Sport Report


Olamide Araba (Year 11) competed at the Victorian Relay Championships. Her team finished third in the 4x100m and clinched the Women’s U18 Bronze Medal—a wonderful result for Ola and her team.

Amy Bunnage (OHA 21) won her first professional athletic event recently. She impressively won the Dancing with The Black Dog Beachside Gift Women’s 2 Mile Championship. Amy took home the winner’s cheque and signed some caps to keep her fans happy. She launches her State and National campaign soon as she looks towards a World Junior Championship spot.

Commitment to Participation at a High

Congratulations to our Haileybury sporting community for its commitment. In these uncertain times, Haileybury is still recording well over 90 per cent participation in our sports and activities. Well done!

Sean Allcock

Director of Haileybury Sport