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New Boarding House Broadens Our Horizons

This week, the new Boarding House at Haileybury Rendall School was transferred to our possession and became our newest school asset.

The facility was commissioned and funded with the Government as part of a 2018 agreement with Haileybury when the School took over from the previous Kormilda College institution. After years of planning and design, it has finally become a reality.

We already have over 90 boarders at our School, with the vast majority being Indigenous students from remote communities who are in Years 7 to 12. They reside in either Gumimba (boys) or Dewarra (girls).

The new facility will be open to international boarders from across south-east Asia and to domestic boarders from northern Australia who might otherwise travel south to boarding schools in Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth.

We will also welcome boarders from Melbourne who wish to enjoy a unique Haileybury VCE experience in the most beautiful part of Australia. Places will be available in the Secondary School for the start of 2023.

With the opening of the new 60-bed facility we have begun showcasing Haileybury Rendall School to the rest of the world. As we all know, Darwin is a great place to live and attend school. The attraction of the Northern Territory, closeness to Asia, and our reputation for providing excellent academic results via the VCE and excellent ATAR scores should generate great interest. Our extra-curricular programs and broad range of activities also deliver an all-round educational package.

Our School will be enhanced and enriched by motivated and determined students from across the globe who will benefit from our great teachers, robust learning programs and our welcoming community. Our projection of an increased number of students in the Senior School will also allow us to provide more subject choices and options for all.

We look forward to further celebrating our successes on the global stage.

Please contact me at Andrew.mcgregor@hrs.edu.au if you would like to know more.

Andrew McGregor

Principal, Haileybury Rendall School