Outstanding NAPLAN Results

Haileybury has again achieved exceptional results in the National Assessment Program—Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) which students sit in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Haileybury consistently achieves outstanding results that place it among Victoria’s top performing schools at all year levels assessed.

The My School website recently posted 2018 results that ranked the School Number 1 co-educational primary school in Victoria and Number 2 open-entry co-ed secondary school in Victoria behind Ballarat Clarendon College.

A Gillard Labor Government initiative, My School is a transparent tool for parents and guardians to access the NAPLAN performance of all schools.

Since the test was introduced in 2008, Haileybury has ranked among Australia’s top few open-entry primary schools and secondary schools for boys and girls.

The School is a strong supporter of NAPLAN.

It provides families with useful feedback about student performance in core skills during Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It is also a great measure of school performance, tracking it across time.

It is less useful as a diagnostic tool for identifying student gaps in time for quick improvement strategies to be implemented. This is due to the time taken between the test and receiving the results, which is expected to improve with the move to online testing.

The latest NAPLAN results also highlight the extraordinary success of Haileybury’s Core Skills (Literacy and Numeracy) Program.

CEO | Principal Mr Derek Scott says the School’s focus on core skills is an important part of overall skill development which includes analytical development, creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork and collaboration skills.

Without strong Literacy and Numeracy skills, Mr Scott says students cannot develop the more complex skill sets that follow.

He says the NAPLAN results reflect how hard the entire Haileybury community works.

“It is yet another reflection of the great partnership that exits between the School, students, teachers and parents,” Mr Scott says.

Head of City Campus Mrs Caroline Merrick says Haileybury strives for excellence in academic outcomes and NAPLAN is one measure of this.

“In 2018, Haileybury students scored their best results yet and we are thrilled to see that our students continue to excel,” Mrs Merrick says. “Our pillar of academic excellence stands strong and proud.”

Head of Newlands Ms Jane Gibbs says students work hard to achieve their results. “Haileybury has a lot to be proud of and my thanks go to all the staff who help to make this possible,” Ms Gibbs says.

Head of Edrington Mrs Jeanette Rawlings says the results are again exceptional.

“I thank all Edrington teachers for their outstanding work in providing the very best educational environment possible for our students,” Mrs Rawlings says.

Head of Castlefield Mrs Katrina Manson says Haileybury is more than just an academic school.

Equally important are its focus on social justice, international outlook and opportunities in Sport, the Arts, overseas trips and community work.

“It is still wonderful to be recognised for the outstanding results that our students achieve,” Mrs Manson says.

My School can be found here.