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Campus News

Primary School Garden Project

This year Barbara Zhu and her Primary School students have continued building, planting and using the on-site gardens for an integrated science, mathematics and language curriculum. They have installed a couple of new garden beds to grow soybeans, carrots, corn and to produce compost and there are also three new greenhouses. The greenhouses serve as a living laboratory to study plant needs and carry out a variety of experimental work.

In addition, students are studying the challenges and limitations of their space and brainstorming how to incorporate their garden into the School, and how to plan and expand their garden on the Haileybury grounds.

Be the Master of your Emotions

Senior School held a workshop for all students on how to better handle their emotions as part of their Wellbeing program. The workshop was conducted by Liu Shuting who has been involved in child education for 20 years. She is a senior national psychological consultant and is a special parenting expert for the Tianjin radio and television networks.

Ms Liu focused on teaching the students how to become better at managing their emotions and how to choose their reactions to bad situations. She also conducted role-plays to show students how to use different strategies to help deal with negative emotions.

GAP Students

The 2022 Haileybury GAP Student program concluded recently with our returning graduates having made a very positive impact on our younger students across the school. The GAP program enables our graduated students to discover a passion, build self-confidence and independence, and explore opportunities through hands-on learning within various departments across the School.

The students in our Junior School are always excited to have our GAP students return to spend a little time in their classes. The GAP students usually work a four-day week and typical duties involve classroom assistance with the Junior School English program and Year 12 classes, team teaching in art, and conducting special activities during our sports programs.

Middle School English Debating

As part of the Junior School English program, our Year 6 Middle School students participated in their bi-annual debate during the past few weeks. This is an important event for the students and is a great way to showcase the students’ English skills and to keep improving their written and oral communication skills.

The debate topics centred around social media and included some excellent well-researched arguments. Congratulations to all students! The Finals for Years 7 and 9 will be held over the coming weeks and will be shared via video with our Middle School parents.

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin