their leadership journey: be passionate, model the way, and show relentless determination to succeed.

Exploring Boundaries and Inner Motivation

Our two Haileybury Tianjin psychologists, Ms Mia Su and Ms Shawna Sun, gave two workshops to our Years 10 and 11 students.

The Year 10 workshop focused on Boundaries and students were introduced to healthy relationships and why boundaries are important in healthy relationships. The Year 11 workshop focused on Inner Motivation and how students can use certain skills to improve their intrinsic motivation to have control over their learning.

New Playground Equipment

During the summer break our Executive Principal, Mr Peter Rogerson, oversaw the design and implementation of our new outdoor playground. Located at the back of the Primary School, it has new spaces including mini-golf courses, basketball and soccer courts. It was pleasing to see Junior School students enjoying the facilities with smiling faces.

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, HIST