Out of this World

Haileybury Science students are participating in the unique and extraordinary program called SHINE (Swinburne and Haileybury IN space Experiment).

The Program aims to produce a number of experiments that are designed and built by Haileybury students alongside their Swinburne mentors, which will then be undertaken on the International Space Station.

SHINE works towards increasing students access to coding, 3D printing and other STEM related activities. It helps participants’ skills in critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving and to strengthen exam techniques.

The students are encouraged to take risks, test their limits and create confidence in their abilities.

Dr Kyi Muller, Head of Science at Haileybury said explained how the students have worked exceptionally hard at working together as a team, coming up with solutions to difficult and challenging problems and working together as a team.

“I am delighted with the way they have worked together and the passion and enthusiasm they show for the project and science and media more broadly.

Working on such a complex and highly challenging project such as this whist still completing their school work and preparing for their exams is remarkable.

I could not be more proud of them and all they have achieved.”

The SHINE Program aims to inspire the participants to continue their STEM studies at the tertiary level; and to increase student access to a range of opportunities available to them.

Science students work with Swinburne mentors to design and build an experiment that will be placed on the International Space Station in March next year. In particular, the students have been working on an experiment that looks at the behavior of fluids under zero gravity conditions.

The media components of the project; in relation to website design, program logos and video material is also being undertaken by students at Haileybury. This provides students with a unique and truly interdisciplinary application of their subjects being undertaken at school.

The Program was recently featured on the ABC. To watch the full interview, click here.