Campus News

Sharing the Love

Outward Looking and Future Focused

Our Senior School students shared the love on Valentine’s Day by selling roses to staff and students from our friends at Queen Street Flowers. There was much love spread around the campus and the students’ kind hearts and sharp minds determined that the Smith Family was a worthy charity for the proceeds raised.

The Smith Family is an independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves. So, they were a perfect partner for our goal of being outward looking and future focused. Our Social Justice pillar underpins our desire to raise awareness and to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our staff also enjoyed a pop-up Valentine’s Day Morning Tea where our City Executive team reminded every staff member how much we love and appreciate everything they do every day.

Leaders of the Future

In our recent Junior School Leadership Induction, we were delighted to see our students embracing the idea that leaders aren’t born leaders—they are made. We can all learn leadership skills and, at Haileybury, these start from an early age.

We have leaders in our Early Learning Centre who lead the line and set the example and we have Years 4 and 8 leaders, buddies and our House Captains and Campus Prefects in Senior School. There are also many different portfolios and responsibilities throughout the campus.

Our students in Year 4 are future leaders of their communities and they know the importance of using their kind hearts and sharp minds to make a difference.

The special honour of carrying the City flag is the role of the flag bearer and, this semester, our Junior School flag bearer is Elspeth Paul (Year 4). You can see from her big smile just how proud she is!

Congratulations to all our Captains for Semester 1, 2022.

Elspeth Paul Year 4

Early Learning Centre

Thinking of Others in the ELC

An important element of our ELC Program is our Social Thinking and Child Empowerment Curriculum. This curriculum introduces language used to identify emotions, provides tools to help self-regulate emotions, and explicitly teaches skills to support social interactions.

In the early years, children learn through play and their interactions with others, so supporting positive social engagement with peers is crucial in developing confidence, friendships and a sense of belonging.

Reception and Pre-Prep were thrilled to have Julie Liptak, our expert in Social Thinking, introduce some social and emotional concepts to children during a group time session. Julie unpacked concepts such as ‘The Group Plan’, ‘Comfortable and Uncomfortable Thoughts’ and ‘Blue, Green, Yellow and Red Zones’ of emotions. Concepts were introduced in engaging and age-appropriate ways to support children’s interest and develop their understanding

Upcoming Parent Information Session

We are excited to have Julie Liptak host our Parent Information Session via Zoom on Tuesday, 8 March. We invite all families to attend this session that will introduce a shared language and provide ways in which you can support your child with their social and emotional development outside the ELC.

Junior School

Our Year 4 Leaders Step Up

Our new Year 4 Leaders were inducted at our Inside Out court recently. In addition to our Semester 1 Leaders receiving their coveted badges, they were able to tell staff and parents in the audience how they would be leaders.

Our students focused on how they could display one of the Five Respectful Relationships pillars: Respect, Empathy, Kindness, Trust and Honesty. Some of their fantastic thoughts are below:

“As a House Captain, I will show respect by encouraging and supporting each and every house.”
Leo Oparkcharoen
“As the flag bearer captain, I shall display respect by taking care of the flag at every assembly.”
Elspeth Paul

Our Own ‘Little Tommy’

Our very own Hamilton Binnie Garcia (Year Prep) has been busy juggling his schoolwork with rehearsals for The Who’s Tommy, a musical performed at St Kilda’s Palais Theatre in late February. Hamilton played Little Tommy, lead singer of British band, The Who, in the multi-award-winning rock opera.

We are proud of Hamilton’s performances and the way he embodies our love of the Arts at Haileybury City.

Middle School

Welcoming Back our Wider Community

We have been thrilled to see many of you on site over the past few weeks—firstly, with our Meet and Greet at Inside Out and most recently at our Leaders Induction Assembly. It was wonderful to enjoy a coffee and muffin with parents of our leaders and to enjoy the fabulous Level 10 view.

Incursions Are Under Way

We have started the year with some important messages. Our Year 8 students enjoyed the power of story-telling with Mancave and Enlighten Education and our Years 5 and 7 students took part in CyberSafety workshops.

We encourage parents to talk with their young people about the important things they have learned from these experiences.

Keeping Busy

The start to the Dance and Aerobics year has been a busy one and students are already getting excited about upcoming competitions and routines.

A select group of Year 5 and 6 students also headed to Keysborough for an APS Swimming event and we are incredibly proud of their achievements this early in the year.

Marking International Women’s Day

Preparations are well under way for International Women’s Day on Tuesday, 8 March. We are looking forward to celebrating, reflecting and learning during a series of workshops that all our Middle School Students will participate in tomorrow.

Quality Teaching Research

Haileybury City will take part in an exciting new research project with the University of Newcastle that examines a style of teacher professional development called ‘Quality Teaching Rounds.’

The research will be conducted over Terms 1 and 2 and four of our Mathematics and English teachers, and some of their students, will be invited to participate.

Invitations will be sent out to relevant classes and student participation is entirely voluntary. Haileybury City is proud to take part in research that contributes to quality teaching across Australia.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort”
Paul J. Meyer

Caroline Merrick

Head of City

Haileybury Parents & Friends City (HPF City)

As we reach the Term One halfway mark, we are grateful to our City community for continuing to follow COVID-19 protective health requirements. These include mask wearing in the Basement Car Park at drop-off and pick-up times, hand sanitising and providing proof of vaccination to our Receptionists on Ground Floor prior to entering the school grounds.

Completing Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) each week is keeping our children and wider school community safe and minimises the risk of spreading the virus.

Our HPF City ‘Rooftop Party’ was a raging success with many parents and carers enjoying the opportunity to meet face-to-face with new and old friends while enjoying a delicious dinner and drinks.

As always, the Rooftop showcased the magnificence of our vertical school as we gazed across Flagstaff Gardens to the City buildings whilst the dark clouds and spots of rain did not deter the festivities.

A big thank you to all our HPF City Representatives and City Campus staff who helped behind the scenes to make this event run seamlessly.

If you would like to be in touch, always feel free to email We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Enjoy the upcoming long weekend.

Nina Brooks and Nadine Bissland

Co-Presidents, HPF City