Meet Two Inspirational Donors

Haileybury Foundation is blessed to have a large number of donors who, through their long association with Haileybury, love giving back to the School.

Roger Holding (’66) has long been a highly engaged member of the Haileybury community.

Mr Holding, a retired Chartered Accountant, has moved back to Melbourne after spending much of his working life in Geelong. He and his wife, Debra, a former President of the Old Geelong Collegians Association, met at a combined alumni dinner many years ago. Mr Holding is a former President of the Old Haileyburians Association and served as Haileybury’s representative on the APS Past Students Golf Committee for many years.

He says that he maintains his connections with Haileybury due to “watching a school expand its culture and be at the forefront of providing an unequalled educational experience.” He is impressed by the development of the City campus and Haileybury’s unique work in Beijing.

Mr Holding is a member of the 1892 Circle and the Winged Heart Society. While contributing an annual gift to the Haileybury Scholarship Fund (1892 Scholarship), he has also decided to leave a bequest to Haileybury Foundation to “help those who have the ability but not the opportunity.”

Mr Holding wants to see young people achieve their potential and enjoy the incredible experiences that a Haileybury education offers.

Dr Douglas Travis (’74), a semi-retired urologist, has carved an impressive clinical career combining business, management and outstanding medical services. He has also held roles such as Director of Surgery at one of Melbourne’s largest public hospitals, run his own private practice and held the position of Victorian President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

Dr Travis is proudly supporting three students who are beneficiaries of the Douglas Travis Scholarships. The inaugural recipient was Vinith Imayavasan (Year 11, Berwick) with more recent recipients being, Bhanu Mahendran (Year 8, Newlands) and Makenzie Edwards (Year 7, City).

Dr Travis spent considerable time with Haileybury Foundation staff interviewing potential candidates for the scholarships. He hopes that students will be able to find their tomorrow with a life-changing Haileybury education.

“It is attitude, mixed with aptitude that will determine your altitude,” he says.

“I have seen many a patient who could have carved out a brilliant career, but the inability to afford an education at a leading private school denied them the opportunity to nurture and grow their brilliance into something that could transform the ordinary into greatness.”

We are incredibly grateful for the contribution that Dr Travis makes and we have no doubt that he is making a significant difference to those students he is supporting and to Haileybury and society as a whole.

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