Primary School of the Year - Non-government

The early years are critical in providing students with a successful start to their education journey.

Haileybury’s primary program, which ensures that every child reaches their potential, have been recognised with the Australian Education Awards Primary School of the Year – Non-government award.

Our Junior Schools were already acclaimed for innovations such as the Explicit Teaching Model, which we share with over 100 schools nationally through the Haileybury Institute.

We also pioneered the Parallel Education Model, which allows boys and girls to learn together in their younger years, and then separately in most classes from Year 5.

Judges praised Haileybury’s primary program for its consistent high standards, extensive extracurricular programs, student data and balanced approach to the whole child.

CEO | Principal Derek Scott says the award reflects Haileybury’s innovation, outstanding programs, exceptional staff, and global vision, which saw it shine during online learning due to COVID-19.

“Our primary programs provide the strongest possible foundation and came into their own in 2020, ensuring that students maintained their high standards during the pandemic,” Derek says.

From Day 1, Haileybury nurtures excellence through individually tailored primary programs that support pupils in having fun, building resilience, and thriving academically and personally.

Each Haileybury child is valued across all aspects of the curriculum, making Inquiry, wellbeing, Science, Art, Music, Drama, CDT, Chinese, PE, Sport and Library important.

Students learn in an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect, and strong pastoral care. Teaching programs meet their individual needs and interests, while developing self-esteem and confidence.

Social justice is also promoted from a young age through a range of community-based opportunities.

The Primary School Curriculum Team works across four Melbourne campuses to create a program consistent across the School. The same concepts are taught at each year level, based on moderation documents that specify high standards and benchmarks.

Regular modelling, coaching and weekly teaching and learning meetings ensure that teachers uniformly deliver the Explicit Teaching Model.

All of this is managed while adhering to our guiding ethos that ‘every student matters every day’ and ensuring that parents and carers are genuine education partners.

Technology and entrepreneurship are also a focus, through programs such as HaileyburyX, to ensure that students will be ready for a constantly changing world.

To do all this, we need the best teachers. Haileybury celebrates excellence in teaching by hiring talented staff and providing them with leading professional learning opportunities.

It all adds up to an unparalleled learning environment, consistently high NAPLAN results and the best possible start for our students.

Deputy Principal (Junior School) Grenville Green was also named  Primary School Principal of the Year – Non-government.