Neuroscience Fun

Neurosicence champion Anirudh Kathirvel (Year 8) has brought his love of neuroscience to Haileybury by starting his own neuroscience club called Brain Connections.

Recently, Anirudh was selected to present his abstract—Integrative Genomics Analysis of Epilepsy & Autism in the Developing Brain at the 18th Global Neuroscience Conference in Tokyo, Japan later this year.

Now Anirudh is encouraging his fellow students to join in on the fun at Brain Connections and explore the brain together.

Over the school holidays, Anirudh created presentations for the club, including five main modules and different activities every week. He has also contacted external university researchers/lecturers to give guest talks to the club.

Anirudh says that although the content looks heavy he has tried to simplify it to provide students with a basic understanding.

The club runs every week during Thursday lunchtimes and already has 26 interested Middle School students.

We congratulate Anirudh on this wonderful initiative and wish him success at the Tokyo conference in September.

Head of Campus, Jane Gibbs welcoming everyone to the first Brain Connections session.