Young ICT Explorers Win State Final

Haileybury performed exceptionally well at the 2018 Young ICT Explorers State Final, taking first place in both the Years 7 and 8 and Years 9 and 10 Categories at the Burwood Campus of Deakin University.

The Young ICT Explorer competition enables students to apply what they learn in Computing and Digital Technologies to develop a technology related project of their choice. 

The aim of the challenge is to inspire and encourage school students to not just use technology but also become creators and innovators of digital technology.

Both the girls and boys teams topped the competition this year with their innovative projects. The Year 7 Girls team designed an interactive baby high chair featuring a heat sensor, light up buttons and light sensors. These elements aim to entertain children and also provide important safety features.

Gemma, Elcock (Year 7), Mayunie Munasinghe (Year 7), Rebecca Allen (Year 7), Neeraja Ahielan (Year 7)

The Year 9 Boys team brought a film fan favourite to life with a life size BB8 robot from Star Wars.The team created a fun and functional robot, with all the personality of the film character.

Stefan Vukomanovic (Year 9), Kush Panday (Year 9), Dilon Hewamanna (Year 9)

At the judging event, students had the opportunity to present their project to a judging panel of academia, industry partners and ICT professionals.

Each project was assessed on the criteria of creativity, uniqueness, quality, level of difficulty and project documentation.  

Years 7 and 8 Division:

1st Interactive Baby High Chair – Neeraja Ahielan (Year 7), Gemma, Elcock (Year 7), Mayunie Munasinghe (Year 7), Rebecca Allen (Year 7)

2nd - Epic Epipen – Lila Ni (Year 8), Hayley Nguyen (Year 8), Nilaa Srikanthan (Year 8), Sarah Baker (Year 8)

3rd - Smart Pet Door – Olivia Taberner (Year 8), Grace Tan (Year 8), Rhea Tara (Year 8)

Years 9 and 10 Division:

1st - Life Size BB8 - Dilon Hewamanna (Year 9), Roger He (Year 9), Stefan Vukomanovic (Year 9), Kush Panday (Year 9)

3rd - Drowsy Driver Pi - Grace Saldanha (Year 9), Ashley Beyer (Year 9)

Olivia Taberner (Year 8), Grace Tan (Year 8), Rhea Tara (Year 8)

This is the third year in a row that Haileybury has taken out first place in the Year 9 and 10 category at the state level, with past winners going on to win and place second nationally.

This is also the first time the School has won the Years 7 and 8 category. 

Haileybury was the largest represented school at the competition, with a total of 40 students from Newlands and 10 students from Edrington.  

Many thanks to Mr Damian Del Vecchio, Mr Craig Nicholls, Mr Damien Meunier and Mr Gerard O'Dwyer who have given up countless lunchtimes to support our students and their project.

A wonderful display of real-world STEM projects by Haileybury students.