Creative Teachers Inspire Hands-On Learning

There is no doubt about it, technology has certainly helped us achieve some amazing things in the past few weeks! But our Junior School teachers are always looking for ways to diversify the learning and make it real for students. Here are just some of the great activities happening in the virtual classroom:

  • Prep students have made numbers with their MAB blocks, so that they can develop a deeper knowledge of place value.
  • Year 1 students brought a hat, beanie, scarf, bowls and other props to Drama to act out Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • Year 2 students have used their clocks to make times and count by hours and minutes, building their knowledge of time concepts.

  • Year 3 students have used Unifix Cubes to build models, explore volume and draw different perspectives, such as a birds-eye view.

  • Year 4 students learned about ratios by eating smarties and drinking cordial.

Science class has provided a great opportunity to focus on hands-on learning. These activities help bring the learning to life and deepen the understanding of our youngest students.

While at home, Junior School students have foraged for flowers to dissects, using real guided reading books and comparing the sustainability of different materials around the home.

In Year 1 Science, students are learning about the life cycles of a range of living things and the processes of growth. Year 1T shared baby pictures of themselves and looked at how much they had changed, grown and developed.

No matter what stage of life we are in we can always find a way to connect through our experiences.

Thank you to our creative and dedicated teachers for inspiring students to continue their love of learning.