Campus News

Our Community

It has been wonderful to see our community together again for campus events. The ELC and Junior School children loved every minute of the House Athletics and we had well over 100 family members in attendance. The students tried their very best and enjoyed cheering each other on.

A highlight of the afternoon was the Parent Race. We certainly have some very fast parents! The Middle School students also had a very enjoyable track and field when they took part in their House Athletics event. There was a great sense of competition, as well as encouragement, for fellow competitors.

Prep Parent Coffee Morning

The parents of Prep children enjoyed catching up with each other over coffee last week. It has been a very smooth and successful start to the year for our Prep children and the parents were so glad to be able to meet with each other on campus.

Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day

The ELC and Junior School children are very excited about welcoming their grandparents and special friends to Edrington. This day will be held on Tuesday, 22 March, from 8.45 am – 11.00 am.

Edrington Family Picnic

All ELC, Junior School and Middle School families are welcome to attend the Edrington Family Picnic on Friday, 1 April, from 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm. Bring along picnic rugs and chairs and enjoy the rides, food trucks and simply being together.

Early Learning Centre

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a key focus in the ELC as children need the right foods to sustain them throughout the day. In the ELC, we discuss a rainbow of foods and encourage children to identify different coloured fruits and vegetables and eat a rainbow of foods during the day. The differences between healthy food and ‘sometimes’ food—yummy treats like fast food and lollies—is also discussed with children.

Mealtimes can be a very difficult time for some children and families, especially with fussy eaters. Some tips to help families include:

  • Eat together at the table as a family at a regular time at least once per day. Encourage your child to sit at the table. TV and devices should not be used at meal times.
  • Modelling good eating habits is an important tool in teaching children good habits.
  • Serve a mixture of familiar foods and new foods you would like children to try. Children will often reject new foods but giving them to children many times during consecutive days helps children feel confident in trying new foods. Do not offer an alternative snack or drink.
  • Helping to prepare food and set the table enables children to feel in control and part of the experience.

For more tips and information please visit The Australian Parenting Website.

Some other suggestions are that when you pack your child’s lunchbox for school, don’t overfill it. Think about what your child would eat at home and pack the same amount. It can be very overwhelming for a child to open their lunchbox knowing they’re expected to eat everything inside.

We ask parents to pack fruit and vegetables in their child’s lunchbox daily. We also ask that on Tuesdays and Thursdays you don’t send in foods with packaging, as these will be nude food days. If your child is used to eating hot meals for lunch, continue this practice by sending a thermos to school and always send foods familiar to your child.

Treats are fun and delicious, however, we ask you to save these for home as they can be a distraction to children.

Junior School

Exploring Year 1 Drama

Our Year 1 students had a wonderful time in drama recently, exploring animals and wearing masks. As you can see, there was an interesting menagerie of wild animals at Edrington!

Things Heat up in Year 2 Science

Our Year 2 students recently ventured into the science labs to explore physical science. They predicted and then observed which material would melt butter first. A cube of butter was placed in the middle of a lid and a flag was placed into the butter to identify it. Lids of different materials were then placed in the tub of warm water and students observed which butter melted faster.

It was a fantastic lesson that explored how heat moves through different materials.

Middle School

Getting into the Spirit of Athletics

It was great to see our Middle School students getting into the House spirit for this year’s House Athletics Competition. Congratulations to Thompson for taking out the first competition of the year.

Students are looking forward to the next House competition scheduled for Friday, 1 April. Houses will compete in the categories of Singing, Dance, Drama, Media and Art.

Getting out of Their Comfort Zone

From Monday, 4 April to Friday, 8 April, the entire Years 7 and 8 Girls and Boys cohort will go on their respective camps. The mild weather makes this a great time of year for camps and it’s also an opportune time to develop new friendships through shared experiences and challenges.

The camping program is a valuable learning experience for all students. It’s a time to step outside their comfort zone and try something new with the support of teachers and peers, while starting to form their own identity away from the familiarity of home.

The Year 7 camp is an introductory expedition that sees students spend five days and four nights between Camp Jungai and the Goulburn River. In Camp Jungai, students sleep in cabin accommodation for two nights and undertake activities designed to foster teamwork and problem-solving skills that students can use throughout the year.

During the Year 8 camp, students will be bush walking, cycling and canoeing at Lake Eildon. Students build on their experience from Year 7 with all nights spent in tents and students moving campsites daily.

Jeanette Rawlings

Head of Edrington (Berwick)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Edrington (HPFE)

We’re off and racing! Our Class Reps have been appointed, coffee dates are being set, Winter Warmers is on (again!) and we have a massive fun night planned for the Family Picnic.

The Pre-Senior Boys are about to receive their table tennis table and we are working closely with Adam Tobin to host the Middle School TT Cup!

Pancake Day was a huge success. Together, the ELC, JS and Middle School raised $952.00 for Uniting Care—a phenomenal effort!

The uniform shop is open every Wednesday morning. Get in quick to stock up ready for the winter season!

Take care out there,

Kerry Ilic

HPFE President