Campus News

Community Comes Together

Our staff and students have enjoyed being together again over the past week. We have celebrated successes, awarded badges for new leaders and grieved the loss of a wonderful teacher. Life is full of ups and downs and how we navigate these experiences is something we have been modelling for our students at City.

Our Zones of Regulation help us understand how to regulate our emotions. As adults, we know we have times in the green zone when we are happy, proud, calm and focused. We also know we will have times in the yellow zone when we feel worried, silly and excitable, and times in the red zone when we feel angry, overjoyed or panicked. There will also be times spent in the blue zone when we feel sad, tired or sick.

All these emotions are okay and the important thing is to recognise what we are feeling and to choose how we respond. As adults, we know we can feel all of these things in just one day!

With our children and young people, we use the metaphor of learning how to ‘drive our car’. Just as a new driver has 120 hours of expert teaching from a willing parent sitting beside them, I want to acknowledge the incredible work done at School by staff, and at home by families, to support our young people as they move through these challenging times.

If you require any additional support for your family, please reach out to the Heads of School for tips, strategies, advice or a listening ear. We are on the road with you for every speedhump, pothole or magnificent open highway.

Our City community is a strong partnership and I thank our families for supporting our campus and staff. Every student and staff member does indeed matter every day.

Early Learning Centre

Full ‘STEAM’ Ahead in the ELC

Sustainable practices have interwoven with science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) in the ELC. Pre-Preps learnt about the seven Rs of recycling as they collected scrap paper and shredded, pulped and repurposed it into recycled paper to be used for new and exciting creations.

Daily experiments have seen children explore chemical reactions, the water absorption of plants, and solid and liquid states of matter through the creation of oobleck.

The use of recycled materials has also seen children in Pre-Prep begin to create a ‘world’ using recycled yoghurt lids. As we complete the blue sea, this may explain any increased requests from your child for blueberry or vanilla yoghurt in lunchboxes! It is wonderful to see the excitement this project has created.

Meanwhile, Reception children have been discussing weather and where rain comes from. Using cotton wool balls, the children have created their own ‘clouds’ using coloured water to see the effects of what happens when the ‘cloud’ or cotton wool ball gets too full.

The end result of this experiment was a colourful page that represented rain that was complemented by natural resources used to create a landscape.

Play-based activities have created excitement with children building towers of different materials to rescue Rapunzel, and exploring directional language to move through a grid and reach destinations.

STEAM experiences will be offered throughout the year to inspire creativity, promote critical thinking, increase vocabulary and provide important opportunities for collaboration.

Junior School

100 Days of Prep

This week, our Prep students will celebrate the milestone of being at Haileybury City for 100 days. I know that parents and staff are amazed at the progress and growth they have shown from day one through to now.

Their writing, reading and numeracy skills have developed enormously and these will be on full display during their presentation in our Level 2 arts performance space. In the classroom and led by Prep teacher, Tracey Cronin, students will be engaging in a number of learning experiences using the theme ‘100’.

Their day will conclude with a journey to our Level 10 rooftop where parents and students will enjoy afternoon tea to celebrate their first milestone. It is a fantastic moment for our Preps who will contribute to our Junior School for years to come.

Year 4 Leaders Induction Assembly

Listening to our Year 4 Semester 2 Captains recite their pledge to staff, students and parents, it was clear that these young leaders have two key responsibilities this semester.

Firstly, as leaders of the Junior School, they must actively display our Respectful Relationships pillars of empathy, respect, kindness, trust and honesty. This could be offering support to a student in need, following teacher instructions, or including a fellow peer in a game.

In addition, our Semester 2 Captains will share ideas and drive initiatives that align with our 2022 goal which is ‘Outward looking and future focused’. They will work with our teaching staff to workshop ideas about how we can light up thinking and action in others.

Our Captains will be well supported by our superb Semester 1 leaders. We know that our Junior School students will follow the lead of our Captains to set a good example.

Middle School

Staying Connected

Ensuring our young people have opportunities to connect with their peers, teachers and the School has been a key focus for us as we start Term 3. Our students and staff have been well supported by our Haileybury Psychology team and we have enjoyed the chance as a community to enjoy each other’s company.

We would like to remind families that, if needed, there are many supports available inside and outside Haileybury. Ongoing support for our students comes in many forms and they are encouraged to speak with Heads of School, Homeroom Teachers, teaching staff and School psychologists. We are always here to support our students and families.

Semester 1 Academic Awards Celebration

On Monday, 25 July, our Middle School celebrated the success of our Colours and Merit recipients in our Semester 1 Academic Awards Assembly. We are so proud of our students for the dedication they showed to their studies and for embracing all that Haileybury has to offer in our first semester back on campus.

It was wonderful to welcome families to our assembly and we look forward to another successful semester ahead.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
Coretta Scott King

Caroline Merrick

Head of City

Haileybury Parents & Friends City (HPF City)

Welcome Back

On behalf of the HPF City, we extend our deepest and heartfelt condolences to Mitchell Williams’ family and loved ones. Always with a smile or a cheeky grin, he will be sorely missed by our School community.

As we commence Term 3, we hope the term break was enjoyed by our students and families.

During the course of this term, we encourage year level social events while remaining mindful of any COVID impacts. Look out for communications and invitations from your year level Social Representatives.

Our HPF Social Representative and Community meeting will be held on Monday, 1 August, via Zoom at 7.30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For further information please reach us via email

Hope you have a great start to Term 3.

Nina Brooks & Nadine Bissland

Co-Presidents, HPF City