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Fight MND – Rendall House Leads Social Justice Initiative

The students of Rendall House, ably supported by their Head of House, Marc Vegter, have recently raised over $10,000 for their house charity, Fight MND.

In a fundraising effort that includes every Melbourne Haileybury campus, Rendall house sold Fight MND beanies and socks to students from ELC to Year 12.

The fundraising continues on Wednesday, 15 June with a teacher ice-bucket challenge, inflatable activities, BBQ, chocolate toss and an AFLW St Kilda Football Club football clinic for the Junior and Middle Schools.

The Fight MND movement has a significant link to the Haileybury community. The Foundation was founded by the late Dr Ian Davis (OH 1995). In 2011, at the age of 33, Ian was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and sadly he died in late 2018. In 2019, Ian was posthumously awarded the Old Haileyburians Association Medal, the Association’s highest honour.

As a community, we continue his fight.

FISAF Super Series

Congratulations to our senior aerobics girls who competed at the FISAF Super Series competition on Saturday, 28 May. We had entries from teams, pairs and singles with Chili Andrews (Year 9) suddenly finding herself in the singles comp after her pairs partner left Haileybury just a few weeks before the competition.

The results were as follows:

Alexie Briggs (Yr 11) Sec Singles: 1st
Chili Andrews (Yr 9) Sec Singles: 4th
Secondary Pairs:
Tara Traficante (Yr 12) & Tess Schutz (Yr 12): 2nd
Amali Gadd (Yr 11) & Chloe Rouse (Yr 11): 3rd
Olivia Taberner (Yr 12) & Emma Cahill (Yr 12): 4th
Secondary Small Team: 1st
Liv Kitchen (Yr 11)
Tess Schutz (Yr 12)
Tara Traficante (Yr 12)
Chloe Rouse (Yr 11)
Amali Gadd (Yr 11)
Secondary Advanced teams: 1st
Eliza Main (Yr 11)
Alexie Briggs (Yr 11)
Kloe Lashkariov-Lee (Yr 12)
Alessia Tzouvelis (Yr 11)
Lo-Arna McCann-Loader (Yr 11)
Madison Le (Yr 11)
Secondary Advanced teams: 3rd
Steph Liddell (Yr 10)
Ruby Nuttall (Yr 10)
Jacinta Bennett (Yr 12)
Tehya Jacob (Yr 12)
Hasareli Dassanayake (Yr 10)
Emma Cahill (Yr 12)
Secondary Large Teams: 1st
Chili Andrews (Yr 9)
Elise Levalds (Yr 9)
Sarah Turner (Yr 9)
Norah Agha (Yr 10)
Sami Virnik (Yr 12)
Olivia Taberner (Yr 12)

Our OHA pair, Jessie Curtain (OH 2014) and Emma Broadbent (OH 2019) came third in their section and are both coaches for us. All entries are sitting in great positions for States on Saturday, 23 July, where they will compete for a berth at the Nationals.

Going for Gold with the Duke of Edinburgh

As part of his Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, Roger He (OH 2021) has just completed a Cultural Exploration and Residential Project. Roger attended the Residential Project, ‘Recalibrate’ at Buchan, Victoria where he took part in personal retreat and mindfulness sessions and contributed to the ongoing environmental restoration of the Snowy River National Park.

'Overall, I felt very happy with my experience completing the Recalibrate Residential Project with Outward Bound. Being out in nature for a longer period of time and doing ‘proper’ camping were things I thought I would never get to experience again, but thankfully I was given the opportunity to do so on this program. I came away from the program feeling more mindful and connected. There are many things I took away from it that I want to incorporate into my life, such as using less technology and doing mindful meditation more frequently to help reduce stress levels. I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to connect with other people in a safe environment, and I got to learn the different stories and backgrounds of the other people who were also on this camp,' says Roger.

Roger has also kindly provided us with a short slideshow relating to his Cultural Exploration of Melbourne. Please click the button below to view it.

Chess Talents On Show

Congratulations to Timothy Hu (Year 11), Wei Bo Soo (Year 11) and Chloe Fan (Year 9) who attended Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School to compete in the Northern Star Chess Secondary Open Zonal on Monday, 16 May.

Haileybury came in fifth overall, which is an amazing achievement.

Pam Chamberlain

Senior Vice Principal and Head of Haileybury Senior Schools

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