Campus News

Arts Week is a Huge Hit

It’s been so long since we could get out and about in the city! So our Arts staff designed a fantastic collection of incursions and excursions to enrich, extend and experience arts for students in the heart of Melbourne.

Catching the tram to THE LUME exhibition to see Van Gogh’s work was a highlight for our Year 6 students. Being able to experience the work of a world-renowned artist so close to City campus is an extraordinary opportunity.

Sharing our Campus

We recently hosted the Future Schools Victorian State Tour where school leaders and principals from around the country joined us, heard from CEO|Principal, Derek Scott, and experienced our beautiful vertical campus.

Our student leaders spoke about what makes Haileybury City special and why they are proud to attend Haileybury. Our City Executive team showed the visitors around our campus and they saw our School in action.

We are so proud of our City culture and community and the way in which our students grow their kind hearts and sharp minds every day. It certainly shines through in their interactions with visitors, staff and each other. We continue to strive for ways to be outward looking and future focused so we can be recognised as a great world school.

Insight Trivia Question # 2

We love rewarding reading at City. If you have read this, your child can enter the Insight Trivia Challenge and one winner in each school will receive a prize. Students can submit their entry in the boxes in the ELC, JS, GMS or BMS by the end of next week.

The questions are:

ELC: What are our ELC students encouraged to eat first?

JS: What did Year 4 do that gave them an adrenaline rush?

MS: Where did Year 6 go during Arts Week?

Early Learning Centre

Healthy Foods and Growing Bodies

Reception children have been learning about healthy eating and how healthy foods support our growing bodies and impact our physical wellbeing. During mealtimes, children have been encouraged to eat their fruit or vegetables first and educators are seeing children reminding each other about the different types of healthy foods.

Healthy eating will continue to be highlighted through conversations and intentional teaching to promote a healthy lifestyle for the children in Reception and Pre-Prep.


Reception and Pre-Prep children also engage in ELC Fit which was developed by Mark Reed, Haileybury Head of Athletics. The program focuses on gross motor development using obstacles within a fast-paced course.

The program has also been embedded in our PE program and children have embraced the opportunity to challenge their abilities while developing fundamental movement skills like balancing, jumping and hopping.

Reception and Pre-Prep engage in ELC Fit for 20 minutes every Tuesday morning before their morning group times.

Junior School

Art on the Terrace

During Arts Week, our Junior School Art Captains organised a chalk drawing activity at recess and lunch. All students were encouraged to draw interesting patterns on the Level 3 terrace tiles. They loved designing their drawings and adding creativity to the outdoor space. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Off to Portsea

Excited shrieks filled the air as our Year 4 students experienced the adrenaline rush on the giant swing. Nerves turned to exhilaration as they were launched into the air, hair blowing in the wind. This was just one of the many highlights of the Portsea Camp.

The students engaged in three days of activities that strengthened their resilience, enhanced their communication skills and challenged them to collaborate with others to achieve outcomes. Listening to the flying fox safety instructions was pivotal before gliding through the air. Communication reigned supreme during the hut-building and orienteering activities and the beach walk and games allowed students to immerse themselves in the peninsula environment.

Our students challenged themselves during each activity, operated out of their comfort zones and formed strong connections with their fellow peers across different campuses. They relished developing skills outdoors and we thank Mr Tim Naughton and Ms Lizzy Gibney for taking the students to camp.

Middle School

In our first full term onsite in a few years, our Middle School are making the most of every moment! From Arts Week and our two Music Camps to our Years 7 and 8 Camps and Middle School in Action, we are so grateful to be able to run our programs and to connect with our City community again.

Immersed in the Arts

Arts Week saw every student in the Middle School immersed in the Arts through different excursions and experiences. Year 5 students enjoyed a walking tour of Melbourne and Year 6 had an outing to THE LUME. Year 7 students enjoyed Artvo and Year 8 students took part in a vocal workshop.

Everyone enjoyed lunchtime entertainment and performances on the terrace, meet and greet artists sessions, and a visit to the secret garden hiding in the Dance Studio!

A big thank you to Ms Rebecca Frith, Mr Michael England and Mrs Phillipa Bell who organised these enriching activities.

Middle School in Action

It was wonderful to see so many of you attend our Middle School in Action on Tuesday, 29 March. Students were so excited to be working with you and we hope you enjoyed the opportunity to be in our wonderful City classrooms and to experience our brilliant teaching and learning.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
Maya Angelou

Caroline Merrick

Head of City

Haileybury Parents & Friends City (HPF City)

In the lead-up to Easter and the end of Term 1—already—there is much activity on and off campus. Seeing our students and wider community enjoying extra-curricular activities and events is terrific.

The HPF City Second-hand Uniform Shop (SHUS) opened on Friday, 1 April, from 8.00 am to 9.00 am. If you have clothes you wish to sell on consignment, or to donate, please place freshly laundered or dry-cleaned items with completed information slips in the blue donation bins at the Reception and Basement Car Park entry.

Please remember that all donated items should adhere to the presentation standards required of students. Further information is available on the myHaileybury app.

A very big thank you to our SHUS Coordinator, Alice Johnson, and our volunteers assisting on the day.

Wishing everyone a restful term break and looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.

Nina Brooks & Nadine Bissland

Co-Presidents, HPF City