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Anzac Day

Congratulations to Chiara Maiorino (Year 12) who was selected by Dingley Rotary Club to present the Anzac Day Address at the Dawn Service this year. Chiara’s moving speech titled ‘1919’ captured the spirit of the Anzacs through the stories of World War I soldiers from the local area, highlighting their sacrifices as well as their enduring legacy of freedom.

Haileybury Dance and Aerobics Display

On the evening of Tuesday, 3 May, approximately 220 Haileybury students from Years 5 to 12 and from across our four Melbourne campuses, performed their dance and aerobics routines to a sold-out crowd at The Drum Theatre in Dandenong. For many, it was their first appearance on stage and, understandably, they were just a little nervous.

This is the only opportunity for audiences to enjoy our dance and aerobics competitors at the one venue, as competitions are usually held on different days. Display Night provides a wonderful chance to see the progression students make from starting out in Year 5 to the amazingly technical routines of our Senior School students.

As one parent later emailed: ‘I had family with me who could not believe they were all students! The school was done proud last night.’

Subject Selection

This term, Years 9, 10 and 11 students will begin the subject selection process. The Information Evening for our Pre-Seniors was held on Tuesday, 3 May, and a copy of the recording can be found on myHaileybury.

The Subject Expo will be held on Tuesday, 17 May, online with details to be provided. It will give students and parents access to material that will enable everyone to make good subject choices.

It may also help to visit the VTAC website (the central admissions centre for most undergraduate university and TAFE courses) and the VCAA website. The VCAA sets guidelines for what Prep to Year 12 students learn in Victorian schools.

If needed, you can make an appointment with one of our Careers Advisers. Your child’s Head of House or Head of Pre-Senior can help you do this.

Meaningful May

The beginning of a new term brings with it a fresh start and the opportunity to re-set and review priorities and habits across all areas, including wellbeing. Many Senior School students will have re-adjusted to life after lengthy lockdowns. However, for some students, the re-adjustment may still present challenges and they may require support and guidance to adjust.

A great way to reflect on your wellbeing and that of your young person, as well as to start new habits, is to try some ideas from the Meaningful May Calendar that encourage kindness and promote a calmer mind.

Remember, if you need any extra support, please reach out to pastoral care staff at School, including your child’s Tutor or Head of House. We also have amazing psychologists at every campus who are available at school to support your child.

Other additional contacts for support outside of school include:

  • Your GP can review your child and offer recommendations for support providers
  • Kids Helpline offers free 24-hour telephone support or online chat for children on 1800 55 1800
  • eHeadspace offers free telephone or online chat support on 1800 650 890
  • Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the suicide call back service on 1300 659 467 offers free 24-hour support for adults
  • Parentline 13 22 89 or Parentline - DFFH Services.

Neringa Smith (Psychologist – Keysborough/City) & Maria Bailey (Director of Counselling/Psychologist)

Engaging Adolescents Program

Haileybury Psychologists are again offering the Engaging AdolescentsProgram to our Year 9 parent community. The online program will be delivered by Neringa Smith (Psychologist at Keysborough and City) and Elicia Clarke (Psychologist at Brighton).

Engaging Adolescents is a three‐session (two hours per session) course for parents and carers of teenagers and pre-teens. Parenting adolescents can be challenging and regularly leaves parents struggling with what to do. Drawing on psychologist Michael Hawton’s 30 years of experience, Engaging Adolescents is a practical guide to help parents better understand their teen and to steer them through the challenging times with confidence.

It provides practical ideas on preparing for, and holding, tough conversations, fostering a stronger relationship with teenagers and supporting them to manage their own behaviour and emotional reactions.

If you would like to attend this program, please register via the TryBooking link that will be sent out via the myHaileybury app.

Young People and Sexuality

Readily available and aggressively marketed online, exposure to hardcore pornography is now mainstream. For some young people, porn has become a default sex educator and this has serious implications for a young person’s capacity to negotiate free and full consent and for mutual respect, sexual health and gender equality.

Young people need support to navigate respectful, consenting and safe sexuality and relationships. Pornography is a challenging topic, but it is one we cannot afford to ignore.

In this webinar session, Maree Crabbe, Director of the Australian violence prevention project, It’s time we talked, will outline how pornography is impacting young people and what schools and parents can do to address it. Details on how to join the webinar today, 16 May, at 7.00 pm are on the myHaileybury app.

Multilingual Karaoke Event takes the Quad by Storm

Accompanied by cheery weather and warm sun, the Keysborough Senior School Quad hosted the Annual Multilingual Karaoke Competition on Thursday, 5 May.

Students from different campuses took park and they all confidently performed beautiful songs in a variety of languages. Amazing delicacies were also provided including bubble tea, bento boxes and croissants.

The melodies delivered so passionately by the singers were met with great applause and cheer as duos, groups and soloists lit up the stage. The competition also provided an opportunity to experience the musical aspects of many cultures.

Well done to everyone involved!

Senior School Sport Expectations

The Sport program at Haileybury is integral to developing the well-rounded Haileyburian student and team success is dependent on all students attending Tuesday training and Saturday competition. As such, all students are expected to train on Tuesday afternoons during sport time.

It is a condition of enrolment in the Senior School that all students participate in compulsory Saturday competition. Should there be a valid and genuine reason for being unavailable, then notification—as with all absences—must be verified by a parent and is expected to be received well in advance.

On the very rare occasions that a student becomes ill on a Friday night or Saturday morning, parents need to communicate this message to their child’s coach via email and follow up with a medical certificate emailed to the relevant Head of Sport. Coaches’ emails are available at the top of your child’s team sheet.

To reiterate our school policy, should your child need to leave school for an appointment and miss Tuesday sport training, a medical certificate will need to be emailed to the relevant Head of Sport the following day. Haileybury asks that students and parents avoid making appointments on Tuesday afternoons during sport training. Parents of students who are at school and unable to train must contact the school, prior to training commencing, explaining the circumstances.

The Haileybury Sports Department values your support of the programs that run on Tuesday afternoons and on Saturday mornings.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Congratulations

Congratulations to Jonathan Benjamin (Year 12) on achieving his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. His efforts display huge commitment, motivation and resilience to this internationally recognised award.

Pam Chamberlain

Senior Vice Principal and Head of Haileybury Senior Schools

Haileybury Parents & Friends Keysborough (HPFK)

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If you have any queries or would like to contact the HPFK, please email:

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