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I hope the time away from classes has provided an opportunity for our students to get some well-earned rest, as well as some time to prepare for exams. The trial exams provided a great basis for students to practice their examination techniques and to identify any gaps in their learning.

Revision sessions have been running at Haileybury throughout the holidays and I know many of our students have been to other revision programs offered during the last fortnight. Our Year 12 students will have only two weeks of classes in Term 4 and it is crucial that they make the most of this time.

The last few days for our Year 12 students are often filled with mixed emotions. Feelings of excitement at beginning life away from school have to be contained by a strong commitment to finishing the year well and preparing for examinations.

I hope our graduating students maintain a connection with their school—we all enjoy seeing ‘Old Haileyburians' return to tell us of their activities.

On Monday, 26 September I was pleased to see a Herald Sun article, ’Students get an Early Start-Up’ referring to Haileybury’s Enterprise Academy. The Academy is led by our Head of Entrepreneurship, Damien Meunier, and provides a wonderful opportunity for students to become innovative and creative thinkers.

My best wishes to you all and sincere thanks for your support.

Image from the Herald Sun

Game Plan Coaching

Recently, our Years 11 and 12 students attended a Game Plan Coaching session. Game Plan's School Programs focus on maximising student potential through positive study habits while fostering important wellbeing behaviours in students.

Summer Uniform

Finally, summer uniform may be worn from Monday, 3 October, with two weeks when winter uniform may be worn. Year 12s are required to wear full winter uniform for Graduation.

Pam Chamberlain

Senior Vice Principal and Head of Haileybury Senior Schools

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This year our target is to reach 1,000 Haileybury HPFK Facebook Group members. If you would like to connect with our community, please join our Facebook page.

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