Primary School Principal of the Year - Non-government

Strong leadership, innovation, academic excellence and nurturing relationships saw Haileybury Deputy Principal (Junior School) Grenville Green named Primary School Principal of the Year – Non-government at the 2020 Australian Education Awards.

Grenville, who works in close collaboration with the Heads of Junior School, was rewarded for his commitment to high academic standards, parental engagement, staff development and social justice.

Judges described him as “clearly an effective and visionary leader”, recognising his thoroughness and outstanding application with a strong focus on pedagogy, instructional leadership, and data-driven decision-making.

Known for his incredible work ethic, Grenville provides a clear vision, administers the School’s unique Explicit Instruction Model, and works with other schools so they can deliver it.

Each year he sets Teaching and Learning Goals that help staff to continually grow the programs, boost teacher capacity and enhance student opportunities

As a result, Haileybury Junior Schools in Melbourne are among the country’s top few schools for NAPLAN, with mean scores are 3-4 years ahead of national mean data.

The Heads of Junior School, in collaboration with Grenville, work to ensures that this academic excellence is enhanced by building quality relationships with students, parents/carers, teachers, other Haileybury staff, the School community and beyond.

He lives the School’s motto that every student matters every day by being visible and approachable and knowing each student at his home campus in Keysborough by name.

“I strive for Haileybury to be a welcoming and caring environment to teach and learn and place utmost importance on building positive relationships,” he says.

“Genuinely knowing the students provides reassurance and trust with our parents/carers. Through such relationships, parents feel comfortable to openly discuss their thoughts and concerns, knowing they and their child will be listened to and treated with care and respect.”

Grenville attributes his success to trust, academic excellence, evidence-based learning, parental engagement, staff development, collaboration, strong pastoral care, celebrating diversity and social justice.

“As a leader I aim to bring out the best in others to help build the collective capacity of our School,” he says. “I encourage my leadership team, staff and students to share their ideas and be innovative.

“Through positive and professional relationships, I am restless in keeping staff out of their comfort zone and striving to continually learn and grow.”

Grenville also helps to develop the Haileybury Institute and has visited over 40 primary and secondary schools in recent years to enhance learning opportunities nationally.

“While such opportunities to share allow others to learn from Haileybury, we must equally learn from others and pursue world best practice,” he says.

Haileybury was also named Primary School of the Year – Non-government.