Sport Report

Heads of the River

The Heads of the River Regatta was recently conducted in Nagambie. The event is the culmination of hours of training over the course of the year by our rowers and, under the guidance of Alasdair Aikman (Head of Rowing), they performed outstandingly well. Many crews achieved season Personal Bests but, most of all, they simply enjoyed the sport of rowing.

We thank the Magenta Club Parents Group for all their support this season and the Haileybury Rowing Team:

Alasdair Aikman, Head of Rowing (B&G)

David Alexander, Boatman

Madeleine Matheson, Girls Coordinator

Clare Gilheany, Boys Coordinator

Lisa Fraumano-Braddy, Student Welfare Coordinator

Charlotte Brady, Teacher in Charge

Belinda Malone, Rowing Administrator

State Touch Rugby Champions

On Tuesday, 29 March, Haileybury teams took part in the State Touch Rugby Championships. The boys’ and girls’ teams performed very well against some strong competition and all teams qualified for the finals, before succumbing to stronger opposition. All students represented Haileybury with pride and had lots of fun.

Winter Sport

Winter Sport training has commenced and will return in earnest during the first week back in Term 2. Please be prepared for the sport change over and allow enough time to purchase winter uniforms.

Swimming and Diving

Well done to all APS Swimming and Diving competitors whose determination and hard work throughout the season saw them finish 4th overall—a wonderful effort.

All girls swam amazingly well. Some exceptional performances included Alana McDuff (Year 8) who finished first in the Under 14 50 Metre Butterfly, Freestyle and Backstroke events. Anya Dong (Year 7) came first in her Under 13 Backstroke event. Injury saw Octavia Mahoney (Year 6) wearing a moon boot until a few weeks ago but she won her Under 13 50 Metre Freestyle event.

The girls in the Under 13 Relay also came out with a first place and congratulations to Yolande Wu, Imogen Murphy, Octavia Mahoney and Zara Evans who are all in Year 6.

The divers once again proved to be a developing squad with outstanding performances across the board. These included:

Makenzie Edwards (Year 7) Second place in the Under 14A division

Olivia Dunbar (Year 7) Winner of the Under 14B division

Ashlee Arendse (Year 11) Winner of Open A division

Luis Garnaut (Year 9) Second place in the Under 15A division

Anthony Simonelli (Year 10) Second place in the Under 16B division

Liam Davies (Year 10) Second place in the Under 17A division

Brodie Lawrence (Year 10) Third place in the Under 17B division

Blake Connors (Year 11) Third place in Open A division

Congratulations to all swimmers and divers who demonstrated a wonderful inclusive and supportive culture with everyone being supportive and caring towards each other.

APS Representative Matches

The APS Representative matches will be played this week with teams comprised of the best players in their chosen sports. Teams will play against a representative team from the AGSV. Congratulations to the following students who were selected for their chosen sports:

Ryan Nguyen (Year 11), Daniel Noura (Year 9), Izac Ooi (Year 11), Lisha Dhulipalla (Year 11), Olivia Moir (Year 11), Amelia Zylberman (Year 10), Alana Brook (Year 11), Chanel Bryant (Year 11), Indi Marostica (Year 11), Bianca Anderson (Year 11), Gemma Constable (Year 10), Edie Piastri (Year 11), Ella Kirkwood-Scott (Year 12), Poppy Murdoch (Year 11), Ruby Murdoch (Year 11), and Christina Roberts (Year 11).

Australian Hockey Squad Selection

Haileybury Girls Sport Captain, Josie Lawton (Year 12) has been selected in the U21 Women’s Australian Hockey Squad—the Jillaroos. Josie will represent Australia at the Junior Hockey World Cup later in the year. We wish her all the very best.

Sean Allcock

Director of Haileybury Sport