Celebrating Unity in Languages Week!

Haileybury’s first Languages Week Online was a great success! The Middle Years had a great time celebrating different languages and cultures through music, cooking and fun activities.

Although this year differed from our usual festivities, 2020 offered students the opportunity to learn even more about the importance of cultural connection and unity in our multilingual community.

The Languages Department offered an amazing range of activities to excite the curious language learners!

The Years 5 and 6 students ‘zoomed in’ with Miss Cleave to learn some basic Japanese phrases and interesting facts. All students, especially those who have not studied the language before, were welcome and had a great session. Middle School students at Edrington wrapped up Language Week with an international dress-up theme!

The Newlands Year 7 Chinese class made posters of their Chinese names, which were given to them based on their names in English. Using colourful materials at home, they wrote out the characters and meaning for each character.

Mrs Lightwood prepared an interesting session for the Years 7 and 8 on Swedish phrases with lots of fun prizes on offer. Then the real competitions started with Mr Del Vecchio’s Italian card game ‘Scopa’! Scopa means broom or sweep in Italian. The object of the game is to sweep, or clean, the table of cards.

Haileybury’s online learning program introduced Period 9, allowing extra time for students from all year levels to try out a new skill or hobby. During Languages Week Online, students learned how to cook delicious French crepes with Mrs Rigg and tested their language knowledge in Kahoot with Mr Bermingham. Students also got a chance to unleash their inner martial artist and learned karate moves with Mrs Tsujimura.

Mr Lin showed us his true master chef status during his Period 9 cooking demo with not one, but two delicious Chinese dishes! Students and staff followed along with Mr Lin via Zoom, cooking Coke Wings and Stir-Fry Tomato with Eggs! We thank Mr Lin and the other teachers for taking great care and time in preparing these recipes and activities,

At the Newlands Middle School Assembly, the Year 5 students performed a beautiful rendition of ‘We are Australian’ in Auslan — the language of the deaf community in Australia. The class shared their diverse backgrounds and the many languages they speak.

It was inspiring to see our students emphasise the importance of respecting and accepting everyone regardless of their cultural background.

HYV (pronounced Hight Five) a new initiative from HaileyburyX, provided two challenges to engage students and celebrate the many multilingual and multicultural members of our Haileybury community!

The first challenge was for students who speak languages other than English at home, to create a short video teaching people how to say “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Goodbye” and how to count to 10!

The second challenge was to create a short video showing some useful phrases that the students learned through studying a language, other than those studied at Haileybury.

Learning a new language can certainly open you up to a new world! Haileybury was proud to see its students come together for our first-ever Languages Week Online and celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of those in our community!