Campus News

Thank you to all ELC, Junior School and Middle School parents and family members who attended last week’s online information sessions. Many parents let us know how appreciative they are of the work done by Haileybury staff and it has also been wonderful to see how quickly new students have settled into Haileybury. We are very glad they are with us!

Thank you too for your support and patience as we work through COVID-19 issues. It is a complex situation, but we will continue to do our utmost to provide the best possible education and care for our students.

Early Learning Centre

Settling In

It is wonderful to welcome our ELC families and to see so many smiling faces on the first few days of school. Over the coming weeks in Reception and Pre-Prep, the children will become familiar with their new environment, explore different learning experiences, meet new children and develop relationships with the educators in their room.

The first few weeks, particularly in Reception, can be difficult for some children as they settle in to their new environment. Your child’s educators will work with you to help make this transition into class as smooth as possible.

Play is such an important part of our program and helps children develop many new skills and practise the skills they have already learned. Play provides opportunities for children to grow social skills, cooperate with others, negotiate different roles, act out real life scenarios and build creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn,” O. Fred Donaldson, Play Specialist.

Below are some photos from our Reception and Pre-Prep classes.

Junior School

Congratulations to Our Junior School Leaders

We would like to congratulate our Year 4 Semester 1 Junior School Captains, House Captains and Assembly Captain. We are sure they will do a wonderful job.

Junior School Captains:

Dylan Goonewardene
Lucy Oliver

House Captains:

Koby Bilandzic
Olivia Salek
Lucas Yu
Erin Haakman
Oscar Jiang
Tessa Percival
Ethan Holmes
Sophie Johnston
Assembly Captain
Charlotte Salek

Zones of Regulation and Bucket Fillers

We will be continuing our Wellbeing Programs—The Zones of Regulation and Bucket Fillers—to help students with emotional awareness and self-regulation.

The Zones of Regulation helps children learn to recognise and communicate how they are feeling. Everyone experiences different emotions throughout the day and Zones of Regulation teaches children that this is perfectly normal. It teaches children how to regulate their emotions and then act in an appropriate way and it gives them strategies to get them back into their green zone.

The zones are:

Blue zone: a state of low alertness where our brains are sluggish or moving slowly.

Green zone: our regulated state of alertness where we are ready for anything and can do our best learning and socialising. This is the ideal zone to be in.

Yellow zone: we are in a heightened state of alertness and losing some control.

Red zone: we are not in control of our body and are having very intense feelings.

The Bucket Filler Program teaches children to grow in kindness, self-control, resilience and forgiveness which lead to a happier life. The Program says there are three rules:

  1. Be a bucket filler. Be kind.
  2. Do your best not to dip. Don’t be mean.
  3. Use your lid—protect your bucket and the buckets of others.

Middle School

Year 8 Leaders Take the Reins

Congratulations to our Year 8 Leadership Team who were inducted during the first assembly of 2022.

Ably led by Isabelle Tomah (Girls Middle School Captain) and Vedant Gupta (Boys Middle School Captain), this group will be great ambassadors and will work closely with staff and students to contribute to the culture of our Middle School.

Middle School Captain
Isabelle Tomah
Vedant Gupta
Sports Captain
Lia Adams
Alex McLatchie
Flag Bearer
Lily Song
Callen Brydon
Social Justice Captain
Lavanya Samarawickrama
Hrish Gukananthan
Music Captain
Dulini Perera
Charlie Donnellan
Drama Captain
Tyla Slater
Mitchell Johnson
Art Captain
Isha Raj
Athsayan Suthakaran
Publications Captain
Ayanna Arora
Ranuga Silva
Anderson Captain
Ashlyn Scott
Jonah Youssef
Campbell Captain
Lucinda Vail
Stefan Dodic
Reynolds Captain
Aiyana Rajakaruna
Nitesh Jayasinghe
Thompson Captain
Ireland Cotter
Christian Lettieri
STEM Captain
Angela Li
Alan Xia
LEAP Captain
Charlize Blackley
Zak Utten

School Photos

Thursday, 17 February, is school photo day. All students are reminded to wear full summer uniform with hair neatly tied back for girls, and hair cut short, neat and tidy for boys.

Start of Saturday Sport

Our Years 7 and 8 students have enjoyed participating in their first rounds of Saturday Sport. This has been a wonderful opportunity to meet students from other campuses and to form new relationships with other Haileyburians.

Jeanette Rawlings

Head of Edrington (Berwick)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Edrington (HPFE)

It’s all happening!

How good is it to be back?! We have an action-packed term ahead!

Shrove Tuesday: Tuesday, 1 March

ELC Family Morning: Saturday, 5 March

JS Fun Night: Friday, 1 April

We will send out more information soon. If you are available to help flip pancakes for an hour or so in the morning on Tuesday, 1 March, please get in contact.

Our next HPFE meeting is on Friday, 11 March, at 2.15 pm in the Pavilion. Come along, have a cuppa and get involved.

See you all soon,

Kerry Ilic

HPFE President