Junior Engineers & Scientists

Online learning has sparked a lot of creativity within the Junior School classes and provided opportunities for exploration for our youngest engineers and scientists.

Lego Masters House Competition

On every Lego Masters episode, teams take things to the next level with their mind-blowing creations. Haileybury students aren’t known to be spectators, so when Mrs Sally Robertson, Head of ELC & Junior School at City campus, challenged them to a Lego Masters House Competition, our Junior School students answered the call!

It was amazing to see the creativity and skill that students and their families applied to the task.

We saw working record turntables, tree houses, Harry Potter themes, helicopters, spaceships, and even whole cities come to life.

In the end, Na House was victorious with Main House coming a very close second. We  congratulate all those who took part and showed their teamwork and House spirit.

Oscar Alexander (Year 3) with his Car Monument City

Madeleine Clark (Year 1) with her creation

Alix Sharkey (Year 2) with her imaginative entry

Aidan Wong (Prep) with a space station and airport creation

Working in the Lab

While online learning continued for the Middle School, Year 1 students were able to utilise the Boys Middle School Science Lab for a lesson. All the students were excited to put the lab coats on and become junior scientists.

They are learning about the way things grow, change, and have offspring. During this lesson, they investigated the parts of an egg from the inside out.

It certainly was an intriguing and stimulating lesson for the very inquisitive Year 1 students.

Sarah Luc (Year 1) and Joelene Dang (Year 1) enjoy having the opportunity to utilise the Middle School Science Labs, a facility not normally available to the Junior School students

Ariyana Perera (Year 1) and Daniel Cotton-Stapleton (Year 1) work together to discover the structure of an egg