Giving Back to Help Future Leaders Soar

On Thursday, 11 August 2022 something special is happening at Haileybury.

Haileybury will hold its very first Giving Day that aims to provide a scholarship for a student who would otherwise have no opportunity to attend our School.

The funds raised from the Giving Day will provide a scholarship that will be known as the Haileybury 130 Scholarship and that will celebrate 130 years of Haileybury. It will be open to a student in Year 7, 9 or 10 to attend any of Haileybury’s Melbourne campuses.

During the 24 hours of Giving Day, our aim is to secure 400 donors from our Old Haileyburians community, and 100 per cent of all funds raised on the day will go to the Haileybury 130 Scholarship. All donations received on the day will also be doubled thanks to the generosity of our Matching Donors.

The Giving Day campaign will run online for 24 hours and there will be a series of events, activations and communications in the months leading up to the day, to raise awareness of the campaign.

Regardless of their size, all donations will contribute to an amazing cause that will change a student’s life forever.

All Giving Day donors will be notified of the first scholarship recipient who will be announced in September 2022 and they will receive regular updates on the student’s progress throughout their time at Haileybury. The student will join Haileybury at the start of the 2023 school year.

All donations to the Haileybury Foundation have a significant impact. For more information on how you can assist, please contact:

Russell Davidson, Director of Development & Alumni Relations at

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