Berwick Pavilion Opening

The Haileybury Berwick Pavilion was officially opened on Saturday, 21 July.

To mark the occasion, Haileybury’s First XVIII Football Team played Caulfield Grammar School for the Smale-Brown Cup. Haileybury was victorious, gaining its sixth win in the ten year history of the competition.

The Berwick campus also hosted a luncheon to showcase the new space, gathering with parents, staff and students.

This Pavilion will become a central and very important space at the School. Not only will it be used for sport matches it will also be used as a learning area with two classrooms.

This professional, collaborative and social space will also be a community space where families can gather.

The new addition has changed the atmosphere of sport at Berwick and we look forward to many more exciting Pavilion events in the future.