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Where Are They Now – Sarah Carrier (OH 2012)

After graduating, Sarah Carrier (OH 2012) enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts/Law at Monash University. She completed two years of the course before switching to a Bachelor of Arts/Science.

It was one of the best decisions she has ever made because the switch led to Sarah meeting her partner!

During her degree, Sarah studied abroad and this included learning about the refugee experience in Vietnam and Indonesia and the reconciliation process in post-conflict Rwanda and South Africa.

She completed Honours in Psychology and is currently completing a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology and hopes to finish – “finally” – later this year.

Sarah’s PhD research focuses on the non-pharmacological management of agitation during the early recovery period following traumatic brain injury. She has published several research papers in this area.

Clinically, Sarah works at Epworth Research as a Project Manager where she conducts cognitive assessments with patients who have sustained an acquired brain injury. After her PhD, Sarah hopes to work as a clinical neuropsychologist and a researcher and she is passionate about supporting people with neurological conditions.

On a personal note, Sarah has kept up her running and triathlon training from her Haileybury days and her proudest achievement so far is completing a Half Ironman earlier this year!

That’s an awesome effort on the study and home front, Sarah!

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Kylie Phillips

Development Office Operations Lead